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Separating the Good Weeds From the Bad


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by Adrian Titus

In your fight against weeds you've probably come across any number of different types. And chances are equally likely that you went straight for the herbicide, or started pulling them up as soon as you saw them. But believe it or not, some things that look like weeds can actually help be helpful to keeping your lawn green and healthy. And conversely, things that look like flowers and add color to your lawn could be hurting it.

The Good

Clover is a plant that most lawn owners immediately think of as a weed that needs to be killed. But before you start digging up or spraying your clover patches, consider the fact that it may be helping your lawn. Contrary to most other weeds, clovers can actually add nutrients to your lawn, and even help to keep other weeds at bay. By taking up space on your lawn that could otherwise be occupied by malicious weeds, clover can promote a healthy yard. It even has the added bonus of looking nice. So next time you see clover on your lawn, before you immediately start pulling it up, think about its benefits to your lawn first.

The Bad

Dandelions are to most people, a nice looking plant. They add a bit of color to the lawn, and can even be eaten. But they are actually a weed, and a bad one at that. The presence of dandelions in your lawn means that it has a problem, either with the soil or the grass itself. You should remove dandelions as soon as you see them, because they are deep rooted and take up a lot of space that should be used by your grasses roots. They take up more than a fair share of nutrients and water as well, making it harder for nearby grass to grow the way it should. After pulling or killing the dandelions, be sure to check the soil and maybe add some fertilizer to it to ensure your neighboring grasses grow in strong.

The Ugly

While not technically a weed, when different species of grass start growing on the same lawn the effect can unattractive. Just imagine a whole lawn of perfect Bermuda grass, with spots of wild growing meadow grass. It throws off the whole look of your yard. It is risky to kill the intruding grass with herbicides, because it can kill your existing lawn as well. You need to make sure you get the whole root pulled up, or the grass can easily grow back. After you get the other grass out, make sure your soil has the appropriate nutrients and plant the type of grass that is in the rest of your lawn. Be sure to keep an eye out for intruding grass, because you may not consider it as a weed.

Not all weeds are created equal, as we can see. Some are malicious, such as the dandelion, while others can actually help your lawn stay healthy like clover. And still others aren't even weeds, but can make your lawn look unattractive. Whatever the case, be sure to be constantly checking and maintaining your lawn and weeds won't sneak up on you.

About the Author

Adrian Titus is a software engineer and webmaster of Lawn Care How To, a site dedicated to lawn care and maintenance.

Important Notice: The content and information in this article is the sole responsibility of the article's author who retains copyright. Publication of this article by The Cauldron: A Pagan Forum is not endorsement of the statements, opinions, or claims of fact made in the article.

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