Pagan Fiction Book Discussion Index

The following table is an autogenerated list of threads on fiction books either by Pagans, about Pagans, or of special interest to Pagans that are currently on The Cauldron's message board. You can click on an title to go that book's thread on the message board. Each thread provides basic information about the book listed in the first message and further messages in the thread may have reviews and or discussion of the book by Cauldron members. Members also have the opportunity to rate each book listed from one to five stars.

If you would like a Pagan fiction book on Magick added to our our discussions, you may request it in this thread: Request a Fiction Book Discussion Topic on a Specific Book. Board membership is required to request a book or participate in discussions, but is not required to just read what our members say about the book. Our apologies for the formatting of the list, it is generated by our board software which stresses being current over being pretty.