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Home > Chat Logs > Gardening Pagans (24 Jun 2003) Search

Chat Log:
Gardening Pagans


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This is the log of The Cauldron's June 24, 2003 chat on tips on gardening, your uses for what you grow, and your experiences in the garden. This log may have been edited to remove extraneous comments.

empire10001: Hiya, Koi, Shadow!

Shadow: hi, sorry I'm late!

Koi: me too, lol

Shadow: had to get my eyeballs realigned.

empire10001: No problem -- though I was wondering where you were. {G}

Koi: i'm #4!!

Shadow: oh, well then .. we're all on time! ;) *giggle*

Shadow: yay, Koi!

empire10001: WAHOO!!

Koi: oooh .... #11 weekly!

empire10001: Great!

JSPEREIRA: Entered room.

empire10001: Long live the Pagan-Christian Alliance! {G}

Shadow: hello


Koi: wooo!

Koi: hey Janna

JSPEREIRA: hey, how are the gardening and herbs going?

Koi: mine are good!

Koi: only something ate my flowers! I was so upset

Koi: my very first flowers

empire10001: My garden is suffering heat shock, darn it. :(


Shadow: ooh, bad bunny!

Shadow: my peas are blooming!

empire10001: Oh, no, Koi!

Koi: Johnny Jump Ups

Koi: they were so pretty. I had four little blooms, 2 on each plant


Shadow: man. that SUCKS

Koi: something ate like the whole tops

Shadow: I had a bunny eat all my honeydew plants .. I know how much that sucks

Star: Entered room.

empire10001: My moss roses are starting to bloom, but that's about it on the good stuff.

JSPEREIRA: hi star

Shadow: STAR!

empire10001: Hiya, Star!


Koi: we've got tons of basil and we HAD Johnny Jump Ups

Koi: but so much for that

Koi: the Oregano looks good and the flowering tobacco is HUGE but hasn't flowered yet

Shadow: that's annoying

Koi: oh, we have a few tomatoes taking root

Mari: Entered room.

Shadow: ooh .. oregano .. watch out, that stuff LOVES to conquer ....

Mari: whowhoo

empire10001: Anyone want some lavender? Mine are going wild!

Shadow: Mari! long time no see!

Shadow: ooh, I'd love some!

Mari: yeah really!

Mari: *waves*

Shadow: I tried to grow some, and it ain't working

Koi: i'm not sure which one is my lavender, lol

empire10001: Howdy, Mari!

Mari: NEVER plant spearmint!

Mari: hey!

Shadow: ANY mint!


Koi: i can't tell apart the remaining plants ... lavender, majoram, and purple coneflower

JSPEREIRA: just sniff

Koi: we have a back porch container garden

empire10001: Mint takes over everything!

Mari: i found that out the hard way

Shadow: except oregano. they fight it out

Mari: now thanks to me the neighbors on either side of me have loads of spearmint and catnip

Shadow: my parent's house .. the mint's taking over the garden .. and the oregano taking over the lawn!

empire10001: Even Round-Up has trouble killing mint.

Shadow: gods only know if there's any GRASS left!

Shadow: eeew, plant poison

Mari: get the walmart kind. it eats it right up.

JSPEREIRA: we've given up on grass...moss and otehr stuff

Shadow: yeah, what's grass, anyway? :)

JSPEREIRA: i say a moss lawn is a good thing :)

Koi: grass is bad for the mississippi, too

Koi: if you live in anything that drains into it

Mari: if i ever have a lawn, i'm covering it with some kind of ivy or moss.

empire10001: It's the stuff that keeps trying to take over my garden! And won't grow in what's supposed to be a lawn.

Mari: grass is bad for the mississippi??

JSPEREIRA: fertilizer i'm going to guess

Koi: not only the fertilizer

Koi: but grass has shallow but widespread root systems

Mari: blonde today. i've had a 13 year old and a 12 year old all day

Koi: most yard grasses are imported from africa

Koi: they don't hold tight enough to the soil and allow it all to wash down into the mississippi and its feeder rivers

Mari: <-- lives in the Bluegrass

Koi: midwestern soils require deep-rooted plants

Mari: _ACTION runs_

JSPEREIRA: aj. tjat o dodm

JSPEREIRA: excuse me, that i didn't know

Shadow: can I quote you on that?

