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Cauldron and Candle
Issue #67.5 -- February 2006 Special Edition

A Publication of The Cauldron: A Pagan Forum
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C A U L D R O N   A N D   C A N D L E  #67.5 -- Mid-February 2006


           A Publication of The Cauldron: A Pagan Forum
                website: http://www.ecauldron.com/
            message board: http://www.ecauldron.net/mb/
             newsletter: http://www.ecauldron.com/cnc/
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In this Issue:

[00] Editorial Notes
[01] The Cauldron's New and Expanded Message Board
[02] Annual February Donation Drive Info For 2006
   * Update
   * General Information
   * How To Donate
   * Donor Bonuses for Individuals and for Pagan Businesses
[03.1] Article: Conjure up Romance
[03.2] Article: An In-depth Look at Understanding Your Dreams
[04] Software Gadgets: The Column
   * Performancing Extension - Blog Directly from Firefox
   * First Page 2006 - Free HTML Editor
[05] Support The Cauldron
[06] Newsletter Information
              (Including How To Subscribe/Unsubscribe)


This is a special second February 2006 issue of Cauldron and
Candle. You are receiving this issue because you subscribed. To
learn how to unsubscribe, see the last section of this

It's been almost two years since we published a special issue of
Cauldron and Candle. This issue was published to provide
information on our new message board. I've also tossed in a
couple of articles and the first installment of our new Software
Gadgets column.

We hope to see you on our expanded and MUCH Faster new message


Randall Sapphire
Editor and Publisher, Cauldron and Candle
Co-Host, The Cauldron: A Pagan Forum

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The Cauldron has new message board, located at

We apologize for the problems this move will cause our members,
but as mentioned in the last issue of this newsletter, Bob's new
server ran the 0.6 branch of the Beehive Forums software (the
code that runs our board) very slowly. Testing showed that
the old 0.5 branch was much faster. Unfortunately, there is no
way to turn a 0.6 branch board into a 0.5 branch board, so we had
to start over. Our original board will hopefully re-appear in a
read-only format in a week or two so the 180,000+ messages now
there will be available for reference.

This means everyone will have to create a new account (if you had
an account on our old board, please see "Important Re-
Registration Information" below for important instructions),
recreate their sig and profile, etc. We apologize, but there was
no way to avoid it. However, we have taken advantage of having to
restart to reorganize the board. The Cauldron now has two
separate forums (TCMAIN and TCSOCIAL) and our folders are split
between them.

This gives us room for more folders with less confusion. The
social side of TC has benefited from this the most as we now have
a number of folders to be social in instead of having to cram
everything not a religious discussion into 3-4 folders.

You can move between the two forums either via the link to the
"other" forum in the top (white) bar or via the "Forums" item in
the top menu bar. Note that the numbers listed for messages and
last visits in the "Forums" item are not always accurate (nor are
the numbers the "Stats" panel in the second forum -- found at the
bottom of the message pain) due to bugs in the 0.5 branch code
that were never fixed by the Beehive team.


As mentioned above, the new version of The Cauldron's message
board splits TC into two forums. Here is a list of the names of
folders the new board will have and which forum they will be in:


Discussions here will be mainly oriented on Religion or at least
be viewed from a religious POV.

Folders whose names start with "S:" have special rules in effect
for that folder.

Folder List:

Board Announcements
Chat, MUX and Forum Support
Introduce Yourself!
Pagan Religions
Eclectic Paganism
Non-Pagan Religions/Interfaith
S: New to Pagan Religions
History, Mythology and the Gods
Worship and Ritual
Magic and Divination
Philosophy and Metaphysics
Faith in Everyday Life
S: Pagan Teens
S: Prayer and Healing Requests
S: Special Topics and Tutorials
Religion in the News
Miscellaneous Discussions


Discussions here will be less about religion and more about "off-
topic" discussions between friends.

Folders whose names start with "M:" are NOT visible to GUESTS,
but only to members who are logged in -- providing a place to
post semi-personal stuff that you really don't want everyone on
the Internet to have immediate access to.

