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Cauldron and Candle
Issue #94 -- November 2008

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C A U L D R O N   A N D   C A N D L E #94 -- November 2008

           A Publication of The Cauldron: A Pagan Forum
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In this Issue:

[00] Editorial Notes
[01] Cauldron News
   * Message Board Move Progress Report
   * Regular Donations Needed, New Donor Membergroups Added
   * New Ta Hiera SIG Web Site
[02] Interesting Recent Cauldron Discussions
   * Faith Healing
   * Instinct -- Is It Energy or the Subconscious?
   * Gods and Hierarchy
   * Moon Phases In Your Magic(k)al Practice?
   * Candle Substitution
   * Pagan Poetry?
   * What to Expect at a Samhain Ritual?
   * Spells and Rhyme
   * Where Have All The Gods Gone?
   * Philosophical Meaning of "Harm None"....and is It Right?
[03] Flamekeeping: People as Means/People as Ends
[04] Article: Introduction to CauldronMUX
[05] Support The Cauldron
[06] Newsletter Information
(Including How To Subscribe/Unsubscribe)

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For once, I have a lot of good news to put in an editorial.

The Cauldron has successfully moved to the new server --
completely. Even the archive boards (our old Beehive board) have
been successfully moved -- although they have a login required to
prove the reader is human as Beehive boards are so inefficient
that allowing bots to run though them puts an unnecessarily high
load on the server. Just read the popup login request and type
what it tells you to and you'll be in. Humans can manage this,
bots cannot -- at least not yet.

Now that The Cauldron is on its own server, we have merged our
ecauldron.com and ecauldron.net domains. All addresses will work
with either domain so no links will break, but we will probably
be using the ecauldron.net domain as our official address in the
future. We will also be expanding with more features over the
next few months, although some new features may only be available
to donors.

For more on the progress of The Cauldron's server move and
expansion plans, see the Cauldron News section below. You'll also
find out how your donations can keep TC online.

The end of October also brought good news for LyricFox. She had
her second CT Scan since the end of her radiation treatments in
April 2008. She is still clear of cancer! This is a major relief
to both of us. Unlike last year, we are looking forward to being
able to enjoy the holiday season. We may be flat broke from
medical bills, but Lyric's tongue isn't full of cancer like it
was last year at this time.

Randall Sapphire
Editor and Publisher, Cauldron and Candle
Co-Host, The Cauldron: A Pagan Forum

========= by The Cauldron: A Pagan Forum Staff


As mentioned in the editorial, The Cauldron has finished moving
to our new virtual private server. When we sent the last
newsletter out, only the current message board had been moved.
CauldronMUX was down, our two old Beehive message boards were
missing in action, and our main web site (ecauldron.com) was
still on Dreamhost.  In the last month, we have:

* Moved CauldronMUX to the new server. CauldronMUX is back up but
  has a new address and port number: ecauldron.net port 24201. As
  CauldronMUX is now on the same server as the web site, we have
  a fast loading Java client so people can try CauldronMUX
  without having to download and install a MU* client program.
  You'll find the CauldronMUX Java client at:


  You'll need a relatively mordern version of Sun Java installed
  for your browser for this to work. Most browsers come with it
  already installed. (Remember Java is something completely
  different than Javascript.)

* Restored the two read-only Beehive boards from 2005 and 2006 so
  their nearly 275,000 messages are available again. One of the
  major reasons we moved from Beehive boards to an SMF board was
  Beehive box were CPU hogs. Unfortunately, everytime some rogue
  bot would try to "read through" these old boards, the CPU usage
  on the new server would jump 400% to 500%.

  That was unacceptable so we have blocked these boards to bots
  by requiring a login just to enter the directories they are
  stored in. If you try to read messages on these old boards, a
  dialog board will pop up asking for your user name and
  password. Read the text carefully as it tells you exactly what
  to type in. Humans can figure this out (if they bother to read
  the dialong box), bots cannot yet.

