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Issue #91 -- June 2008

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C A U L D R O N   A N D   C A N D L E #91 -- June 2008

           A Publication of The Cauldron: A Pagan Forum
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In this Issue:

[00] Editorial Notes
[01] Cauldron News
   * New Avatar Design Challenge
[03] Interesting Recent Cauldron Discussions
   * What Gender Deity Do You Respond to Most and Why?
   * How Long Have You Defined Yourself as Pagan?
   * Creating Your Own Divinitory System?
   * A Child's Right to Not be Religious?
   * The meaning of the word 'witch'?
   * Grounding and Circles and Such
   * Origins of Ritual Wear
   * Finding Peace?
   * Explaining Your Religious/Spiritual/Occult Symbols
   * Newbie Mistakes
   * Restrictions on Partner's Displays of Faith?
   * Religion Without a Moral System
   * The 5 Elements and Wiccan Ritual?
   * Shamanism and Witchcraft - What's the Difference Exactly?
   * Special Discussion: Nature and Pagan Religions
[04] Flamekeeping: Life and Cycles
[05] Support The Cauldron
[06] Newsletter Information
(Including How To Subscribe/Unsubscribe)

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We almost missed another month, but I'm getting the June issue
out just in time to avoid it being the July issue. We have some
good news and some very tragic news this month.

The first item of good news is that LyricFox had her first post-
radiation CT scan in early June, and the results show no sign (so
far) of any recurrence of her oral cancer.

The second item of good news is that Koi's life has returned
enough to normal that she can resume some posting on the forum.
This is great news as Koi has really been missed by many Cauldron

Sadly, all of this good news has been overshadowed by some really
awful news. Ocelot's 14 year old son was killed in tragic
accident on June 23rd. Ocelot has been an active member of The
Cauldron for years and has been very helpful as a member of TC
staff. Our thoughts and prayers go out to Ocelot, his wife,
family, and friends. If you wish to lend your prayers and
support, there is a thread for this in our Prayer and Energy
Requests board:

* http://www.ecauldron.net/forum/index.php?topic=6020.0

Randall Sapphire
Editor and Publisher, Cauldron and Candle
Co-Host, The Cauldron: A Pagan Forum

========= by The Cauldron: A Pagan Forum Staff


And after a long break the Avatar Design Challenge is back. The
6th incarnation of the challenge starts now and closes on August
14th (two months from now). After that all entries will be put up
as a poll so folks can vote.

The theme for this contest is Sacred Places and the winner of
this contest will choose the theme for the next one. So please
remember to post a theme proposal when you post your entry.

Here are the rules (as originally written by Beachglass):

Avatar Design Challenge Rules

    * Challenge begins today, June 14, 2008.  You do not have to
    "register" or otherwise state your intent to play, but it's
    nice if you do so so I can see what kind of response the
    theme is getting.

    * The challenge theme will be chosen by the winner of the
    previous round.

    * Players have two months to submit their design (i.e., until
    August 14).  Please submit your entries by uploading them to
    an image service such as Photobucket, and then inlining them
    into a reply to the challenge theme post (use [img] ...
    [/img]).  Also, post your idea for the next month's theme
    with your entry, so we can keep everything on schedule.

    * Multiple entries are permitted, but please mark one
    "preferred" entry, in case there are many entrants and the
    list gets too unwieldy.

    * Voting will take place between the end of the challenge and
    the beginning of the next round(September 1).  All interested
    members are encouraged to vote for their favorites.  The
    winner and new theme will be announced on the first day of
    the next round.

    * Please review the Avatar Guidelines and be sure your entry
    meets them.  Also, please do not use copyrighted images when
    making your entry, unless you have permission from the
    copyright holder.

    * By participating in the challenge, you are giving other
    members permission to use your entry as their avatar.  Please
    don't enter avatars that you don't want others to use.
    Exception: you may enter your own personal avatar if it was
    made new for the contest.

Alright then! Any questions just ask them here.

