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Home > Books & Reviews > Pagan > The End Times? Search

Book Review:
Are We Living in the End Times?

Author: Tim LaHaye & Jerry B. Jenkins
Trade Paperback, 400 pages
Publisher: Tyndale House
Publication date: December 2000
ISBN: 0842336443
Price & More Info: Click Here

The title alone tells what the book is about. This book is a Fundamentalist Christian view of the End Times as prophisized in the Bible. I found this book to be both fascinating and infuriating. At several points in this book I wanted to scream my head off, yet I was bewildered. I have yet to figure out how some Christians can believe this is going to happen. It seems so fantasical.

The first point which made me scratch my head was how the authors claim that to name an exact date is against the Word of God. If one should name a date, then they are termed false prophets. The authors then disclose how they believe the generation who saw Israel become a nation will be the last generation to pass. The rapture will soon come about after that. It may not be a specific time but they are cutting it close to being false prophets by their own definition.

The second point is how they think tolerance of other religions is the next step to being one religion. At one point they stress one shouldn't be tolerant of other religions because they're not the "one true way" to God. The authors also say those who worship Gaia will soon become Mary worshippers and, thus, the "one world religion" will come together. It seems they never did their homework when it comes to Pagans.

The third point made me laugh out loud. The authors said the technology of today is a stepping stone to the total control of everything by the AntiChrist. We now have the ability to live in a cashless society by the use of credit and debit cards. We also use microchips to tag animals which the authors think will be the mark of the Beast.

The fourth and final point is what nasty things will happen while saying God loves you with all of his being and He wishes you to be with him. God loves you but He'll send demon locusts to grab your attention. He wants you to believe in Him, and to make you believe He'll send 200 million demon horsemen to make you see He's loving and just. Half of the world population at this point will die just so He can prove to you how much He cares for you. Those who don't believe will be tortured, killed then thrown in the Lake of Fire with Satan, the AntiChrist and the False Prophet.

If this book was suppose to make the reader think about life, love and religion then they failed miserably. I found myself disgusted with their narrowmindedness and their highhandedness. Of couse, I am one of the scoffers they talk about. Reading this book made me glad I am a scoffer.

Reviewed by Seraphina

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