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February 21, 2010, 11:07:44 am by RandallS
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21st Century Wicca: A Young Witch's Guide to Living the Magical Life

A Brief History of the Druids
A Charmed Life
A Devotional: Honoring Thor and Family
A History of the Pendle Witches and Their Magic: Wicked Enchantments
A Pagan Testament: The Literary Heritage of the World's Oldest New Religion
A Witch Alone: Thirteen Moons to Master Natural Magic
A Witch's Notebook: Lessons in Witchcraft
A Witch's Primer: Grade One
A Witches' Bible: The Complete Witches Handbook
A Year of Viking Rituals
Ancient Egyptian Divination and Magic
Apollo: The Great God
Awakening to the Spirit World: The Shamanic Path of Direct Revelation

Beyond The Broomstick
Bonewits's Essential Guide to Druidism
Buckland's Complete Book of Witchcraft
By Oak, Ash, & Thorn: Modern Celtic Shamanism

caer sidi: a celtic zodiac
Celtic Art: The Methods of Construction
Celtic Devotional: Daily Prayers and Blessings
Celtic Folklore Cooking
Celtic Gods and Heroes
Celtic Inspirations: Essential Meditations and Texts
Celtic Prayers and Incantations
Celtic Religion in Pre-Christian Times
Celtic Rituals: An Authentic Guide to Ancient Celtic Spirituality
Christmas Before Christianity: How the Birthday of the "Sun" Became the Birthday of the "Son"
Craft of the Wise: A Practical Guide to Paganism and Witchcraft
Cunningham's Book of Shadows: The Path of An American Traditionalist

Dance of the Moon: Celebrating the Sacred Cycles of the Earth
Dancing With Goddess

Echoes of the Goddess: A Quest for the Sacred Feminine in the British Landscape
Elves, Wights, and Trolls: Studies Towards the Practice of Germanic Heathenry: Volume I
Essential Asatru: Walking the Path of Norse Paganism
Eternal Egypt: Ancient Rituals for the Modern World
Ethics and the Craft - The History, Evolution, and Practice of Wiccan Ethics
Exploring The Northern Tradition: A Guide To The Gods, Lore, Rites And Celebrations From The Norse, German And Anglo-saxon Traditions

Fire From the Cauldron
Follow the Shaman's Call: An Ancient Path for Modern Lives
Forbidden Rites: Your Complete Introduction to Traditional Witchcraft
Frey, God of the World
Freyja, Lady, Vanadis: An Introduction to the Goddess

Goddess Afoot!: Practicing Magic with Celtic & Norse Goddesses
Goddess Alive!: Inviting Celtic & Norse Goddesses into Your Life
Goddess Aloud!: Transforming Your World Through Rituals & Mantras
Goddesses in Everywoman: Powerful Archetypes in Women's Lives
Greek Hero Cults And Ideas Of Immortality
Green Witchcraft: Folk Magic, Fairy Lore & Herb Craft
GreenSpirit: Path to a New Consciousness

Hammer of the Gods: Anglo-Saxon Paganism in Modern Times
Healers on the Mountain, and Other Myths of Native American Medicine
Heart Wide Open: A True Story by Janae Thorne-Bird
Her Story: Essays on the Goddess In Our Lives
Honoring the Sacred Earth, A Path to Spiritual Awakening
How to Think Like a Witch

Illumination: The Shaman's Way of Healing
In the Shadow of 13 Moons: Embracing Lunar Energy for Self-Healing and Transformation


Keening And Other Old Irish Musics: Caointe Agus Seancheolta Eile
Kindling the Celtic Spirit: Ancient Traditions to Illumine Your Life Through the Seasons

Lilith Celebrates Lammas
Living Asatru
Living Wicca: A Further Guide for the Solitary Practitioner

Magic of the Celtic Otherworld: Irish History, Lore & Rituals
Modern Wicca: A History From Gerald Gardner to the Present
Mysteries of Druidry