* http://www.ecauldron.net/forum/index.php?topic=5903.0

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========= Recent Discussion Topics on our Message Board

In an average month, over 200 new discussion topics are started
on The Cauldron's message board. Here are a few of the more
interesting recent discussions. It's not too late to join in.

Thanks to Feedburner, you can now receive an email every night on
days we post new site news items to the main page of The
Cauldron's web site. These emails contain a link to the new item
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===== What Gender Deity Do You Respond to Most and Why?

I was having a conversation with my friend the other day on Gods
and Goddess and I asked her what gender deity she responded more
towards and she said Male, she said this was because she liked
more of the father figure.

Myself I prefer female, I often gravitate towards Freyja more
than Odin or Thor, and even when I was catholic one of the
aspects I enjoyed more was Mary more so than Jesus. She asked why
and I said I find it easier to communicate about Emotions with a
female more so than a male. (You know because we are gruff
testosterone guys grr (haha I am just playing around with that

This kinda dispells the notion to me that most people gravitate
towards thier own sex as neithier of us did (though we may be the

Anyways which do you find more appealing and why?

* Read (or join in) this discussion:

===== How Long Have You Defined Yourself as Pagan?

Clarification for voting
The poll voting is about when have you defined yourself as Pagan
- not when you've started to be interested in Pagan stuff
(without labeling yourself as one) nor when you came out of the
closet with that label (but have seen yourself as one secretly

Some points for discussion if you like
What made you decide to define yourself as Pagan as opposed to
someone who is just interested in myths, history, nature,
meditation, esoteric stuff etc.?

* Have you pondered that label for a while or did you suddenly
discover it and had some sort of key experience that just made
you think 'Yes, that is it what I was searching all along.'?

* Did it give you a sense of belonging to a community or was it
just a label for your own identity and you didn't care if you'd
fit into the community?

For those who are longer Pagan and have a lot of experience with
the Pagan community:

* Have you experienced a change in what the label 'Pagan' means
inside and outside the Pagan community?

* How has Paganism changed itsself since you started practicing?

* Has your own view of Paganism changed over the time?

* How did those changes affect your life and religious/spiritual

* Read (or join in) this discussion:

===== Creating Your Own Divinitory System?

Well this is something I experimented with. It didn't work out as
planned (I found that the "Runes" I created are not suited well
for Divination at all...but they'd work very well for invoking
certain things and for meditation) but it was an interesting
exercise. I've been toying with the idea of creating a Tarot
deck, but I lack the experience OR free time to embark on such an

Has anyone here ever tried something like this? What did you take
into consideration? What was your process? How well did it work?

* Read (or join in) this discussion:

===== A Child's Right to Not be Religious?

So we've talked about raising children within faith, we've talked
about exposing them to other faiths, and we've talked about
raising children pan-religious in hopes that they will someday
seek and find their own paths, without feeling we have coerced
them into believing as we do for fear of parental or social

We're a very religiously/ spiritually interested bunch though,
and I notice that this isn't the same for everyone. My husband
for example has a 'relationship' with 'something bigger than he
is' and while he experiences some energy connections and has had
some unexplainables occur, he is not what I would call overly

My kids, seem to be following in dads footsteps. They enjoy the
high energy of special events, but I can't say there is any real
reverence there. It's a game to them. To bring them into sacred
situations is to invite disaster, and cause things to be handled
carelessly if not downright disrespectfully. When dealing with
sacred objects, and things that cannot be replaced, this can be

This is pretty much the same result I got when trying to get
hubbs involved in some spiritual pursuits. Blatant irreverence.
They just don't seem to "get it" nor do they have the desire to
slow down to try.

When they do have religious or spiritual needs, they will come to
me quietly on their own terms with their questions, but once
those concerns are addressed, they are satisfied and don't seek
out religious learning the way they seek reading, or music.