  You'll find the two archive boards here:



* Merged the web site's domain (ecauldron.com) with the message
  board's domain. We used two domains because the message board
  was on a different server than the actual web site. Now that
  everything is on the same server, we have merged the two
  domains. http://www.ecauldron.com/whatever will now take you to
  the same place as http://www.ecauldron.net/whatever -- we plan
  to use www.ecauldron.net as the "official address," but either
  will work so links to ecauldron.com out on the web will
  continue to work and need not be changed.

  www.ecauldron.org is still on a completely seperate server in a
  different location and on a different network. Therefore, if
  the main site and message board are down for any reason, you
  can go to http://www.ecauldron.org/ for information and links
  to our backup message board.

While there are still a few minor things broken, about 97% of The
Cauldron's functionality is back and working better than ever.


As mentioned in the October 2008 newsletter, we now need over
US$60 in donations every month to keep the server online. No
donations, no server. No server, no message board. Well, not
really "no message board" as there is always the free backup
board, but the limitations of the free backup board drive staff
and many members nuts. Your donations are needed to keep The
Cauldron: A Pagan Forum's message board up. We now have two ways
you can donate.

OPTION 1: Make An "Anonymous" Donation in Any Amount

If you are not a member of the message board  -- or are a member
but do not want a donor button to appear on your posts or wish to
donate a non-standard amount, you can make an "anonymous"
donation (which will not cause any "donor" notation on your
posts) in any amount via the Paypal link below. You do NOT need a
Paypal account to donate. After Paypal fees, we get 85% to 90% of
the money you donate.


OPTION 2: Message Board Member? Donate Through Your Profile:
          Get Bronze/Silver/Gold Donor Levels and Benefits

If you are logged into the message board, you can make a donation
(via Donation Subscriptions in your Profile) at the Bronze Donor
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and get a special button that will appear on your posts as well
have access to our Donor only areas (and more for Silver and Gold
Donors, see this post on the board for current information:
http://www.ecauldron.net/forum/index.php?topic=7335.0). These
special benefits will last for one month (or one year if you
elect the annual donation option) and can be renewed by extending
your subscription. You can elect to make a one time donation or
to set up a Paypal subscription that will automatically renew
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subscription at Paypal. You can find the "Donation Subscription"
link in the "Manage Profile" menu on your profile. Payments are
made via Paypal but you do not need a Paypal account to donate
(unless you wish to set up a recurring donation subscription).

If you are a member of our message board, this link will take you
directly to the Donation Subscription area of your Profile (with
a stop to log in if you are not already logged in):



The Ta Hiera Hellenic Polythist SIG has a new web site located at


TC has recently signed up our ecauldron.net domain with Google
Apps for Domains. This is the first Cauldron SIG to take
advantage of Google Sites that come with this to set up a small
site linked directly to our domain that they can edit online
without having to wait for the webmaster to do it or learn HTML.
This site's reading list also shows off our new Amazon Bookstores
feature -- selected Amazon titles in a working Amazon "store"
fully integrated into our web site. We expect other Cauldron SIGs
to have their own SIG sub-sites at ecauldron.net soon.

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========= Recent Discussion Topics on our Message Board

In an average month, over 200 new discussion topics are started
on The Cauldron's message board. Here are a few of the more
interesting recent discussions. It's not too late to join in.

Thanks to Feedburner, you can now receive an email every night on
days we post new site news items to the main page of The
Cauldron's web site. These emails contain a link to the new item
and the first couple of lines of the news text. You can sign up
for Feedburner's free news delivery via the form at the end of
the site "News and Updates" section of The Cauldron's main web

===== Faith Healing

So, we're talking in chat about a horrible little show on the
SciFi channel tonight on exorcisms, and the talk turned to faith

Which got me thinking...

Has anyone ever been legitimately healed by faith healing? And
how different is televangelist faith healing from pagan claims of
using energy to heal people? Are pagans who heal somehow more
trustworthy to the community?

I don't know what I think about stereotypical faith healing, but
if I believe that I can raise energy to heal someone, or that my
High Priestess can give me Reiki to help my sore knee, then is
that really any different?

* Read (or join in) this discussion:

===== Instinct -- Is It Energy or the Subconscious?