Folder List:

TC: Social Forum Announcements
Home and Garden
Family Life
Food and Recipes
Books, Music and Media
Computers and the Internet
Games and Gaming
Art, Poetry and Writing
Crafts and Hobbies
Humor and Quizzes
Miscellaneous Social Chatter
Pagan Webcrafting
Science and Technology
General News and World Events
Political Discussions
M: Cauldron Community

One Request: Messages cannot be moved between forums like they
can between folders, so it is important to put discussions in the
proper forum. The message board staff does not want to be thread
nazis, but they will be enforcing this.


"Settings" (in the top menu) is where you go to modify your
personal settings (nickname, email address, forum options, etc.).
This was called "My Controls" in the original board.

"PMs" in the top menu will take you to your PM Inbox where you
can read and send personal messages.

"Chat" in the top menu will bring up our Flash Chat area, log in
with your message board User ID and password. Note that's your
user id, not your nickname.

"Rules" on the top menu will bring up a section with all of our
forum and chat rules and some FAQs that might prove helpful

"Extras" on the top menu will bring up a lot of "extra" features,
some examples: a links section, information on our MUX
(CauldronMUX), etc. More features will be added here in the


IMPORTANT NOTE: If you had an account on our old board, you will
need to follow this procedure to successfully log in to our new

1) Close your browser -- all copies of your browser; then reopen

2) Go to the New Board: (http://www.ecauldron.net/mb/). Note that
your username and password will probably be in the logon box. If
they are, ignore them as you are not really "there" until you
register. Click on the Register link and register -- using the
same username and password you use on this board. (Or a
completely different username, although this will confuse people
-- just don't use the same username as the old board with a
different password). Be sure to use a working email address that
you get email from.

3) When you finish, you should be logged in (You'll see a top
menu with "Logout" instead of "Login" if you are). Log out
completely. Try to log back in. You should be able to. If you get
some type of "Session" or other weird error, close your browser
down, go directly to the new board and try again.


Again, The Cauldron's new message board is located at:




     Since this article was originally published in the
     normal February issue, we have received about 80%
     of  our goal. There are still 10 days left in
     February, so with your help we can still reach our


===== General Information

It's February and our annual web hosting bill for ecauldron.com
(the main web site with our articles, reviews, newsletters, etc.)
is due this month, so it is time for our annual Cauldron Donation
Drive. This year, we are hoping to raise some extra money for
expansion (as we have grown a lot in the last year). If those of
our members who can afford to contribute $5, $10, $20 or more in
the next few weeks would do so, we'd probably have all the money
needed. The Hosts are donating $80 toward the fund, so they are
not just asking for others to help out while they sit back and
plan a trip to Greece on the money donated.

Don't worry, if we don't get enough donations, the main web site
will not disappear. The Hosts will scrape up the money needed
somehow, so there's no "if you don't donate the web site will
disappear" nonsense some other sites have been known to do. We
just appreciate all the help we can get as the Hosts are not
rolling in money any more than you are and a large bill in one
month would really work havoc.

We would really like to see more money donated than we need to
pay the hosting bill this year as with our growth, we really need
to do some expanding and sometimes paid software just works
better than free software (like the Flash Chatrooms we added last
year to replace the troublesome Java Chatroom). While we will not
say "Dig deep and give tell it hurts" like the TV preachers do,
but we will say that every little bit helps.

Donations can be accepted via PayPal or the Amazon Honor System
(or even by money order). Paypal is slightly better than Amazon
as they take a slightly smaller fee out of what is donated. If
you want to be personally credited and thanked for your donation,
be sure to use PayPal and mention your message board login name
in the Comments box (if one appears). (Amazon donations are
anonymous so we can't email you our thanks). Note that donations
to TC are not tax-deductible in the US and probably aren't
elsewhere either.


You'll find a large white box near the top of The Cauldron's main
web page with donation links or you can use these:

Donate Via PayPal

Donate Via Amazon Honor System

Donate Via Money Order (No personal checks, please)
   Email donations2006@ecauldron.com for a mailing address
   (Note this email address will not work after early March)


We have a few bonuses for individual donors (at least, for those
who do not donate anonymously).

All Donors

  The hosts have a selection of used Pagan books (many are review
  copies and are very close to "new"). Three donors will be
  selected at random and given their choice of one book from the
  available books. These books will be sent book rate (in the US,
  surface mail overseas). Any person who donates (provided they
  do not donate anonymously) has a chance to win. No minimum
  donation is required.

