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Chat Log:
Reconnection Ritual


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This is the log of The Cauldron's July 29, 2003 chat, which was a ritual in the Flamekeeping tradition to reconnect oneself to the Divine within. This log may have been edited to remove extraneous comments.

Shadow: the purpose of this ritual is to reconnect ourselves to the Divine within us.

Shadow: if you are using physical props, here is where you light the candle

Shadow: Know that All is part of the Divine, sacred and beloved. See that we are Divine, beloved of the Divine, and One with the Universe.

Shadow: See the candle. See how before, there was only darkness, but now, there is an interplay of light and dark, dancing shadows and flame.

Shadow: Both are part of the Flame, there being no shadow until there is light. Feel the candle, feel the Flame, and feel that same fire dancing inside ourselves.

Shadow: Find that place inside, and know that it the spark of the Divine that is within all things. When you feel that, type ().

Mari: ()

Sine: ()

SahtYinepu: ()

firedemone: ()

Shadow: ()

Shadow: While there can be, in truth, no separation from the Divine, we can separate our minds, refuse to see the connection or have it clouded through personal shadows, blocking the Flame.

ascella: Entered room.

Shadow: When this happens, we must give up what blocks us back to the Flame, sacrifice our weaknesses and ego-games to the Divine, to ourselves, that we may find the Flame inside again, and rejoin to the Divine.

Shadow: We must sacrifice our weaknesses, even as we love them for the excuses they bring us.

Shadow: No matter how many we sacrifice, however, there are always more, as old shadows re-grow and new ones are discovered.

Shadow: Each shadow sacrifices rejoins our spirit to the Divine, and brings us closer to our true Selves and the Flame that is all things.

Shadow: Name the shadow that stands between you and the Divine, either to the room or just yourself. Please type () when done.

Mari: ()

Sine: ()

firedemone: ()

SahtYinepu: Cowardice. ()

Shadow: control issues. ()

ascella: ()

Shadow: Now, consider the nature of this shadow. What does it cost you, and what does it give you?

Shadow: Why do you cling to it, even knowing that it stands between you and the Divine?

Shadow: Is this benefit worth keeping, and if so, is there something you can do to replace the flaw that will let you keep the advantage?

Shadow: Is the benefit itself also the flaw? Consider the advantage of this flaw, sharing it with us if you can. Type () when done.

Shadow: false feelings of security. ()

SahtYinepu: It's a mask to hide behind, freeing me of responsibility. Yet, the cost is living. ()

Mari: advantage - forcing me to see stuff about myself I've ignored ()

Sine: ()

ascella: ()

firedemone: holding me back from my life ()

firedemone: but still living

Shadow: With advantage comes disadvantage. How does this flaw keep you from the Divine?

Shadow: Why do you want the flaw gone? What will freedom from this flaw bring you? Share if you will, type () when done.

Shadow: health and a lot less stress. *g* ()

Sine: ()

SahtYinepu: Living, not surviving. Living and Living well. ()

Mari: brings freedom from one less stressor ()

firedemone: not having to worry or wonder

firedemone: ()

ascella: ()

Shadow: Separate the flaw from yourself.

Shadow: Pull it away, as though it was merely adhered to your skin, and not a part of your essence. See it as a dark shadow, but transparent, like the shadows of a candle-flame.

Shadow: Write the flaw on a piece of paper, and give it to the flame, seeing the shadow itself burn and become part of the Light.

Shadow: See yourself in the candle-flame, and know that you are part of the Divine, and that as you improve yourself, you make the Divine greater.

Shadow: To truly be a sacrifice, one must act mindfully to keep the flaw from oneself, to stay free of the temptation to backslide and take back our flaw.

Shadow: Feel the light of the Divine lift you, buoy you above the temptation. We can be greater than we are, if we allow ourselves. Allow yourself to be greater than the temptation, and know it makes you a better person.

Shadow: Blow out the candle. Keep the candle as a sign of the commitment you have made, and re-light it when you need a representation of what you have given up, and what you have gained.

Shadow: *end ritual*

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