New Edda
Northern Tradition for the Solitary Practitioner: A Book of Prayer, Devotional Practice, and the Nine Worlds of Spirit

Odhroerir: Nine Devotional Tales of Odin's Journeys
Old Gods, New Druids
Origins of Modern Witchcraft: The Evolution of a World Religion
Our Troth: History and Lore (Volume 1)
Our Troth: Living the Troth (Volume 2)
Out of the Broom Closet: 50 True Stories of Witches Who Found and Embraced the Craft

Pagan Theology: Paganism as a World Religion
Power Of The Andes


Reflections on Northern Heathenism

Sabbats: A Witch's Approach to Living the Old Ways
Secrets of Western Tantra: The Sexuality of the Middle Path
Solitary Witch: The Ultimate Book of Shadows for the New Generation
Stumbling Down the Shamanic Path: Mystic Adventures and Misadventures
Subtle Worlds: An Explorer's Field Notes
Symbols, Sex and the Stars

Teen Witch: Wicca for a New Generation
Tell My Horse : Voodoo and Life in Haiti and Jamaica
Ten Years of Triumph of the Moon
The 21 Lessons of Merlyn: A Study in Druid Magic and Lore
The A to Z of Shamanism
The A to Z of Witchcraft
The Asatru Edda: Sacred Lore of the North
The Complete Idiot's Guide to Wicca and Witchcraft
The Devil of Great Island: Witchcraft and Conflict in Early New England
The Druid Way: A Journey Through an Ancient Landscape
The Druidry Handbook: Spiritual Practice Rooted in the Living Earth
The Encyclopedia of Demons and Demonology
The Faery Teachings
The Fairy Faith in Celtic Countries
The Gallic War
The Goddess Is in the Details: Wisdom for the Everyday Witch
The Golden Bough
The Inner Temple of Witchcraft: Magick, Meditation and Psychic Development
The Lost Beliefs of Northern Europe
The Mist-Filled Path: Celtic Wisdom for Exiles, Wanderers, and Seekers
The Nature of Asatru: An Overview of the Ideals and Philosophy of the Indigenous Religion of Northern Europe
The Northern Path: Norse Myths and Legends Retold...And What They Reveal
The Real Witches' Coven
The Real Witches' Garden
The Real Witches' Handbook: The Definitive Handbook of Advanced Magical Techniques
The Rites of Odin
The Sacred and The Profane: The Nature of Religion
The Secrets of Avalon ~ An Introduction to Arthurian Druidism
The Shamanic Wisdom of the Huichol: Medicine Teachings for Modern Times
The Sidhe: Wisdom from the Celtic Otherworld
The Trojan War: A New History
The Underworld Initiation: A Journey Towards Psychic Transformation
The War That Killed Achilles: The True Story of Homer's Iliad and the Trojan War
The Way of The Horned God: A Young Man's Guide to Modern Paganism
The Way of the Shaman
The Whisperings of Woden: Nine Nights of Devotional Practice
The Wicca Bible: The Definitive Guide to Magic and the Craft
The Wiccan Rede
To Light A Sacred Flame: Practical Witchcraft for the Millenium
To Ride A Silver Broomstick: New Generation Witchcraft
Travels Through Middle Earth: The Path of a Saxon Pagan


Vigja Text Sacred Hof Of Asatru's Tenets Of Faith: Asatru Norse Pagan (Volume 1)

Walking the Faery Pathway
What thou wilt: Traditional and Innovative trends in Post-Gardnerian Witchcraft
Wicca for Beginners: Fundamentals of Philosophy & Practice
Wicca: A Guide for the Solitary Practitioner
Witchcraft, Magic and Alchemy
Witching Way of the Hollow Hill
Women in Celtic Myth: Tales of Extraordinary Women from the Ancient Celtic Tradition
Women's Mysteries in the Northern Tradition: Asyniur





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