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About Our Chat
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The Cauldron: A Pagan Forum is now holding scheduled chats on our MUX, CauldronMUX, in the Cauldron Lounge. Guest access is open to all, but only active members of our message board are eligible for accounts. Our secondary chat area is a private, Flash-based chat area available only to members of our message board.

Our primary chat system is a MUX. While a MUX is more fun with a special client program, you can telnet to port 4201 with a plain telnet program (comes with most systems).

The Cauldron: A Pagan Forum's MUX and chat room are not the main focus of the forum. The main focus of the The Cauldron is our message board. Our chat areas are an additional, fun feature that many enjoy but they are a secondary feature in the eyes of the hosts. Cauldron chats have rules which will be enforced by Cauldron staff and Cauldron chat moderators.

Cauldron Staff members and Chat Moderators are listed near the bottom of our Forum Start Page. If you go into our chat areas and do not see a chat moderator there, that means no moderators are present and the area may not be as pleasant as forum rules cannot be enforced.

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Chat Information
Best Times to Find Moderated Chat
(All Times US Eastern Time)

Friday: 2pm-4pm

In Flash Chat

Traditional Wicca Chat
Friday Night -- Midnight ET

Last Changed on 8 Jan 07.
Our Forum Start Page may list additional good times.

Chat on CauldronMUX
There are often members on CauldronMUX at random times. Drop in and check!
(Guest accounts available!)

Flash Chat
Chat In Flashchat Now
(Message Board ID required)

Currently in Flash Chat

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