Contributor Level Donation (US$25.00 or more)

  1. Message Board User Name listed as a Contributor for 2006 on
  our Sponsors page.
  2. 2006 Contributor Button for your signature (or Web Page)
  that will not count against your graphic file size total for
  your signature.

Sponsor Level Donation (more than US$50.00)

  1. Message Board User Name listed as a Sponsor for 2006 on our
  Sponsors page.
  2. 2006 Sponsor Button for your signature (or Web Page) that
  will not count against your graphic file size total for your
  3. The possibility of extra bonuses during 2006 -- depending on
  how our expansion plans go.


If you run a Pagan-related business and wish to make a large
donation, we have some special business donor bonuses as well.
These bonuses are new this year and were a suggestion from one of
our members afyer the 2005 donation drive.

Silver Pagan Business Sponsor (US$75.00 or more)

  1. A link to your Pagan-related business (with a short
  description) on our 2006 Sponsors page.
  2. A link to your Pagan-related business (with a short
  description) in the March issue of the Cauldron and Candle
  newsletter in a special 2006 Sponsors section at the start of
  the newsletter. (Current circulation: about 2500 addresses --
  if by some chance there is no March issue, this listing will
  appear in the next issue published thereafter)

  Note: These bonuses are only for businesses that are truly
  Pagan-related. Gambling, adult, multi-level marketing, and the
  like will not receive these benefits. The opinion of The
  Cauldron as to whether or not a business is Pagan related is
  final, if in any doubt, please email
  donations2006@ecauldron.com and ask before you donate.

Gold Pagan Business Sponsor (US$250.00 or more)

  1. A link to your Pagan-related business (with a short
  description) on our 2006 Sponsors page
  2. A link to your Pagan-related business (with a short
  description) in the March issue of the Cauldron and Candle
  newsletter in a special 2006 Sponsors section at the start of
  the newsletter. (Current circulation: about 2500 addresses --
  if by some chance there is no March issue, this listing will
  appear in the next issue published thereafter).
  3. A link to your Pagan-related business (no description) in a
  Sponsors box in the right column of the main page of our web
  site (www.ecauldron.com) during the rest of 2006.
  4. A link to your Pagan-related business (with a short
  description) in issues of the Cauldron and Candle newsletter
  published from April to December 2006 in a special 2006 Gold
  Sponsors ad in the body of the newsletter.

  Note: These bonuses are only for businesses that are truly
  Pagan-related. Gambling, adult, multi-level marketing, and the
  like will not receive these benefits. The opinion of The
  Cauldron as to whether or not a business is Pagan related is
  final, if in any doubt, please email
  donations2006@ecauldron.com and ask before you donate.

=========  Conjure up Romance: Basic Steps in Love Spell Casting
=========  Copyright 2006 by Terri Lewis

The casting of a love spell is a powerful thing. The combination
of words and action can lead to magic and change your life
forever. Spell casting has been used for centuries by love struck
individuals wanting to take charge of their destiny and alter the
course of their lives. The power of a love spell is not to be
taken lightly. Before attempting to cast a spell on the one you
love, learn the basics of spell casting.

The first step in spell casting is to think about what it is that
you would like to see happen. It is crucial that you be very
clear about what changes you would like to create. It is reckless
behavior to cast a spell on an innocent person for the wrong
reasons, and your harmful actions can in turn bring about bad
karma. To avoid this, examine your reasons for wanting to cast a
spell and know exactly what outcome it is you are looking for.

The second stage in spell casting involves eliminating what it is
that is blocking you from your love. Perhaps the one you love has
been hurt before and is wary of falling in love again? Or perhaps
the person you have always adored is simply blind to your
affection and needs to be given the chance to see you in a
different light. The elimination stage allows you to proceed with
your spell casting, but be aware that it is not always easy to
move past this stage. In order to discover your barriers, you can
use one of two techniques: meditation or pendulum work. Both
techniques involve quieting your mind and accessing a means of
communication with your inner self. To achieve either of these
states, practice a simple meditation technique by sitting calmly
with your legs crossed and concentrate on one small part of your
body. As you concentrate on the tip of your nose, for instance,
your mind will drift away from the immediate and conscious world
and will move beyond, to your subconscious mind. Whether you
meditate quietly in this fashion or use a pendulum to will
yourself into a state of near hypnosis, your aim is to delve into
your subconscious to find the true cause of what is preventing
you from being with your great love.