When we meet someone, why do we instinctually dislike them? How
do know when something isn't right? Why are uneducated guesses
sometimes really, really accurate?

I've heard instinct described as when the subconscious mind makes
logical connection between different events and communicates it
to the conscious mind, before the conscious mind can put the
pieces together itself. I've certainly experience that: while
driving I often know when someone will cut me off well before
that person cuts me off. I thought about it and realized there
are certain subtle signals given by drivers that they are about
to do that: a small veering toward their intended lane, movement
of a head in a shoulder check. Now I can consciously figure out
when someone will cut me off -- no instinct required.

But then there are the times when I can't explain why I "know"
something: I visited a friend who I've had a spiritual bond with
for a decade. We sat down on her balcony for a coffee, and I had
a vision of violence occuring, which to be is indicative of an
out excessive amount of an unhealthy negative emotion (self-
loathing, hatred, power-control issues). I knew it came from
somewhere behind me, so I checked out the buildings behind me
when we headed back in, and focussed on the left side of a green
duplex. Inside, I told her about my vision, and she replied, "I
bet I know which house it is. It's the left side of the green
duplex." I asked if she had seen anything there, and she replied
nothing out of the ordinary, she just heard things in the wind.

We walked past the house and checked out what might be different
about it -- maybe a curtain hanging crooked, or some junk
outside. Any sign of disarray or excessive order that implies any
control issues or lack thereof. There was nothing to distinguish
it from the right side, or any of the other duplexes. I don't
know why we had the same instinct about the place. About a month
later (after many other visits) I went to visit her and realized
the duplex felt different. Before I said anything she said "they
moved two days ago. It's been quiet ever since." It was a bizaare
incident. I think it's instinct based on sensing energy.

Anyway, now that I've wind-bagged enough -- what do you think.

Any suggestions?

* Read (or join in) this discussion:

===== Gods and Hierarchy

Does your pantheon have a hierarchy? Are some Gods considered
'lesser' Gods than others? Is there one God that is the head of
all of the Gods? Or are your Gods all equals?

Why do you think that there is/isn't a hierarchy in your
pantheon? Do you think the hierarchy is/isn't there due to the
work of the Gods themselves, or due to the way humans perceive
the Gods?

And of a slightly different tone: do you treat any of your Gods
with more respect (or show more reverence to) than the others? If
so, is this due to hierarchy, or purely because they are your

* Read (or join in) this discussion:

===== Moon Phases In Your Magic(k)al Practice?

Are you doing specific kinds of magic(k) at specific moon phases?

How serious do you take moon phases? Would you wait for the right
moment to do a certain spell, work etc.?

What's most important about the moon in your magic(k)al practice?
Waxing/waning or the amount of fullness? Do zodiacal signs of the
moon matter for you at all?
For example:

* If you work with the full moon, does it matter to you if it's
waxing to the full or waning from the full at the moment?

* If you work more with the waxing/waning aspect, does it matter
to you if the waxing moon has just been a new moon or if it is a
few hours away from being full?

With what kind of calendar do you work? Do you just look at the
day or does it matter to you at all in which hour exactly the
moon will be full, new etc.? How do you define full or new for
your work? In what time frame is the moon full or new to you?

Are there any moon phases or constellations where you don't
perform magic(k) at all?

* Read (or join in) this discussion:

===== Candle Substitution

The candle books say that you can substitute any candle color
with white candles if you do not have that color on hand. What is
your opinion on that? Also, you can substitute orange candle for
black if you do not like black candles. What do you think?

* Read (or join in) this discussion:

===== Pagan Poetry?

I was wondering if anyone had any suggestions for books on poetry
or pagan poetry?

I'm going to be filling in a hard-bound book of shadows, my first
hard -bound. My other has been a 3-ring binder I've dubbed The
Great Big Book of Everything.

I'm asking this because I'd like to put a poem or two on the
first page. On the inside of the cover I have a sticker by Nene
Thomas. It's a fairy sitting on a crescent moon.