JSPEREIRA: bwa ha ha

empire10001: Ah, so that's the problem!

Koi: the mississippi is being RUINED by soil runoff from grasses. fertilizers just kill the fish

Koi: soil runoff is killing the whole river

Koi: they only maintain like a 16-foot shipping channel these days because dredging is so expensive

Koi: it's too shallow in many places for unladen barges

Koi: i feel strongly about the evils of grass in the midwest

Koi: especially because prairie grasses are SO PRETTY and SO easy to grow

Koi: no maintenance

Shadow: how does one GET them?

empire10001: Are prairie grasses not the same kind of problem?

Koi: funny you should ask that :)

Koi: no, they're native to the area and root deeper

Koi: they're also taller, generally

Koi: but you can mow them if you want to

Mari: if i don't aswer, i'm at TC posting

empire10001: Do they do well in hot humidity, or do they need prairie dry conditions?

Koi: go to and click on "prairie plants"

Koi: you can have your pick of grasses at very reasonable prices

Shadow: hmmmm. must see about that.

empire10001: OK, will do -- Seedsavers is a good place!

Koi: they're fairly hardy, but I'd check and see what local grasses you'd have

Mari: friend of mine in CA, he said that the only grass he can get to grow on his wife's grave is ky bluegrass. :snort:

Koi: i'm sure you have a local ecology group who knows, and knows where to get it

Mari: you go to the cemetary, and his wife's grave is the only green one.

empire10001: My husband says that grass is a curse. {G}

Koi: many prairie grasses turn red in the fall, with the leaves

Koi: it's SOOOO pretty when it's waist high

Koi: a whole field of reds and oranges

empire10001: OOOOH! I like that vision!

Mari: that sounds beautiful

Shadow: I'm just happy .. the neighborhood doesn't have *perfect* lawns, so if I DO go with *odd* grasses, I shouldn't be hated

Shadow: I can see people having problems with that

Koi: shadow, there's honestly very little that's prettier than a prairie garden in your front yard

Shadow: I believe it.

Koi: the wildflowers are bright, long-blooming, and draw butterflies like crazy

empire10001: Any we have has to look "conventional" ... our landlord likes a nice lawn, and lives next door.

Koi: and it requires you to do NOTHING. and people think you're super gardener

Shadow: ooh! flutterbys!

Shadow: heh .. one nice thing about home ownership. no worries about landlords! and we don't even have a neighborhood association .... :)

JSPEREIRA: i was thinking that when you mentioned the coneflower...that's a butterfly attracter

Koi: coneflower's southern. when we were in williamsburg we bought all seeds for plants that had been in virginia and the carolinas in the 1700s

Koi: we figured then we couldn't screw up

Shadow: I got something called butterfly weed .. i'm hoping it'll grow

Koi: oh, looks midwestner too, ignore me, lol

Koi: butterfly weed is VERY pretty. grows pretty easy

Koi: usually orangey

empire10001: Carl and Audrey are wonderful, but there's that one little thing ... which I can't creeb about when Carl tills my garden, hauls dirt down when we need it, and doesn't gripe about the dog messes out back. :)

Shadow: it's not growing!

Koi: a lot of butterfly weed by roadsides. likes crappy soil, I think

Shadow: well geeze, anything that likes crappy soil should LOVE my garden!

Shadow: maybe now that it's not raining so much

JSPEREIRA: it may have to be the right type of crappy soil :)

Koi: yeah, lol

empire10001: Tried nasturtiums? They're going great guns in a plot that wouldn't grow anything else!

JSPEREIRA: oh gods, don't even talk to me about them

Koi: i just know about environmental effects ... I'm still learning about the actual growing procedures :)

Koi: hence we're buying local plants that grow pretty easy

empire10001: Why not?

JSPEREIRA: i have bad nasturtium luck

Mari: i want tulips. lots and lots of tulips

JSPEREIRA: which i find very annoying, because i usually am good with plants

empire10001: Maybe your soil is too good? This bed has really crappy sand/clay mix.