Which leaves me asking, if a kid doesn't show any indications of
religious interest, is it brainwashing to ingrain religion in
them through teaching, creating ritual, habits and creating a
psychological reliance on belief? Eg. using religious/ spiritual
means as coping strategies for life stress without knowing if
other methods would be equally effective for the individual in

Why or why not?

* Read (or join in) this discussion:

===== The meaning of the word 'witch'?

The word 'witch' has a multiplicity of uses.

It can be used to mean some one who practices magic, or it can be
used to mean an evil sorcerer of some sort. It is also used to
mean, quite simply, a 'hag'.

Religiously, the word 'witch' crops up quite often. But what
exactly is a 'witch' when speaking religiously? Does the word
?witch? still mean the same thing when putting either cottage,
hedge or kitchen in front of it?

'Witch' is also commonly seen with the word 'craft' tagged onto
it. But what exactly is Witchcraft? Is it as straightforward as
it sounds: the practice of a witch, whatever a witch may be?

And finally, what do you think about a religious group laying
claim to the title of 'Witchcraft'? Do you think there is one
that has a rightful claim, or do you think it is a practice that
anybody can claim?

* Read (or join in) this discussion:

===== Grounding and Circles and Such

Some time ago I performed a healing ritual. I thought I had
grounded myself well with breathing and focus beforehand but
ended up basically in shock afterwards. There was a point where I
could feel the energy of EVERY thing around me. I always do all
my rituals outside so it was quite the flow LOL. I based what I
did on a natural ability that I seem to have always had and it
was the first time I had used it in a ritual sense.

My questions are these. I obviously did not ground myself well
enough so any suggestions on that would be great. I have done all
my grounding by instinct for the most part so I am an open book.
So where did I go wrong?

Circles. From most of what I have read creating a circle for a
ritual is a Wiccan thing, not that I am saying Wiccans are bad -
just that I am not a Wiccan. Are circles that important to ritual
and how does one go about creating a circle when you are not
Wiccan. That may sound hopelessly dumb - but all the info I have
found on them is Wiccan.

* Read (or join in) this discussion:

===== Origins of Ritual Wear

Do you, or your ritual group, use special clothing or accessories
(like jewelry, cords, head covering, whatever) during ritual? If
you do not practice with others, why did you select the
particular items you use? If you work within a group, do you know
why you use those particular items instead of something else?

For those that follow recon or recon-ish paths- do you wear or
use anything related to the ancient culture you emulate? Why, or
why not? How do you feel about those who have the opposite
practice as you? (As in, if you wear jeans and they wear togas,
or the other way around.)

For those of you who don't have ritual clothing or accessories,
was that a conscious choice or has it just ended up that way? If
you chose not to demarcate anything as ritually significant, why
did you do so?

* Read (or join in) this discussion:

===== Finding Peace?

One of the things that years ago attracted me to paganism ( I
think thats a real word lol ) is that everyone that I had met
that claimed to be Pagan had a real sense of peace about them.
Not the butterflies and bunnies kind of peace but a calm that was
almost soothing to be around. Very attractive to someone that has
spent most their life pissed off at everything LOL.

So my question to you all is - has your faith/practice/belief
brought that kind of peace into your life?

* Read (or join in) this discussion:

===== Explaining Your Religious/Spiritual/Occult Symbols

An idea I got from Aisling's 'Describing Your Religion'-thread.
I'm interested to hear how people came to their
religious/spiritual/occult symbols and images and what they do
represent for them. I've seen a lot of interesting things in
avatars for example like sacred geometry (Moon Ivy?), Gods or
animals/plants and other nature features.

* Which symbols and images do represent your
religion/spirituality for you or have a magical purpose?

* Do you wear them, display them or work with them? Does your
avatar or signature include features with
religious/spiritual/occult meaning for you?

* Are there any forms of sacred geometry in your symbols/images
or do they symbolize or show Gods, animals, plants, nature
features or any other beings or objects which are significant to
you in a religious/spiritual/magical way?

