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Home > Books & Reviews > Pagan > Teen Witch Kit Search

Book Review:
Silver Ravenwolf's Teen Witch Kit: Everything You Need to Make Magick

Author: Silver Ravenwolf
Book and Accessories
Publisher: Llewellyn
Publication date: August 2000
ISBN: 1567185541
Price & More Info: Click Here

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This was another difficult review to write. There are an awful lot of people out there who criticize Silver Ravenwolf, and the last thing I want to do is jump on the "let's bash SRW" bandwagon. However, with the Teen Witch Kit, like with the book Teen Witch, I think the point is being missed and the wrong things are being emphasized.

The kit might have potential if the contents were of better quality, and the religion was covered in better detail with better emphasis. The majority of the book is spellwork. Witchcraft is a religion that includes magick, not a magickal system that includes religion. If I had a child that was being brought up in the religion, and was already familiar with the spiritual side, I might use this as a guide to teaching spellwork. But not as a spiritual resource.

The kit contains a small book (which has a nice layout and appearance from a design point of view), a rather large pentacle pendant, a bell chime pendant, a quartz of very low quality, a bag of sea salt, a "yes/no" coin, and "God/Goddess" coin, a cord, and a bag. The box converts to an altar, but I don't think it makes a very effective one -- the plastic insert has uneven indents from storing the contents and would not make a good working surface.

I've been thinking in general about "kits" and "religion in a box," and while I don't find the concept offensive, and I think it can be useful, I think this kit is not effective in demonstrating what Witchcraft is and is about. The book in Teen Witch Kit is shallow in its approach to the subject, and I think it's written on a level a little below its target audience. In short, spend your dollars elsewhere if you are serious about Witchcraft as a religion.

Reviewed by Leigh

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