Shadow: I used to be wonderful with plants. this garden ... not so good. :(

JSPEREIRA: i think i may coddle them too much...but i've never been able to grow them well in several differnet gardens

empire10001: Tulips are nice, but they blow away too quickly here. :(

Koi: someday I will move back to the midwest and plant my whole lawn with big bluestem, and the neighbors will hate me

empire10001: We really need Phouka for nasturtium advice, I think!

Mari: tulips blow away??

Shadow: does she have any advice other than "eat them"???

Koi: ok, so when is my damned flowering tobacco going to flower?

empire10001: Yes -- at least the blooms do, almost as soon as they open!

Mari: :-(

Mari: that's sad

JSPEREIRA: i think it's awhile...isn't flowering tobacco a summer thing?

Koi: i have no idea!

Koi: southern plants are entirely new to me

JSPEREIRA: empire, is it a heat thing?

Mari: July Koi??

empire10001: LOL! I dunno, but she seems to be pretty familiar with them. -- No, it's a Delaware spring wind thing!

Koi: maybe it'll poison whatever mean little beastie ate my flowers

JSPEREIRA: ah, okay

Mari: anybody got any coffee? i'm about to go to sleep.


Mari: _ACTION lays down in flowerbed for a snoozal_

Shadow: _ACTION hooks Mari up to the coffee IV_

JSPEREIRA: oh! the rugosas are in bloom where i am...i can smell them all over my street at work

JSPEREIRA: and the sweet briar

Mari: I have some tomatoes about ready to bring in.

JSPEREIRA: yikes, we're still getting strawberries

Mari: well, to fry. green.

Koi: magnolia's in bloom down here

Shadow: yours are about to bring IN???

Mari: green. fried. mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

Shadow: gods, mine haven't even bloomed. or thought about blooming. or anything

Koi: crape myrtles not yet

Mari: my husband looks every morning to see if they're ready LOL

empire10001: Koi, Nicotiana is a tropical plant that needs heat to bloom -- want "rich, moist loam in full sun", according to my encyclopedia, if that helps.

Koi: oh, it's freaking hot

Koi: it's growing like CRAZY

empire10001: Hells, my tomatoes aren't even =blooming= yet!

JSPEREIRA: my peter pepper and thai basil was just put out

JSPEREIRA: i'm not sure they've forgiven me yet

Shadow: mine are barely growing .. I'm wondering if they're gonna make it

Koi: i'm just impatient for flowers :)

Mari: well, would it make you feel better to know that two of my maters drowned?? ;-)

Shadow: patience, grasshopper!

JSPEREIRA: you have to plant the right things :)

Shadow: although I'm watching my lillies impatiently, myself

Koi: especially since SOMETHING ATE MY JOHNNIES!

JSPEREIRA: so that you have an ongoing show

Shadow: *urp*

empire10001: {{{{{KOI!}}}}}

Star: (((((Koi))))))

JSPEREIRA: i do think this calls for a cheering up visit to the local nursery

Shadow: {{{{{{Koi}}}}}}

Mari: chipmunks or rabbits maybe

Koi: so mad. they were my FIRST flowers

Shadow: ooh .. *drool* can I come? I promise not to drool all over the flowers ....

Shadow: btw, anyone know anything about growing rosemary?


JSPEREIRA: within reason

JSPEREIRA: shadow, what's your question?

empire10001: It's been so blinkin' wet here that a combine harvesting barley sank in the mud, and two huge tractors couldn't get it out -- broke two chains in the attempt. Haven't heard yet how the wrecker did.

Mari: omg!

Star: Rosemary...

Shadow: I want to buy a rosemary bush and plant it .. I'm wondering if there's anything I should know ahead of time

Koi: lol

Shadow: ye gods!

Star: I have some on my porch and it seems to withstand pretty much anything. :)

JSPEREIRA: Shadow, I don't remember where you are, what's your zone?

Shadow: hey, that's good news! :)

Shadow: Ohio

Shadow: zone ... 5? 6? can't remember without a catalogue!

