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by Casper

Time after time, during my consultations, I am asked how I came by some piece of personal information, like a date, or sometimes a name, or some image, which is recognised by the Client as meaningful! (Let me make it clear - it doesn't happen all the time.)

When asked this question, I am stumped. I am unable to offer an adequate answer. I can convince myself that I possess some 'gift', a kind of greater spiritual force enabling me to impart these pieces of information. (Which mean absolutely nothing to me, and most of the time cause me considerable confusion). Or, I can pull my hair out; give myself a migraine, by looking for a more rational, acceptable, psychological explanation.

Generally speaking Clairvoyancy is approached from a mystical point of view. It is assumed that there is a power in certain individuals which allows them to perceive things which cannot be perceived by less 'gifted' people. There are usually two camps in the field! The first believes that you are born with the gift; the second believes that you can learn it! I believe that both statements are true! Every conscious soul has the innate ability to 'sense' something with precision, but it takes time to comprehend and wisdom to use!

Let me start by explaining how I think it works, for me! The Human Mind may be thought of as having 3 parts.

The first one is the Conscious; this is the part that talks, reasons, decides, remembers things, and is generally aware of itself. The second part is the Sub-Conscious; this is the part that feels, and notices all things, and makes the decision as to what to tell the Conscious or not. The third part is the Un-conscious; here are the instincts, the reflexes and drives. Now, whether through our education systems, our alienation from nature, or our structured civilisation - these 3 parts of the Human Mind communicate badly with each other. This is especially so between the Conscious and Sub-Conscious. Everything that happens around us gets noticed by our perceptual organs, i.e. our eyes, ears, nose, etc. which convert what they absorb into electrical signals which are transmitted to the brain.

Every minute detail of our lives, is absorbed into the Sub-Conscious mind - perhaps this is why under hypnosis, we are able to recall much more information than we were aware of!

The Sub-Conscious part filters information through to the conscious mind. Important things, like a change in traffic lights or the smell of burning; others don't matter enough to be passed on, but, and this is important, they do get noticed, and are stored in the Sub-Conscious.

A good analogy to use would be that the Sub-Conscious is like a P.A. (personal assistant) or a secretary to the Conscious. It only passes things on which it thinks will be required by the Conscious.

Clairvoyancy, psychic ability, can be seen as a re-routing of this information. Almost like relaxing the structures around the sub-conscious mind, and allowing more, almost imperceptible information through.

If we tie this in with an 'altered state of consciousness', I think that we are getting closer to an explanation as to how honest and reliable Readers are able to highlight names, dates and places!

About the Author

This article was written by Casper. Casper is a Senior Reader for the Circle of Professional Clairvoyants. He is clairsentient and a seer of International repute. The Circle have special offers on Readings. Visit the website at

Important Notice: The content and information in this article is the sole responsibility of the article's author who retains copyright. Publication of this article by The Cauldron: A Pagan Forum is not endorsement of the statements, opinions, or claims of fact made in the article.

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