Before deciding on which basic love spell to use in your quest
for love, go through the necessary cleansing process. This
involves finding a room that can symbolically serve as your
special place, and with only candlelight to guide you, rinse your
hands clean of any potential negative energy and residue. To
prepare a cleansing mixture, simply mix warm water with salt.

As you learn more about how to cast a powerful love spell, know
that there are many spells that may be the perfect way to change
your life. As mentioned, do not attempt to cast a spell without
first taking these few measures. Also know that a spell is given
its strength through the sheer power of your mind. You must
believe in the spell you are casting and you must concentrate in
order to successfully find love. Good luck and may you find true
and everlasting love!

=== About the Author

Terri Lewis is a relationship advisor specializing in alternate
therapy and is an authority on Wicca and Pagan culture and
tradition. Terri provides content for the website Free Love
Spells and Information (http://www.love-spells-pheromones.com/).

=========  An In-depth Look at Understanding Your Dreams
=========  Copyright 2006 by Dave Lappin

Understanding your dreams can be far easier when you know how to
approach them. After interpreting dreams over that last 15 years,
I've found it important to keep in mind the importance of 3 main
ingredients in making dreams more understandable and therefore,
more useful to the dreamer. What the point of interpreting a
dream if you do not relate it you to, the dreamer? That is what
these three main aspects will aid you in accomplishing.

The first aspect is the universal dream symbology. It has been
said that no one can interpret a dream except you. In many ways
this is true. No one symbol will mean a specific thing for each
and every dreamer. For example, in this universal dream
symbology, animals represent habitual thought patterns. Again,
keep in mind we are taking about dreams on a universal level. The
reason you can interpret dreams on a universal level is because
we view things in a universal way. You have probably heard the
saying, "Bob is a creature of habit." Why do we say "creature of
habit?" It is because we view creatures, or animals as acting in
habitual ways. Your pet cat, for example, likes to eat at a
certain times of day, likes to sleep at certain times of day, and
may want to go outside at certain times of day. This is just one
example. But it is a universal perception that creatures act out
their lives in an habitual way. Our inner subconscious mind is
wiser than we know. It uses this universal symbology to
communicate how we are creating our lives, through our dreams.
The universal dream language is a language of function. Look at
how we view the working of things in our society and this will
give you a clue as to the workings of this language.

Once you have identified the meaning of the symbol, it is
important to identity what the action of the dream is in relation
to the symbol. For example, if you dream of a cat, we know that
this represents some type of habitual thought pattern in the
dreamer. But, if you are petting a cat versus killing a cat in
your dream will mean two entirely different things to the
dreamer. If you are petting a cat in your dream, this means you
are very much indentifying with this habitual thought pattern in
your waking life. It could be over eating, smoking, or how you
relate to other people on an habitual level. On the other hand,
if you kill a cat in a dream, this means you have caused a change
in yourself in regard to this habit. Death, or the act of the
killing, represents change in this universal dream symbology. So,
as you can see, it is important to recognize the action taking
place in regard to the universal dream symbology. The dreamer
will ultimately need to make the connection between the symbol
and his or her waking consciousness. Our dreams are a reflection
of our consciousness. The more aware we are of this, the easier
it will be to identify what your dream is trying to communicate
to you.

The third and last ingredient in making your dreams more
understandable is the emotion in the dream. Take note of how you
felt while your dream was happening. Were you happy or sad? Calm
or excited? The emotion you experience in your dreams will
reflect how you were expressing your emotions in your waking
state. Take note the next time you are excited or sad during your
day and whether or not this shows up in your dream as well.

To review, recognize that our subconscious mind does communicate
to us using universal dream symbology. Look at the function of
the symbol. How does it function in your waking state? This will
clue you in at to what the dream is telling you. Determine what
the action is in the dream as it relates to the symbol. As you do
this, you will come closer to accurately identifying what the
dream is saying. And thirdly, identify what your emotion is in
the dream. as it relates to the symbol and the action. As you
feel in your dreams, you feel in your waking state. There is an
intimate connection between the inner and outer self as they will
always mirror each other.

