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Changes: Good or Bad?
by M. Dianne Sykes-Hebert


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Sometimes we fool our selves into thinking something we really do not believe.
This day brings forth new beginnings since it is the Chinese's New Year the year of the Tiger and also a New Moon there are many more new beginnings than most realizes.

Change is not always good in many people's eyes however they are going on the assumption that change is bad. Now take time to look at what changes are happening within your own life and ask your self these questions.

  1. Is this something you have wanted to happen for along time?
  2. Are you doing this to please your self or someone else?
  3. Are you afraid of what is happening to you or is it that others are afraid for you?
  4. Do these changes go against everything you have ever been taught?
  5. Are you listening to your self or others?
  6. Do you know what the outcome is going to be?
  7. Are you willing to go against everything you have been taught to reach your goal?
  8. Are you searching for something you are not aware of or puzzled by what you are searching for?
  9. Are you afraid of the unknown?
  10. Are you willing to take chances?
  11. Will you stop your search if someone tells you are doing it wrong?
  12. Are you thinking about what you want to do and are you controlling it with your thoughts?
  13. Do or can you trust in the universe that everything will work out?
  14. Can you trust enough in the universe to release it and allow it to flow without controlling it at all?
  15. Do you worry about the things you are doing are wrong?
  16. Are you doing this to bring attention to your self?
  17. Are you doing this to hind from what is really happening?
  18. Are you actively taking part in the changes or waiting for someone to hand it to you?
  19. Do you want to think for your self or have someone tell you what to think and do?
  20. Where do you see your self 2 to 5 years from now?
  21. Do you have a plan to get to were you see your self in 2 to 5 years?
  22. Do you think it will happen if you sit back and do nothing?

There is no right or wrong answer to these questions, only you know the right answer. The trick to this is being truthful with your self when you are answering them? Sometimes we fool our selves into thinking something we really do not believe. So look closely at the way you answered them think about it and be truthful to your self for that is the first step in understanding what really lies within your deepest souls of being.

There are tricks that take place where we were taught to listen to others. We were to do as the group without question and it did not matter what it cost us, the group was the important thing not self. Now is that really right? I do not think, so for when you do something you do not believe in you are going against your self.

Do you listen to your inner voice? Some call it mother's intuition or gut feelings however it is your higher self telling you and guiding you on the right path if you chose to listen. It works as long as you do not let your mind enter and tell you well that is not what the group wants or my parent's told me not to go there.

When change takes place and you are breaking away from "the norm" everyone is there to tell you it is wrong. Now look at that who it is really wrong for, is it you or is it the another's fears that are coming to the forefront?

Change means breaking away moving forward in most cases positive. Could it be that it is something the others would like to be doing? However are afraid of breaking away from "the norm" of things? Could they be jealous of what you are doing because they have always wanted to do and have never had the nerve to take the first step into the unknown? When someone judges you for what you are doing they should actually take a long hard look in the mirror themselves for are they not projecting their fears upon you?

The perfect world would be one that there was not judgment at all! The support and understand is there no matter what you are doing or were you are going. Even though one may not agree with they way you are doing thing's one should never judge another because their lessons are different from the others. You can not walk the path for others even your closes loved ones. You would be taking away from their life and discoveries whether positive or negative one must experience it for self not though another.

They say you are wrong for breaking away and leaving everything you have worked for over the years, however how do they know if this was not what you had been working for all along? Only you yourself knows the answer to that question. It may take you time to understand what is happening and why it is happening however deep within your depths the answer is already there or you would not be doing what you are doing. I know this sounds strange to some however strange to one is not to another. That is why we must stand and support no matter what one is doing, for this is the lesson they must live and learn.

Remember to listen to your inner voice first! Then listen to others and if it feels right to you use it if not forget it!

As Ralph Waldo Emerson said "What lies before us, and what lies behind us, are the tiny matters compared to what lies within us...."

Article was written for the Chinese New Year of 1998
and is copyright © 1998 M. Dianne Sykes-Hebert

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