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The Cauldron's webmaster has collected hundreds of spells, most of which cannot be put on this site due to time, space, or other constaints. If you cannot find any spells here (or elsewhere on the web -- try googling) that could suit your purpose, the web master will be happy to search through his files and send you any spells he feels might be likely candidates via email for a five dollar donation.

To use this service, press the make a donation button below. You will be taken to a Paypal form where you can make your donation. There should be a edit box on the form to describe the type of spell you need, if it appears for you (it doesn't seem to for everyone, it probably only appears for some browsers), you can make your request there. If no box is visible for you (or you leave the box blank), the webmaster will email you to find out what type of spell you need after he gets the donation. The webmaster does not promise to have just the spell you need, but he will probably have something similar that he feels you can adapt to your specific needs. If cannot find anything at all, your donation will be returned.

Important Notes

  • The webmaster will generally ignore request for death spells and other spells that cause direct harm -- and your donation will not be returned.
  • Spells searches generally take no longer one to two business days.
  • We make no claims about the effectiveness of spells provided. The webmaster simply looks them up in his large collection of spells and provides the information to you.
  • Be sure your email program/web mail site is set to accept mail from any address at so the results email will reach you.

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The Cauldron's webmaster has collected hundreds of spells, most of which cannot be put on this site due to time, space, or other constaints. If you would like them all -- over 1.5 megs of spells in text files -- you can download them all for a twenty-five dollar donation.

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