* Which personal meanings do you attribute to symbols/images with
a variety of traditional meanings (for example a pentagram, the
moon etc.)? Do your personal meanings vary from the traditional
ones or is one meaning out of a larger variety more important to
you than others?

* Have you ever experienced misunderstandings of your personal
religious/spiritual/occult symbols and images? Which?

* Read (or join in) this discussion:

===== Newbie Mistakes

This one is information for the newbies, as we all made mistakes
when we were new, and I thought that newbies would benefit from
hearing the ones we had made so they wouldn't make the same.

As I've mentioned elsewhere, I thought you had to have a path and
a deity. Now I've met people I've respected who don't have

The really big one, which confused me for six months was thinking
that all books are gospel. I have a Christian background, and
Scottish Protestants believe that the bible is written through
men by God. So I read the books I could get my hands on about
paganism, and they were mainly wiccan books and thought that they
were texts. Took me six months to find out that I didn't have to
follow everything in the neo-wiccan books I'd read. If you'd
asked me about a text then I'd've cited Scott Cunningham...

* Read (or join in) this discussion:

===== Restrictions on Partner's Displays of Faith?

There is something I've thought about off and on, and it came to
mind again while I was reading the 'Exposing Children to Other
Religions?' thread.

Egalas said: "I have been asked by my wife not to "flaunt" my
beliefs/religion to my children as she wants them to be brought
up Christian."

Is there anyone here who has made a similar request of a partner?
I've read it several times as a sentiment expressed by a
Christian partner, but are there any, say, Asatruar who have
asked their Wiccan partner not to flaunt their beliefs in front
of the children because they want them brought up Asatruar, or
Greek Recons who don't want their children exposed to their
Kemetic partner's ways?

Any Pagans who have asked their Christian partners not to say
grace aloud because they are afraid their children will want to
know why they don't tell the other gods when they're eating too?
Or is this something that it is more reasonable for a more
mainstream partner to ask of a less mainstream one? (Mainstream
because I can't think of a better term.)

* Read (or join in) this discussion:

===== Religion Without a Moral System

I have found however, that it is difficult for me to understand
(grok?) the attraction to faiths that do not have a wide-reaching
moral structure incorporated in them. In Judaism, the connection
between morality and religion is almost inseparable. Every
behavior that could be considered positive or negative can (and
is) examined in a religious context. Yet frequently here, I see
people saying that their religion has no bearing on their views
regarding charity, mercy, sexuality, etc. What attracts folks to
religions that do not address these moral questions? Is it simply
a desire for contact with the Divine? What's going on?

* Read (or join in) this discussion:

===== The 5 Elements and Wiccan Ritual?

It is pretty standard in most Wiccan ritual that at some point
during the Erecting of the Temple the 4 Elements of Earth, Air,
Fire & Water are called, honored, summoned or what have you. Does
anyone incorporate the practice of also calling upon the 5th
Element of Spirit/Ether?

* Read (or join in) this discussion:

===== Shamanism and Witchcraft - What's the Difference Exactly?

I know both terms cover a variety of practices (including
neoshamanism and Neopagan witchcraft), but how would you separate
them? Like shamanism being concerned with spirits, but witchcraft
with something else? Don't they overlap a lot?

Is there a difference at the core? Are shamanism and witchcraft
different magical techniques, different worldviews, different
ways of life or maybe religion? Like shamanism being 'earth
centered' and witchcraft not necessarily?

Is there such a thing as shamanic witchcraft or witchy shamanism?
Or do people who practice both (if such people exist) practice
them separately?

Or is it just two different names for basically the same thing,
but with different associations? I have the impression that
Christians and atheistic secular humanists do tolerate Shamanism
more than witchcraft. Shamanism is just primitive nature religion
(sometimes even in a romantic way) for some of them while
witchcraft is superstitious or evil. Has 'witch' just become a
derogative term for someone who practices magic in a nature
religious context? If shamanism is used as a term for a variety
of nature religious practices worldwide doesn't it automatically
apply to a lot of witches too?