JSPEREIRA: there's a hardy variety from Richter's that you may want to try if you want to keep it outside

JSPEREIRA: otherwise you'll need to bring it in for the winter

Shadow: I'd rather keep it outside, I kill houseplants

Shadow: Richter's? got it.

Mari: what about jasmine? i've been bellyaching for a jasmine since i came back from CA. i can't grow them for crap

Koi: i want to try the allegedly zone 5 hardy crape myrtles

Shadow: yummy and edible? :)

empire10001: I have yet to find an herb that won't grow despite just about anything ... except that dog urine kills creeping thyme FAST!

Koi: i want to give my mom crape myrtles

Koi: but she's zone 5

JSPEREIRA: Shadow, it's this variety

Mari: Celeste just posted a message in the forum. Chat won't let her in

JSPEREIRA: if she's been up for awhile, she should try restarting, i had the same thing

Mari: k

JSPEREIRA: Mari, I used to have a jasmine, but I...uh...killed it...

JSPEREIRA: but the tricky part was it liked moisture, not being super wet, and indirect, but bright light

Mari: yeah, i did that with the one i bought, too. spent $20 on it and killed it. made me mad :-(

Mari: that's where i messed up!!

Shadow: thanks, Janna

Mari: i kept it too dry!!

JSPEREIRA: it's difficult to pullit all together i found

empire10001: Oh, does anyone know how many years it takes a wisteria to bloom? This is the second year for mine, and no blooms yet. :(

Mari: you think it could grow outside year round in Kentucky?

Koi: brb ... off for wine and lipgloss

JSPEREIRA: Mari, wisteria or jasmine?

starFL: Entered room.

Mari: if not, i have some super huge pots

Mari: oh sorry. the jasmine

Mari: hey star

starFL: hi there

Shadow: hello


Shadow: oh, no, two Stars!

starFL: yup

starFL: mine is from my motorcycle V star

JSPEREIRA: I seem to remember that jasmine is very tropical...without looking it up, I'm going to guess no

Star: Hmm, this could get confusing...

starFL: where is everybody here from?

Shadow: no a/s/l checks, please

Mari: Bugger

Shadow: too bad, I love jasmine. it's yummy

Mari: I know it grows well in Northern California.

Mari: me too!

Shadow: heh .. that's why I want a rosemary plant .. save $$ by just having it growing, instead of buying the herbs!

Shadow: I just go THROUGH it!

Mari: i thought the same thing about spearmint. and i told you earlier what happened. LOL

Shadow: can't imagine what I'd do if I had jasmine, too ... :):):)

Shadow: heh. spearmint is different .. mints are EVIL!

Shadow: every time my hubby pulls the car in, my driveways smells like a toothpaste factory exploded!

empire10001: Lavender is like that, too -- I probably had the best-smelling compost heap in Delaware, when I had to do a severe cut-back!

starFL: Left room.


Mari: lmao

empire10001: LOL!

Shadow: now isn't THAT an accomplishment to be proud of .... ;)

JSPEREIRA: you could have used it as a strewing herb

Mari: i planted cat grass for my cat a few weekds ago

Mari: and then there came about four days or five of deluging rain

Mari: and now the seeds have sprouted between the bricks in the middle of the patio

empire10001: Oh, funsies!

Shadow: oh dear

Koi: back!

Celeste621: Entered room.

scorcha: Entered room.

Mari: yay you made it!

scorcha: mm

Shadow: hello hello!

Celeste621: Thanks, rebooting helped.

Mari: yeah, the cat is all confused. "what's grass doing here???"

Koi: hey! I made a good G&T for a change

Shadow: G&T? Growing and tackling?

Koi: gin and tonic

Shadow: Growling and thumping?

Shadow: oh, that's no fun! :)

JSPEREIRA: i knew what you meant :)

Koi: i was going to have a glass of wine but then I realized that just for a change, I have tonic!

scorcha: hi star

empire10001: Heya, Celeste, Sorcha!