The subconscious mind really does make it simple to understand
your dreams. Use these three aspects to dream interpretation and
you'll be a dream master before you know it.

=== About the Author

Dave Lappin has been interpreting and teaching about dreams for
over 15 years. He has appeared on radio and TV across the
Midwest. As well, he has given talks to a wide variety of groups
across the Midwest regarding dreams and other metaphysical
topics. Dave is also a Reiki Master, artist, and writer. You can
visit Dave's website at: http://www.understand-your-dreams.com/
or by e-mail at: dave@understand-your-dreams.com

=========  Interesting Items From The Software Gadgets Blog
=========  http://softwaregadgets.gridspace.net/

The Software Gadgets Blog aims to present a different "software
gadget" every weekday. A software gadget is a program or addon
that is both interesting and useful -- and often free. You'll
find more gadgets like this added every week at the Software
Gadgets Blog at



A new version of Performancing, a blog editor in a FireFox
extension that works with Wordpress, MovableType, Blogger, and
many similar blogs, is now available. With Performancing, you can
just hit F8 (or click the little pencil icon in the Firefox
status bar) to bring up the blog editor and easily post to your
Wordpress, MovableType, Blogger, and other similar blogs.
Performancing for Firefox is a full featured blog editor. You can
drag and drop formatted text from the page you happen to be
browsing, and take notes as well as post to your blog -- all from
within Firefox. New with version 1.1 are the following:

* Additional Technorati Support
* Delicious integration
* Trackback support (including auto-discovery)
* Draft support (and default to draft option)
* Ping support
* Statusbar Icon Enhancments (drag and drop)
* Full metaWeblog API implementation, Performancing is now
  working in Roller, blogharbor, and many more
* Lots of Bug Fixes
* New handbook explaining how to use Performancing's features.

Rating: 4.5 Stars
Operating System: Windows, Mac OS, Linux
Special Requirement: FireFox 1.5 or higher
License: Open Source/Freeware
Price: Free
Version Reviewed: 1.1
Web Site: http://performancing.com/firefox/


I've used one version or another of Homesite as my HTML editor of
choice since about 1997. While I've tried many other editors,
none could win my heart. Not even Dreamweaver, which many web
designers consider the gem of HTML editors. Unfortunately,
Homesite hasn't received a major update in several years and with
Macromedia now part of Adobe, I don't expect to see much in the
way of updates.

The second version of Evrsoft's free HTML editor, First Page
2000, really tempted me when it appeared a few years ago, but it
fell short of what I was used to with Homesite. However, the
third edition, First Page 2006, was released a few days ago and
so far I'm very impressed. First Page 2006 includes many new
features, including full support for HTML, XHTML, PHP, ASP, Cold
Fusion, Javascript, CSS, SSI and Perl. CSS is fully supported,
not only does First Page 2006 let you edit CSS, it tracks what
CSS classes are available to a page and presents them in a popup
list when you need to select one. One no longer has to remember
20 or 30 class names. It even has a WYSIWYG page design mode that
does a fairly good job of generating clean HTML.

Here is a feature list copied from the First Page 2006 web site:

* Tag Insight with SmartHistory
* CSS Insight with SmartHistory
* CSS Class Support & Auto Detection
* Advanced Syntax Highlighting
* Tag Document Selection Tool
* Dual Preview Engine
* Online Webmaster Tools
* Tag Property Sheet Inspector with SmartHistory
* Tag Auto Completion
* Design View Engine, Powered by Microsoft
* Anti-Intrusive Real-Time Visual Source Rendering Engine
* Dual Edit System
* One Click Html Reference Guides
* Asset Management
* Extensive Web Language Support
* Tidy HTML Power Tools (updated)
* Document Checking Tools
* iScripts (1000+ Javascript and DHTML scripts)
* Page color themes
* Popupmaker Deluxe
* Image Mapper
* CSS Style Sheet Designer
* Scrollbar Designer
* Powerful Server Side Includes Support
* Sitetree/ Link Checking Tool
* Analyze Document/Page Estimation Tool
* Extendable Toolbars and Interface
* Interface Designed for All
* File Management Tools
* Image Thumbnails
* Rollover Images
* Internet explorer preview integration
* Netscape Mozilla preview integration
* Powerful, Enhanced IDE Interface
* Powerful FTP client
* Extended Find & Replace In Files
* Photo Album Gallery Generator