I don't want to insult anyone. I know people use it as different
terms, but how do you define the difference? If you practice
shamanism and/or witchcraft, how do you call it and why?

* Read (or join in) this discussion:

===== Special Discussion: Nature and Pagan Religions

At TC, we've had many discussions over the years about "nature-
based" religions. A major point of contention within the Pagan
community involves attempts to define ALL Pagan religions as
"nature-based," which simply does not work. However, emotions
tend to run so high that discussions rarely advance beyond "ARE
SO!" "AM NOT!" In all that, nobody ever really gets around to
talking about what we *mean* when we say "nature-based": while
everyone seems to agree that Wicca is nature-based and
Christianity isn't, there's not much discussion of what we mean
by "nature-based," of the various ways that "nature-based" can
work within those religions that identify as such, of how nature
is conceptualized in religions across the entire spectrum, and so

Since this is a Special Topics discussion, there are stricter
rules for participation in this thread, especially regarding
thread drift: while thread drift is perfectly fine within TC at
large, in this folder discussions are to stay on topic. If you
want to pursue a side issue that arises here, feel free to start
a thread in the main forum. For more information on the special
rules for this folder, please see here:

In addition to the above rules, we have created some rules
specific to this discussion. Since this is a highly emotive
topic, we wanted to avoid the discussion getting bogged down in
the usual places; here at TC, we have a real opportunity to have
a genuinely meaty discussion about concepts of nature in Pagan
religions, because we have such a wide variety of beliefs
represented here -- including a large number of folks who do
*not* identify as nature-based. So, to keep the usual problems
from happening, here are the additional rules for this topic.

    1) Paganism is not A religion, it is MANY religions, most of
    which have very little in common with each other. Pagans as a
    whole do not all believe any one thing. Understanding this is
    necessary to participate in this discussion.

    2) Telling others what their religion really believes about
    nature when you are not a member of that religion is
    *expressly* forbidden. Don't make assertions about religions
    other than your own unless you have a demonstrable in-depth
    knowledge of that religion. This discussion will be difficult
    without some room for comparison between religions, but it
    needs to be done very, very carefully. When comparing other
    religion's practices/beliefs to your own, you *must* indicate
    that a) you are not a member of X religion, and b) where your
    information is coming from (prior involvement, dominant in
    your area, read some books (scholarly or otherwise),
    encountered a crazy at a festival, etc.). Sweeping statements
    are discouraged. And remember: you may be wrong. And since we
    have practitioners of a wide variety of religions here, you
    will almost certainly be called on it. Take correction
    gracefully, and refocus on your own religion.

    3) Keep the focus on YOUR religion, not on others'
    misrepresentations of it. This is a discussion about the
    concept of "nature-based," how the idea of nature functions
    within your personal path, and the like; the purpose of this
    discussion is to move beyond kneejerk responses, and really
    explore what "nature-based" *means.* As annoyed as you may
    have been when that NeoWiccan told you that your (non-
    NeoWiccan) religion WAS SO nature-based, or when that Recon
    snarked that you don't really worship the gods, this is not
    the place for those stories. Put them aside, and think about
    what nature means TO YOU within the context of YOUR religious
    beliefs and practices.

    3b) At the same time, also remember that, if you identify as
    a member of a particular religion, you are not the
    spokesperson for that religion as a whole. There's a lot of
    potential for variation within many religions, so frame your
    responses accordingly. For example, "Greek Paganism, in
    general, is not really nature-based" is a fair and reasonable
    statement. "No Greek Pagans are nature-based" is not -- GPs
    whose personal practices focus upon Demeter, Pan, or Artemis
    in their nature-y aspects are likely to object.

Without further ado, then, here are some questions to think
about; you don't have to answer them all or in any order,
certainly -- they're just some thoughts to get the ball rolling.

* How important is the idea of "nature" within your religion?

* How is nature conceptualized within your religion?

