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Home > Books & Reviews > Pagan > Solar Arcs Search

Book Review:
Solar Arcs: Astrology's Most Successful Predictive System

Author: Noel Tyl
Trade Paperback, 460 pages
Publisher: Llewellyn
Publication date: September 2001
ISBN: 0738700541
Price & More Info: Click Here

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With the advent of computer programs able to calculate and draw astrological charts, anyone can hang out their shingle and claim to be an astrologer. Unfortunately, the true art of astrology is not in the mathematics of chart making, but in the interpretation of that chart once made. Noel Tyl's newest book, Solar Arcs: Astrology's Most Successful Predictive System clearly demonstrates this often forgotten fact. All one really needs to know about the calculation of the Solar Arcs is described in about one page of text in the first chapter of this book. The majority of the rest of the book is devoted to how to interpret the results of those calculations.

This is where Tyl's book really shines. He teaches interpretation by example. First he uses the charts of famous people (Queen Victoria, Ted Kennedy, Jackie Kennedy-Onassis, and others) to demonstrate both how Solar Arcs work and the fact that they do work. Later examples are from some of the author's own consultations which show how Solar Arcs are interpreted for normal people. Some of these include transcripts of the author's consultations with the client. These are nice not only for seeing how Solar Arcs work but also as an example of how an experienced professional astrologer interacts with his clients.

There is quite a bit more to this book, however. Later in the book, Tyl covers Tertiary Progressions which use the moon to focus in on predictive timing. The last chapter is a detailed examination, with examples, of the process of rectification. Rectification is the process of determining an individual's birth time when such is not known or is not known accurately. Two useful appendixes follow. The first is a set of "Quick Glance Transit Tables" which give the positions of the planets Mars through Pluto on the first day of every month from 1940 to 2040. These tables are designed to allow one to find key Solar Arc transits quickly without having to wait for computer printouts. The second appendix provides interpretive guidelines for all possible Natal and Solar Arc Midpoint pictures (over 1,100 combinations).

Solar Arcs is definitely not a book for a beginning student of astrology. The advanced student, however, will find the techniques in this book a very useful addition to her astrological tool chest.

Reviewed by Randall

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