Koi: usually I make them too ginny or not ginny enough

JSPEREIRA: hi celeste, sorcha

Celeste621: hello

Koi: but back to gardens :D

empire10001: Yes! Is there anything that can be done for heat-shocked tomatoes?

Shadow: so, what can we grow in our garden that's fermentable? ;)

Shadow: give up and buy some at the store?

JSPEREIRA: fruit, hops

scorcha: i got a garden , just finished planting little over a week ago

Mari: :imagines fruit hopping:

JSPEREIRA: are the tomatoes wilting?

Shadow: I SO wanna grow grapes. I do

Koi: my grandpa used to in michigan, just along a random fence

scorcha: make sure they get plenty of water

empire10001: I mean, Sunday was mid-50's, and yesterday and today have been in the 90s -- no, grocery store tomatoes are mealy, tasteless JUNK!

Shadow: whatcha got, Scorcha? tell me no mint!

JSPEREIRA: my grandparents used to have concord grapes everywhere and a little arbor

Shadow: heh .. tell me how you really feel!

scorcha: i got cucumbers zuchinni, cherry tomatoes early girls tomatoes, butternut squash

scorcha: onions red potatoes yellow potatoes

scorcha: carrots

Shadow: wow!

scorcha: garlic

JSPEREIRA: oh cool, how's it all doing?

scorcha: strawberries

Shadow: *feels inadequate*

empire10001: I have grapes, but this year, they don't look good ... too much rain, I think.

scorcha: it's going pretty good, it was a hard start may rained 21 days out of the months

Star: *feels inadequate with Shadow*

scorcha: this is my 3 year with a garden each year we're making it bigger

Shadow: heh .. sounds like you live down the road from me! I don't think I SAW the sun in May!

Star: I have a tiny rosemary plant and a couple of weedy-looking petunias?

scorcha: it's a 28 x 40

empire10001: Scorcha, you are on the East Coast like me, no? {G}

scorcha: yes maine

Shadow: I've a little more than that, but I'm starting slow .. the soil is BAD. :(

Koi: rain constant here too

Mari: ann do you have a food co-op?

Koi: are you composting, shadow?

empire10001: No, we don't.

Shadow: no, I want to start, hubby's being fussy about needing something to put the compost IN, and not helping me FIND something!

scorcha: we got some cow manure

JSPEREIRA: you can improvise with some pallets

Shadow: so instead, we've a rotting pile of gunk behind the shed. oh, yes, that's SO much better!

Star: Heh. My soil is CLAY. With a tiny layer of topsoil over it. Just a tiny one.

Mari: dang. co-ops is good :-(

Koi: oh, hubby gets SO MAD when grass clippings get up on our pots from the mowing guys

Koi: I'm like ... uh ... compost? outdoors?

scorcha: i really want to do some raised beds, but i have to wait until i get some more cash

empire10001: Shadow, mulch big-time -- it'll improve the soil no end! And if you do it heavily, it works as sheet composting.

Dragon: Entered room.

Koi: like grass will hurt the plants! sheesh!

Shadow: that's next on the list .. but mulch is EXPENSIVE!

Shadow: hello

Dragon: Hello

Celeste621: Hey, Dragon.

Mari: hey

empire10001: Three years of mulching has my lifelong-farmer landlord impressed with =my= garden!

Koi: hey, what the heck is a serviceberry?

Dragon: gee I stay away from delphi for a few days and come back to 2000+ messages in like 2 of my forums

scorcha: ever heard of Lasagna gardening?

JSPEREIRA: that's when you layer, correct?

Shadow: wow, THAT sounds fattening!

scorcha: yes

JSPEREIRA: greens and browns, IIRC

Shadow: oh .. not where you grow everything for lasagne? (of course, where would I put the cow?)

scorcha: you put newspaper down then layer with compost fertilizer soil

Mari: service berry??