* How does nature -- concepts, imagery, attitudes toward --
function within your religion?

* Where do things like agricultural festivals fit into your
religion overall?

* If you practice magic, how is nature figured -- is it *the*
source of power, *a* source of power, totally irrelevant, what?

Etc. etc. etc.

* Read (or join in) this discussion:

========= by HeartShadow

HeartShadow is following her own religious path. She calls it
FlameKeeping. This regular column will present articles on
FlameKeeping, many taken from HeartShadow's FlameKeeping blog at:


===== Life and Cycles

  Death and Life
We are born only to die, only to cease to exist as we are.
Knowledge of that ending, of a time to come without us, is
terrifying to many people. So we search for immortality,
guarantees, anything to predict what will come when, and how to
plan for or against it. But our daily life offers no guarantees,
no promises of the future except that it will come. Promises of
the future can only come from faith.

How we handle the knowledge of mortality defines us in many ways.
We spend our lives striving for immortality, hoping for survival
against all reality. Yet in truth many of us desire certainty
even more than immortality, desire to know the date and time of
our death, and to know how it will happen and how to pass
painlessly and with grace. Such knowledge cannot exist, of
course, because even if we knew our own body's original time
limit, we constantly do things to change that and shorten and
lengthen our timeframe.

This uncertainty and brevity of life, far from the apparent curse
people see it as, is actually a great blessing in disguise. Only
because we do not know the time of our death can we risk it,
always in the hopes that it won't be this time, won't be us. We
strive and struggle against the unknown, to learn, and grow, and
become better than we were. This drive for immortality, not in
the body, but in the minds of others, drives both the best and
the worst of human behavior. We seek the immortality of opinion,
of remembrance, and that seeking can guide us in many directions
of life.

We exist, and strive, for a reason. As part of the Divine, we are
separately-willed individuals that work to improve ourselves and
the Universe around us when we are at our best. These drives to
strive, to grow, to change and improve ourselves and others, push
us only because we have a time limit, because we cannot put these
desires off indefinitely, but must work at them from a young age
if we hope to achieve them.

All words, however, are cold comfort when faced with mortality
and the mortality of our loved ones. The Divine can seem cold and
uncaring compared to personal pain and hardship. Yet, the Divine
suffers, as we do, with each death, and rejoices with us in each
life. Our Flame is that of the Divine, never lost or forgotten,
even when we leave our bodies and cease to be separate, and are
again one with the Universe.

The loss of ourselves, of our individuality, is scary to many
people. We value our identities, our separateness from each
other, even as we bemoan it. Anything that threatens our
separateness, our knowledge of self, is a potential threat even
as it is a potential gift. And so we fear death, knowing that we
will no longer be ourselves when we do not wear our bodies, and
fearing what we might be without them. We try to find ways to
save our individuality even beyond death, beyond all knowledge
into the realm of hope and faith.

But the Universe does not conform to our will and desires, much
as we wish it did. Our lives end, but we are never forgotten or
lost, but instead returned to the greater Universe.

===== Questions:

  * What do you do in fear of death? Does it help? Hurt?

  * What blessing has mortality brought to your life?

  * How can you live without certainty? Would life be better if
    we knew of how we would die?

========= Cauldron Info

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provide a friendly but serious discussion area for Pagans on the
Internet. We've grown a bit over the years. We now have an active
message area, a large web site with around 700 pages of
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Here are some of the things members and supporters can do to help
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* information on the beliefs and theology of the various Pagan
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* information on holidays and festivals of the various Pagan
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* recipes for oils, incenses, and food for the various Pagan

* magick, spells, and ritual information

* herbal information

* positive articles on dealing with other faiths

* information on historical pagan cultures

* editorial/opinion pieces

Non-Wiccan material is stressed not because we don't want Wiccan
material but because good non-Wiccan material has been hard to
find. We have a web form you can use to submit an article for
consideration: http://www.ecauldron.com/bnbarticleform.php

