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About Our Message Board
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The Cauldron's message board is a discussion area for followers of one of the many Pagan religions or their friends, including those interested in finding out about Pagan religions. We hope you'll find our message board a polite place to discuss and debate religion and magick, ritual and everyday life, philosophy and books, health and divination, and just about anything else remotely related that our members find interesting. Feel free to introduce yourself and to participate in or start your own discussions in our message board -- or to join in conversations in our chat room.

While lurkers (people who read but never post) are certainly welcome, we hope you will introduce yourself and participate in or start your own discussions in our message board. If you are a beginner, please do not let the apparent advanced level of the some of our discussions scare you away. While we do have a large number of knowledgable, long-time Pagans from a number of different religions posting, they all remember what it was like when they started on their path and are always willing to answer serious questions, no matter how basic.

About Our Discussions

Our message board is oriented toward more serious (and often somewhat scholarly) discussion and debate than many Pagan discussion areas. Members need not agree with you or with the staff, or otherwise automatically be "politically correct" here -- just be polite and follow our message board rules. Disagreements and actual discussion of beliefs and ideas presented is the norm here, unlike some Pagan message boards where everyone is require to pretend to always agree to "make nice.". (As one of our members said, "I much prefer discussions with real people with whom I don't always agree, rather than to pretend to be something I'm not in order to 'make nice'. The former is fellowship, the latter is just social lying.") You will find that each and every member of The Cauldron has personal opinions and biases on religion and other issues -- and you will probably not like all of them. Please be adult enough to cope with the fact that some members will have opinions that upset or annoy you.

Due to the wide variety of our members backgrounds and religions, you will often find views and opinions you normally do not come in contact with on other Pagan discussion areas on our message board. Those who dislike seeing any disagreement in discussions, having members of non-Pagan religions involved in discussions, or being asked to support odd-sounding things they claim to be fact may not be as comfortable on our message board as they might be on others. Because of the nature of the discussions on our message board, we often make clear distinctions between supportable fact and personal beliefs. In addition, posters are often asked to provided sources or a factual basis for claims being made. Being asked for sources does not necessarily mean that you are not believed, many members ask for sources simply because they are interested in finding out more details "direct from the horse's mouth."

This forum welcomes friendly non-Pagan members and has a Christian theologian on staff. If you think non-Pagan religions are evil, do not wish to see Christian and other non-Pagan views, or simply object to not being able to say nasty things about Christians and other non-Pagans, you probably need to find another forum as such behavior is not tolerated here.

Our message board is not a democracy, at best it is a benevolent dictatorship. The Cauldron: A Pagan Forum's site hosts have set rules for our message board and have given the message board staff the power to limit or deny access to those who insist on violating them. You really should read these rules prior to posting.

About Our Members

Our members come from a wide variety of backgrounds, religions, and experience levels. You will find many different religions and magickal traditions: Traditional Wiccans, Eclectic Wiccans, Ceremonial Mages, Reconstructionists from different cultures, Christians, and many more can be found on our message board. You will find some members have been on their path for 20 or 30 years and others who are just starting down the road. You will find teens, college students, young adults, older adults, and retired people on our board.

If you'd like to know more about a member whose post you are reading, you can check their profile by clicking on their name in any post they've made. While some people do not give a lot of informtion in their profiles, the system will give you some valuable information in all profiles such as how many posts they have made on our board. If have created a message board account and would like to setup or modify your profile, you can do so from the "Profile" link in the top menu line.

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