Star: Service berry: "n 1: any of various North American trees or shrubs having showy white flowers and edible blue-black or purplish fruit [syn: Juneberry, service tree, shadbush, shadblow] 2: edible purple or red berries [syn: saskatoon, shadberry, juneberry]"

Star: (courtesy

scorcha: i heard it works really well for area's with bad soil

Mari: mmmmmmmmmmmmmm berries

empire10001: Shadow, not you, too! My hubby wants me to plant pizza seeds ... ::sigh::

scorcha: there's a community i joined at msn called our garden gang it's given me a ton of ideas

Shadow: I can make homemade pizza! :):):)

scorcha: i got a bread machine i used to make pizza doughs with, loved the garlic crust i used to make

scorcha: now i have garlic in garden so that should be wicked cool

empire10001: Berries! Yes! Audrey gave me three blackberry shoots from her plant, and they're thriving ... next year, BLACKBERRIES!

Shadow: ooooh

Star: Ha! Now that we have.

Star: We have blackberries growing wild.

scorcha: i got a bunch of wild ones growing out back

JSPEREIRA: just be careful with the blackberries :)

empire10001: Garlic grown in acid soil is incredible!

Koi: i lurve blackberries

Star: No muss, no fuss, just pick them when they're ripe!

Dragon: Left room.

JSPEREIRA: don't let them form a thicket

scorcha: i got razberries too

empire10001: Why, they take over?

Koi: I want to move back to a place where yummy things grow

Koi: instead of tobacco and kudzu

JSPEREIRA: yes, and the worst part is, you can't get at them to pick them

Mari: kudzu sucks

empire10001: Hmm, Audrey was telling me about training them onto a trellis ... maybe I ought to consider that.

scorcha: my aunt used to tie them to a stake in her garden

empire10001: Wonder if tomato cages would work?

Koi: grandpa grew them over a fence

Mari: brb y'all

scorcha: i dont see why they wouldnt work with blackberries

Koi: in a side, quasi-related crafting note, I got a needlework catalog today!

empire10001: Oh, yeah? From whom?

Koi: keepsake needlearts

Koi: it's cute, though lots of it is * cough* twee

scorcha: cool i got a knitting machine

scorcha: i make sweaters hats and scarfs

empire10001: Keepsake ... hmm. I get a catalog from Keepsake Quilting ... nice stuff, but awfully pricey.

Shadow: a knitting MACHINE????

Shadow: that's .... weird.

Koi: different company

Koi: i get keepsake quilting too :D

Shadow: no offense, it just hurts the brain!

scorcha: well i can make a sweater in 3 hours instead of days or

Koi: knitting machines are cool!

Koi: where do you think your T-shirts come from, shadow?

Shadow: I know .. but it's STILL weird!

Shadow: hey, I have issues, what's your point???

scorcha: lol

JSPEREIRA: it can also be programmed, so you can get pretyt creative

scorcha: i can do patterns 200 stitches wide

scorcha: but i have to hand punch the stitches in, and that takes forever

scorcha: it's a compuerised machine

empire10001: I don't do my crafts by machine (except occasionally using the sewing machine for some of my quilting), but that's a personal taste -- I like doing handwork!

Mari: back now

scorcha: i'm also working on a herb garden

Shadow: I just don't do crafts except when around other people .. machines would get in the way!

empire10001: Be careful ... all the herbs I've grown try to take over!

Shadow: crochet is for chatting! :)

scorcha: i used to crochet

Koi: oh, we had basil in our pasta sauce that we grew in our garden

Koi: very proud

empire10001: Spinning is for chatting. {G}

empire10001: WTG, Koi!

Celeste621: All of my herbs seem to be growing except for the rosemary. It's still scrawny.

Star: Yay Koi!

scorcha: i got basil thyme, lemon thyme, chamomile and st johns wort

Celeste621: Yum, basil.

empire10001: Give it time, if you just planted it -- perennials do take 3 years to get going good.

Celeste621: Ah, I see

scorcha: yeah my strawberries are only 2 yrs old, this year they are doing better then the first year

Celeste621: I was hoping it was just a late bloomer. Poor thing looks so small and sad next to my rampant mints. ^^

Celeste621: Oh, I'd love to grow strawberries someday.

empire10001: Just protect it from the mints!

Celeste621: lol My mints are safely contained in pots on the porch

Celeste621: They're huge.

JSPEREIRA: we inheireted strawberries from the previous owner! very pleasant surprise

scorcha: that's cool

Celeste621: I bet, wow.