===== Book Reviews

While The Cauldron receives some review copies from a couple of
Pagan publishers, there are many books that can only be reviewed
on our web site if a member has a copy and writes a good,
objective review. The Cauldron is interested in reviews on the
more academic books used by reconstructionist Pagan religions as
well as on the books one finds on the Pagan/New Age shelf in the
bookstore. We have a web form you can use to submit a book review
for consideration: http://www.ecauldron.com/bnbbkreviewform.php

===== Graphic Assistance

The Cauldron: A Pagan Forum is purposely a low graphics site as
we value page download speed over flashy graphics. However, we
are always willing to talk with artists who have ideas for
well-designed small graphics (small in both physical dimensions
and file size) that might enhance a specific article or page.

===== Invite Your Friends

If you have friends or acquaintances who you believe would find
The Cauldron: A Pagan Forum useful, please tell them about our
site. If you are active in our message board and have friends who
might enjoy them or have information to contribute, please invite

===== Link To The Cauldron

If you have a web site where linking to The Cauldron: A Pagan
Forum would be appropriate, simply providing a link to this web
site is a big help. Our Link to this Site page explains how you
can do this if you need help or want some simple graphic buttons
to use: http://www.ecauldron.com/linktous.php

===== Donations

As The Cauldron: A Pagan Forum uses as many free services as
possible, our need for money to operate our site is currently
lower than our need for the many items we list above. However, if
you have a few dollars to spare, we would be honored to have your
help in paying for our web site. You can donate by using either
PayPal or the Amazon Honor System links below (we get about 85%
of what you donate).

Donate via PayPal
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===== Amazon Purchases

The Cauldron: A Pagan Forum also receives a small percentage
(usually 5%) from most items purchased from Amazon.com when you
go to Amazon.com from one of the links to Amazon on our web site.
If you purchase a lot of books, CDs, and other items from
Amazon.com as many members do, going to Amazon.com through one of
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painless way to help fund this web site.


If you are a regular user of the US version of Amazon, you can
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To do this in Internet Explorer or Firefox, find Amazon in your
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===== Have Questions or Suggestions?

If you have specific questions, proposals or other ideas we
haven't mentioned here, please email them to
rssapphire00@ecauldron.GETRIDOFEME.com. (Unfortunately, Randall
has to answer general "Tell me more?" type questions with a
request for a more specific question. He's not trying to be rude,
he just can't think of anything general and useful to say that
isn't said here.)

========= (Including how to subscribe and unsubscribe)

Cauldron and Candle is a free publication of The Cauldron: A
Pagan Forum. The Cauldron intends to publish this newsletter once
a month and often actually succeeds in doing so. We tried to
publish it twice a month for a while, but real life interfered
too often.

This issue of Cauldron and Candle as a whole is copyright (c)
2008 by The Cauldron: A Pagan Forum. Copyrights on individual
items in this newsletter are retained by their author, please
contact the editors if you need to contact an author for
permission to reprint an article and the editors will do their
best to put you in touch with him or her. The opinions expressed
herein are those of the individual authors and do not necessarily
reflect the views of newsletter, The Cauldron: A Pagan Forum, or
its staff. Publication of an article in this newsletter is not an
endorsement of the authors position or any products and companies
mentioned therein. No one involved in producing this newsletter
has any money to speak of so suing us if you don't like something
we do is a waste of time and money.


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If you need to change your subscription to a new email address,
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The Cauldron and Candle web site contains information on this
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If you have Pagan friends who you believe would be interested in
Cauldron and Candle please invite them to subscribe. You can
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You are also welcome to forward a copies of this newsletter to
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Don't forget that your suggestions for this newsletter are always
welcome, either posted on the message board or via email to
LyricFox (lyricfox01@ecauldron.GETRIDOFME.com) or Randall
Sapphire (rssapphire01@.ecauldron.GETRIDOFME.com). Typos are, as
usual, courtesy of the Goddess Eris.

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