Love Me Forever Spell


  • Two previously worn "love items"--one yours, one his/hers
  • a small stick cut from an oak tree (Cut it down when the moon is waxing.)
  • a two-foot strand of freshly cut ivy (also cut when the moon is waxing)


You're in a relationship with someone that you really love and you want it to last forever. This spell is a little insurance.

Pick a day that is special to your relationship. At noon, tie the two love items around the stick, using the ivy to wrap everything together. Leave a little ivy at the end, which you will wrap later. As you do this, say:

You're Bound To Me
And I To Thee
We Two Seeds
Are Now One Tree.
Now And Forever,
So It May Be!

Hide the bundle under your bed until midnight. then take it out again and finish wrapping the bundle completely, saying:

I Am Bound To Thee
And You To Me.
Together Divine
We Are One Vine
Now And Forever,
So May It Be!

Keep the bundle under your bed and make love as soon as possible. When you do so, visualize you and your lover as two vines, or trees, growing together. Later, plant the bundle in a patch of ivy. Your love will remain firm.

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