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Home > Books & Reviews > Pagan > 2002 Witches' Calendar Search

Book Review:
2002 Witches' Calendar

Wall Calendar, 36 pages
Publisher: Llewellyn
Publication date: August 2001
ISBN: 073870038X
Price & More Info: Click Here

This wall calendar is obviously the companion to the Witches' Datebook also from Llewellyn. Much of the same information is passed from one to the other. Some of the information is eliminated in the interest of space limitations (such as some of the magickal trivia), but that is secondary.

What is present in generous measure is the excellent articles that appear next to each month's artwork. I found them to be humorous and inspiring, useful and timely. There are articles at the end of the calendar that I believe every Pagan and Witch will find useful, like one author's thoughts on those of us who have to remain in the broom closet for one reason or another.

In this case, while there is less artwork, the artwork is colored, and that makes a somewhat drab drawing in the Datebook a beautiful painting in the calendar. One piece that I did not understand when I saw it in black and white in the Datebook turned into obvious and beautiful drawings in the Calendar.

This is not a calendar for those who are in the broom closet. By necessity, this calendar would have to be displayed, and it would draw some questions from those who don't know about our religion. This is more likely a calendar that would find good use in the home. However, if you use a wall-calendar as your primary means of scheduling family activities, this will not be useful for you. The squares are too small to be able to put more than just bare information into, things like personal birthdays and so on. Appointments and such will not fit into a majority of the spaces provided.

However, if you want a wall calendar that will tell you the moon phase at a glance, tell you when it is good to plant or harvest, show you when John Dee's birthday is and when Jacques de Molay was arrested, as well as when CAW was incorporated, when the Celtic Tree Month of Rowan begins and when Mercury is in retrograde, then you would be well advised to pick this up.

I give this calendar 3 1/2 stars out of 5 for the usefulness of it, as well as the information provided. The reason that I score it lower than I do the datebook is due to it's limited usefulness in scheduling things. But for the articles and the artwork, you will want to keep this calendar long after 2002 is over with.

Reviewed by Daven

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