Shadow: I'm still not sure if I've got strawberries or not .. they look like strawberries, but I've never seen any fruit!


Celeste621: lol I had that problem with a sunflower once

Celeste621: I couldn't tell if it was a tall weed or a young sunflower

Star: K, gotta go. Might be back later, if y'all are still here. :)

Star: Laters!

Celeste621: bye

Koi: later!

Mari: bye!

Star: Left room.

Shadow_2: Entered room.

Shadow_2: _ACTION glares at Shadow_

Shadow_2: _ACTION clonedances with Shadow_

empire10001: LOL!

Shadow: Left room.

Mari: oh my

Shadow: ???

Mari: that hurt my brain LOL

Koi: lol

Shadow: sheesh!

Shadow: here, let me eat that brain for you .. take all the pain away ....

Mari: heh

Shadow: _ACTION chases after Mari's brain_

Koi: so, off topic ... i prayed in public this weekend and avoided making an ass of myself

Koi: that is a rare occurrance

Koi: it was extemporaneous, too

Shadow: _ACTION golfclaps. ;)_

empire10001: Good for you, Koi! :)

Shadow: what was the occasion?

Mari: :D

Koi: uncle's 50th

Koi: surprise birthday party :D

Koi: whole clan came

empire10001: Sounds nice!

Shadow: praying he wouldn't have a heart attack from it? ;)

Koi: lol

Koi: he was darn surprised. and sooooo pleased

Koi: no, he has no kids of his own

Koi: so i thanked god on behalf of the nieces and nephews for making us his children

Koi: and for allowing us to be his "yod v'shem" ... monument and a name

Shadow: aww! that's sweet!

Celeste621: aw :)


empire10001: I like that -- very nice!

Koi: God promises all men "yod v'shem" ... children, usually, or someone else, who will remember his name for seven generations

Koi: i.e., through all eternity

Koi: yod v'shem = a monument and a name

Koi: and monument in this context also means penis

Shadow: shouldn't he keep his?

Koi: but I didn't explain that during the prayer, lol

Shadow: as opposed to y'all keeping it for him?

empire10001: I should hope not! {G}

Shadow: _ACTION runs_

Mari: shadow! LMAO

Koi: yod = hand = euphemism for penis = monument, like the washington monument

Koi: penis = children/fertility

scorcha: bbl .:) nice chatting with you

Koi: but, see, it's better not to explain these things, lol

scorcha: Left room.

Shadow: byes!

Koi: i usually sound like an idiot when i pray in public so I was pleased this one came out OK

empire10001: Other-culture (not symbolism, exactly, but literal/vs/symbolic meaning) can be confusing, yes. And not well understood. {G}

Shadow: ye gods, why am I so TIRED????

Shadow: especially archaic .. it just SOUNDS so funny in modern usage, sometimes

empire10001: It's hot and sticky where you are, after being cool?

Shadow: mmm, proly. the high did just jump about 20 degrees

empire10001: Same here, and I'm feeling wrung out myself.

Koi: hot here too

Celeste621: ugh, the sudden heat was draining

Koi: but always hot here :)

Celeste621: i dunno how you stand that, Koi

Celeste621: I have a thing against sweating

Shadow: it was nice and cool in the basement where I work until just this evening, though .. the air finally filtered around the house

Koi: oooh ... cross stitched military emblems

Koi: I DON"T stand it.

Koi: I stay inside all the time and suck hits of my inhaler when I go outside

Shadow: tomorrow .. ac!

Koi: and then have massive asthma attacks anyway

Koi: sucks

empire10001: Yes! It's not so bad when it's gradual, but when it goes from cool and comfortable to hot and sticky, I do not do well.

Mari: thanks to the gods for air conditioning

Mari: :runs:

Celeste621: lol

Shadow: {{{{{Koi}}}}}}

empire10001: Koi, where! I wanna do a MC Emblem!

Celeste621: My poor piggy had a bit too much heat today. Even when I heard what the temps were, I still underestimated how hot it was going to feel. Poor guy.