I'll have to use First Page 2006 a while to find out if I really
can replace Homesite after all these years (it can be really hard
to change editors), but I've used it enough to know that is is
one of the best HTML editors I've tried. Its price can't be beat:

Rating: 5 Stars
Operating System: Windows 2000 or later
License: Freeware
Price: Free
Version Reviewed: 3.0
Web Site: http://www.evrsoft.com/1stpage3.shtml

========= Cauldron Info

The Cauldron: A Pagan Forum was founded in December 1997 to
provide a friendly but serious discussion area for Pagans on the
Internet. We've grown a bit over the years. We now have an active
message area, a large web site with around 700 pages of
information (including over 300 book and divination deck
reviews), and a monthly email newsletter. To continue to provide
and expand these services, The Cauldron needs lots of volunteer
help from our members and supporters.

Here are some of the things members and supporters can do to help
The Cauldron: A Pagan Forum thrive:

===== Actively Participate In Our Message Board

While our new message board welcomes readers, we encourage
members to actively participate by posting their comments and
views in our discussions. One of the easiest ways to help The
Cauldron is to actively participate in our message board. The
staff especially appreciates members who start new topics for
discussion based on their own questions, opinions, or interests.


===== Articles! Essays! Tutorials!

We are in constant need of original, well-written and accurate
articles, essays, tutorials, and other written items for both our
web site and for our Cauldron and Candle newsletter. There's no
real limit on length for web site articles. Here are a few areas
in which we always need articles:

* information on the beliefs and theology of the various Pagan
  religions, especially non-Wiccan religions

* information on holidays and festivals of the various Pagan
  religions, especially non-Wiccan religions

* recipes for oils, incenses, and food for the various Pagan

* magick, spells, and ritual information

* herbal information

* positive articles on dealing with other faiths

* information on historical pagan cultures

* editorial/opinion pieces

Non-Wiccan material is stressed not because we don't want Wiccan
material but because good non-Wiccan material has been hard to
find. We have a web form you can use to submit an article for
consideration: http://www.ecauldron.com/bnbarticleform.php

===== Book Reviews

While The Cauldron receives some review copies from a couple of
Pagan publishers, there are many books that can only be reviewed
on our web site if a member has a copy and writes a good,
objective review. The Cauldron is interested in reviews on the
more academic books used by reconstructionist Pagan religions as
well as on the books one finds on the Pagan/New Age shelf in the
bookstore. We have a web form you can use to submit a book review
for consideration: http://www.ecauldron.com/bnbbkreviewform.php

===== Graphic Assistance

The Cauldron: A Pagan Forum is purposely a low graphics site as
we value page download speed over flashy graphics. However, we
are always willing to talk with artists who have ideas for
well-designed small graphics (small in both physical dimensions
and file size) that might enhance a specific article or page.

===== Invite Your Friends

If you have friends or acquaintances who you believe would find
The Cauldron: A Pagan Forum useful, please tell them about our
site. If you are active in our message board and have friends who
might enjoy them or have information to contribute, please invite

===== Link To The Cauldron

If you have a web site where linking to The Cauldron: A Pagan
Forum would be appropriate, simply providing a link to this web
site is a big help. Our Link to this Site page explains how you
can do this if you need help or want some simple graphic buttons
to use: http://www.ecauldron.com/linktous.php

===== Donations

As The Cauldron: A Pagan Forum uses as many free services as
possible, our need for money to operate our site is currently
lower than our need for the many items we list above. However, if
you have a few dollars to spare, we would be honored to have your
help in paying for our web site. You can donate by using either
PayPal or the Amazon Honor System links below (we get about 85%
of what you donate).

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===== Amazon Purchases

The Cauldron: A Pagan Forum also receives a small percentage
(usually 5%) from most items purchased from Amazon.com when you
go to Amazon.com from one of the links to Amazon on our web site.
If you purchase a lot of books, CDs, and other items from
Amazon.com as many members do, going to Amazon.com through one of
our links when you are going to make a purchase there is a
painless way to help fund this web site.