If anyone would like to share poems that's great too. I would
also love to find a poem about the moon.

Any help is welcome!

* Read (or join in) this discussion:

===== What to Expect at a Samhain Ritual?

There is a small group of pagans that meet in my area. I recently
attended their Full Moon Ritual and signed up to also attend the
Samhain ritual. The full moon ritual was very Wiccan-ish and I
suppose the Samhain ritual will be as well.

My reasons for going are similar to my reasons for being here on
TC, to connect and interact with other pagans. I took my teenager
who is currently on a path of Druidity exploration, who
thoroughly enjoyed it and is looking forward to Samhain.

So my question is, not being Wiccan, what should I expect at the
Samhain ritual?

The only clues I was given were that costumes are encouraged (as
long as kept PG rated) and there would be a small bonfire and
dancing. I always thought that a Wiccan Samhain ritual was more
of a solemn event and this seems counter to that notion so any
advise/wisdom would be appreciated.

* Read (or join in) this discussion:

===== Spells and Rhyme

Do you feel that spells should rhyme?

I was wondering how others feel about rhyme and spells. I can see
how rhyme would give a spell fluidity and life, but I personally
rarely use rhyme.

I was reading (and thoroughly enjoying) a nice little book the
other day, but I didn't care for the author's spells. They were
just too cute sounding to me and I couldn't figure out why. Then
I realized it was her rhyme style, which struck me more along the
lines of old nursery rhymes. But I suppose nursery rhymes may
have been more magically oriented in the first place.

So, I was wondering how rhyme figures into magical work. Exactly
how important is rhyme?

Any thoughts?

* Read (or join in) this discussion:

===== Where Have All The Gods Gone?

It seems like back in the olden days, the gods were always
hanging around. Whether it was cavorting with mortals, making
miracles, or just a good old-fashioned smiting, the older myths
are full of the clear and obvious presence of the Divine.
Nowadays, the deities seem more subtle, to say the least.

What do you think there is such a big difference between the
ancient stories and most modern religions? Is it because the
things people used to attribute to Divinity have been explained
by science? Is it because the Divine has withdrawn from the
earth? Is it because most people just don't know how to listen
any more? Is is all of these; is it something else? What do you

* Read (or join in) this discussion:

===== Philosophical Meaning of "Harm None"... and is It Right?

There is obviously some debate over whether the harm none is a
necessary or correct principle of magic, and the different
interpretations of the definition. What does everyone think about
what it really means? Does it mean that no matter what you do,
none of the repercussions can harm anyone? What about spells that
return negativity (I hesitate to use the word evil due to the
often contradictory opinions on the word) to its source. Wouldn't
that harm said source? I know Wiccans adhere to "an it harm none"
(as do I, as best I know how), but to what individual degrees or
interpretations? And what about everyone else?

What about whether its even a principle that makes sense? Many
people think that this is a stupid (or incorrect) principle...
that magic contains both positve and negative aspects, and should
be performed utilizing both. I can see the logic in this as well,
as everything else (as I understand things) contains both good
and evil. Yin and Yang type thing. I'd love to hear everyone's
thoughts on the matter.

My personal thoughts: I try to make sure that nothing I do harms
anything else. Even with banishing type spells, I don't want harm
to come to whatever I may be banishing, I just want it/them to go
away. I DO know that my personal feelings on this matter have to
do with me being somewhat empathic, and I can't stand for
anything to be in pain. The exception is in protecting my family.
AN EXAMPLE: Walking down a street I might have to beat off an
attacking dog with a large tree branch, hurting it in the process
in order to protect my children, but I would do it, even as my
heart hurt at the sounds of pain coming from the dog.

* Read (or join in) this discussion:

========= by HeartShadow

HeartShadow is following her own religious path. She calls it
FlameKeeping. This regular column will present articles on
FlameKeeping, many taken from HeartShadow's FlameKeeping blog at:


===== Prejudice and Postjudice

How do you view people? How do people view you?

It's very easy to view people as a means to an end. We're nice to
our boss in hopes of getting a promotion or keeping a job, not
because we actual like our boss. Some people view their
significant other as nothing more than an object for getting sex,
not a separate and individual person.