Koi: one sec, I'll find it online for you

empire10001: Danke!

Koi: when we went to williamsburg, we learned that 1/3 of colonists died in the first 30 months they arrived from the climate

Koi: I CLEARLY would have been one of those colonists

Shadow: can't say I blame them!

Shadow: I think I'd've VOLUNTEERED to have been one of those colonists ....

Celeste621: I believe it.

Shadow: hell, I'd've gone from the skin cancer. I burn like you wouldn't believe .. nothing else would have time to kill me!

empire10001: From England to Virginia -- yup! I'd probably have been a survivor, but a miserable one!

Mari: what i don't understand is how all those southern belles went around in those voluminous dresses! were they insane?

Celeste621: Those tight corsets blocked the oxygen from getting to their brains

Celeste621: I bet they went insane

Mari: had to !!

Shadow: actually, depending on how dresses like that are made, they can actually be quite cool


Shadow: of course, screw the corset!

Koi: also they lived in houses appropriate to the climate and napped during the heat of the day naked

empire10001: How do women in Arabia survive in those black blankets? They could at least be allowed to wear white!

empire10001: Danke, Koi!

Koi: you know, when I was in DC for the summer I wore long sleeves every single day, and I was SOOOOO much cooler

Mari: just the thought makes me wilt LOL

Koi: keepsake needlework has the kits, not just the pamphlets, but no website: 1-800-852-7338 for a catalog

Koi: i wore a long-sleeved linen shirt and it was MUCH cooler than having bare arms

Koi: interesting lesson, that

empire10001: I wear long sleeves here in summer, while gardening, but they're light colored!

Mari: just the thought of being outside here in the summer makes me ill. :-( it gets some nasty

Shadow: _ACTION wears a house_

Koi: mine was a natural color

Koi: beige or whatever

Koi: i was protecting my skin from the sun for the wedding

Koi: no skin on my sun alllllllll summer long

Mari: i hear that shadow

Celeste621: Have a good night, everyone.

Celeste621: Left room.

Shadow: no lobster-Koi for the big day?

Koi: nope

Koi: my dress was all about "creamy skin"

Koi: so I worked hard to have that nice mid-winter creamy skin

Shadow: I only garden early or late, myself .. keep OUT of the sun during the heat of the day!

Koi: omg ...

Shadow: ??

Koi: my cousin this weekend, he's about 9 or 10, asked his mom, "Mom, why is Koi so PALE?"

empire10001: Getting late for me, since I have to get up pretty early tomorrow -- see y'all later!

Koi: "she's so WHITE. is that normal?"

Shadow: g'night!

Shadow: *giggle*

Mari: yeah, the cat and i sit on the patio either if iget up early for some reason or after the sun's gone over in the evening

Mari: bye ann!

empire10001: Left room.

Koi: not like he's exactly the bastien of tan, either! being from the same family

Mari: if it's not 90 in the shade

Shadow: I used to be able to get out of any class I wanted to go to the nurse, just by relaxing my face .. I ALWAYS look pale!

Koi: I have cousins who are multiracial, and one of them is a DEAD RINGER for Derek Jeter

Koi: know who that is?


Mari: plays for a baseball team

Shadow: name rings a bell .. but damn if I know

Mari: cute as heck

Koi: black baseball player


Koi: shortstop for the yankees

Mari: shadow, the cat finally came out from under the bed

Koi: anyway, Jeter himself walks into the store where my cousin works one day and says, "Holy crap, man ... we could be COUSINS!"

Shadow: y'know, I think Ann had the right idea .. I'm falling asleep here!

Shadow: heh .. good, Mari!

Mari: :D

JSPEREIRA: hee koi

Koi: Upon hearing the story I said, "That's only because he doesn't know what your real cousins look like."

Shadow: g'night, y'all!

Mari: nigh shadow!

JSPEREIRA: good night

Koi: night shadow!

Mari: am going to motor as well. i have evening chores to do. see y'all later!

JSPEREIRA: i'm off myself, good night all

Koi: me too.

Koi: Left room.

JSPEREIRA: Left room.


Shadow: Left room.

Mari: Left room.

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