If you are a regular user of the US version of Amazon, you can
help The Cauldron by replacing the URL of your ebay bookmark in
your browser with the above link so that TC gets credit every
time you visit Amazon.com.

To do this in Internet Explorer or Firefox, find Amazon in your
bookmark list. RIGHT click on it and select Properties from the
popup menu which will appear. A dialog box describing your
bookmark will appear. You'll see the standard Amazon url --
probably http://www.amazon.com/ -- in an edit box (labeled
"Location" in FireFox and "URL" in IE). Erase that url completely
and replace with one listed above, then click on OK.

If you use Amazon UK, you can use this address


If you use Amazon Canada, you can use this addess:


===== Ebay Purchases

Are you an Ebay user?  Ebay has a new program that pays
affiliates a small percent of the winning bid if the winning
bidder enters ebay from an affiliate link (some like how our
Amazon.com affiliate program works). So if you visit the US
version ebay via the following link, the Cauldron will get credit
for your bids:


If you are a regular user of the US version of ebay, you can help
The Cauldron by replacing the URL of your ebay bookmark in your
browser with the above link so that TC gets credit every time you
visit ebay.

To do this in Internet Explorer or Firefox, find ebay in your
bookmark list. RIGHT click on it and select Properties from the
popup menu which will appear. A dialog box describing your
bookmark will appear. You'll see the standard ebay url --
probably http://www.ebay.com/ -- in an edit box (labeled
"Location" in FireFox and "URL" in IE). Erase that url completely
and replace with one listed above, then click on OK.

===== Have Questions or Suggestions?

If you have specific questions, proposals or other ideas we
haven't mentioned here, please email them to
rssapphire00@ecauldron.GETRIDOFEME.com. (Unfortunately, Randall
has to answer general "Tell me more?" type questions with a
request for a more specific question. He's not trying to be rude,
he just can't think of anything general and useful to say that
isn't said here.)

========= (Including how to subscribe and unsubscribe)

Cauldron and Candle is a free publication of The Cauldron: A
Pagan Forum. The Cauldron intends to publish this newsletter once
a month and often actually succeeds in doing so. We tried to
publish it twice a month for a while, but real life interfered
too often.

This issue of Cauldron and Candle as a whole is copyright (c)
2005 by The Cauldron: A Pagan Forum. Copyrights on individual
items in this newsletter are retained by their author, please
contact the editors if you need to contact an author for
permission to reprint an article and the editors will do their
best to put you in touch with him or her. The opinions expressed
herein are those of the individual authors and do not necessarily
reflect the views of newsletter, The Cauldron: A Pagan Forum, or
its staff. Publication of an article in this newsletter is not an
endorsement of the authors position or any products and companies
mentioned therein. No one involved in producing this newsletter
has any money to speak of so suing us if you don't like something
we do is a waste of time and money.


You are receiving a copy of this newsletter because you signed up
to receive it. You can subscribe or unsubscribe to this
newsletter via your web browser at:


Or you can unsubscribe via email by sending a blank message to


Be sure to send this message from the email account actually
subscribed to the newsletter. If you have trouble unsubscribing
by email, please use the web browser method mentioned above.

If you need to change your subscription to a new email address,
unsubscribe your old email address and subscribe your new email
address. Note that you have to make these changes yourself. Yahoo
Groups does not allow the list owner to make them for you.


The Cauldron and Candle web site contains information on this
newsletter and an archive of back issues.



If you have Pagan friends who you believe would be interested in
Cauldron and Candle please invite them to subscribe. You can
either drop them a note yourself or -- better yet -- send them
one of The Cauldron's email postcards with the information.

You are also welcome to forward a copies of this newsletter to
interested friends and associates provided you forward the entire


Don't forget that your suggestions for this newsletter are always
welcome, either posted on the message board or via email to
LyricFox (lyricfox@ecauldron.GETRIDOFME.com) or Randall Sapphire
(rssapphire00@ecauldron.GETRIDOFME.com). Typos are, as usual,
courtesy of the Goddess Eris.

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