When we view people this way, as what we can get from them
instead of actual people with their own needs and desires and
personalities, we diminish ourselves. People are not objects to
be manipulated as we desire, they are individuals and of the
Divine. When we see them as objects, we lose our own ability to
connect with that Divine, to grow in their presence and let them
grow in ours.

Every time we see someone as a means, we say that piece of the
Divine doesn't matter. We deny reality in favor of control,
putting ourselves in the center of a world that doesn't match
reality. We set ourselves up as petty gods, denying even the
humanity of the person we're dealing with. And, in the long run,
we damage our own world, because people don't like being treated
as objects.

===== Questions:

  * Who do you treat as a means? Why? What do you hope to gain?

  * Do you let other people treat you as a means? Why?

  * How do you see people you don't have a real connection with
    (shop clerks, people on trains, etc.)? Do you think there's a
    difference if they're strangers you're unlikely to see again?

========= Introduction to CauldronMUX
========= by Bob and Randall

[The original version of this article appeared in the Novermber
2004 issue of Cauldron and Candle. The article has been slightly
updated for this reprinting.]

CauldronMUX is a social MUX providing a text-based virtual world
where members of The Cauldron: A Pagan Forum can chat with each
other, conduct online rituals and classes, etc. in a environment
that lets them create rooms and props to use in these activities.
If you do not know what a MUX is, this probably means nothing to
you so, here is Bob's description of a MUX and his examples of
what Cauldron members could do with a MUSH:

===== What is a MUX?

First, a bit of history:

Back in the 1980s, the MIT school of computer science, in an
attempt to create a primitive AI, wound up creating what became
the first TinyMUD. MUD stands for Multi-User Dungeon, and MUDs
are primarily intended to be hack and slash games. MUSH came a
little later, with the first game being PernMUSH. MUSH stands for
(supposedly) Multi-User Shared Hallucination. On PernMUSH,
players could create characters and act out those characters
lives in the setting of Anne McCaffrey's Pern. There were
dragonriders, harpers, holders, everything including fire

Over time, MUSH code got very intricate and complex. MU*s (the
generic term for MUD/MUSH/MUX/MOO/MUSE.etc) in time started
developing their own, purely internal, programming language with
which players could create a virtual, well, anything.

On a MU*, virtual 'rooms' exist wherein the players interact with
their environment and each other. Virtual objects (everything
from fire lizards on Pern to computers on modern setting MU*s)
can be created and programmed by players to do certain things.
MU*s come with their own internal mail systems, their own
internal chat systems, even their own 'furniture' in bars where
people can have publicly private (does that make sense?)
conversations within an In Character setting.

The system, at it's core, is text based. Players and staff create
their objects and rooms, and then give them text descriptions.
Ever play one of those old text adventure games like the original
Zork? It's just like that, only far more interactive as you can
have hundreds of players interacting with their environment and
each other every minute.

Here's a sample of a room description and it's exits:

    Bob's Hangout
    Here you can see the living room of a heathen geek. Computer
    magazines lie strewn about the room, one laying open across
    the top of an altar to Odin in the corner. Two electric
    guitars are in upright stands next to an ominous looking
    4x12" Marshall amp. In various locations lie strewn empty
    bottles of hooch, and various bladed weapons festoon the
    walls. You get the feeling you don't want to ask the resident
    about the odd discolorations on the worn-out couch or floors,
    as then he might tell you about them in detail.
    Bob, SKS battle rifle, Keg-o-Hooch
    Obvious Exits:
    Bedroom [B] Bathroom [BA] Kitchen [K] Out [O]

Obviously, if a person wanted to leave they would simply type the
'o' key and press enter, which would presumably take them out of
the apartment. And as can be seen by the contents of the room,
Bob, his SKS rifle, and a keg are the interactive objects within
the room. You could look at any of the interactive objects to get
a description of the person or thing, and probably some hint as
to their usage, thusly:

    look keg

    You see a large keg with an adjustable spigot. Perhaps you
    should check out the 'menu' to see what drinks are available?

As inferred, typing menu would bring up a list of further
instructions for how to use the keg. This is just a simple
example of how complex MU* inhabitants can make the world around

This is just a bare-bones introduction to everything that can be
done with a MUX like what we're talking about. It can become
extremely complex and intricate, quite a nice little virtual
world, wherein the people have more control over their
environment than they do in meatspace.

===== What Can We Do With CauldronMUX?

For The Cauldron, we're talking about a social MUX, one which is
not set in any particular world other than our own, and existing
purely for the purpose of socialization. I've seen pagans use
MU*s to do group circles when not all of the members could be
physically present, using preset macro commands to punch in the
type of their ritual (to eliminate misspellings and the time
needed to type them in by hand). Apparently they were quite
successful. Their rationale being that the Internet, being that
it is a coherent energy transport mechanism, would be ideal for
transferring magical energy as well. I can't speak to that, not
having done it myself, but they all seemed quite satisfied.

I've also seen MU*s with 'teaching rooms' -- programmed areas
meant to impart lessons or to be used as teaching aids by
students and teachers.

Members can use CauldronMUX in different ways. While a few will
probably learn the nuts and bolts of the system and create
programmed objects, others will not want to bother with the
anything that complex and will just create and describe rooms or
simple objects for others to use, and many will just use the
system to chat with friends and interact with the places and
objects others create.

===== Connecting to CauldronMUX

You can access CauldronMUX from your browser via our Java client:


or by telneting to

  ecauldron.net port 24201

with your telnet program or with a MU* client on your machine.
The MU* client is definitely the best way to connect to
CauldronMUX as MU* client programs have many features to make
using CauldronMUX easy. If you do not have a MU* client, here are
links to some of the ones Cauldron staff members know of for
various operating systems. Some are freeware, some our shareware.

=== Some Windows MU* Clients

 * Mushclient [Freeware. Probably the best free MU client
   available. Designed to runs well under WINE on Linux.]

 * SimpleMU [Shareware ($20). No annoying nags or time limits.
   If you do not pay, just a few advanced features are

 * MonkeyTerm [Freeware]

 * Gosclient [Freeware]

 * Mud Master Console [Freeware. A text-based client that runs
   in a "dosbox."]

=== Some Linux MU* Clients

 * TinyFugue [Freeware. A very powerful text-based client.]

 * Mushclient [Freeware. Probably the best free MU client
   available. Designed to runs well under WINE on Linux.]

 * MCL [Freeware. Text-based client]

 * Kmuddy [Freeware. KDE-based client]

 * KMud [Freeware. KDE-based client]

 * KMC [Freeware. KDE-based client]

=== Mac OS X Clients

 * GGMud [Freeware]

 * Savitar [Shareware ($15)]

 * MudWalker [Freeware]

When you connect to CauldronMUX, you will see a screen something
like this:

Welcome to CauldronMUX, The Cauldron's Hangout
"connect   " connects you to your existing
"connect guest" connects you to a guest account

To Obtain a character on CauldronMUX:
   Log onto our message board, find the CauldronMUX Account
   Creation thread, and follow the instructions there. A
   CauldronMUX wizard will create your account and email you
   the password. You can then log in with "connect 
   ". Until then, you can  connect as a guest.

"WHO" tells you who is logged in to the game (case sensitive).
"QUIT" exits the game and saves your character.

Once logged on, "help" gives help on specific commands,
functions, and special topics.  Other 'help' commands include
"+help" and  "news".

If you do not yet have an account (character) on CauldronMUX,
type "connect guest" and you will be logged in on a guest
account. You cannot build things, but you can chat with people in
public areas. Remember, you are bound by The Cauldron's Chat/MUX
rules even as a guest (and understand that guests are not
anonymous as their ip numbers are available to staff).

Accounts (characters) on CauldronMUX are available to members of
The Cauldron's message board who are Full members or who have
posted at least 25 (meaningful) messages. This thread on the
message board explains how to request a CauldronMUX account.
Message board members unfamiliar with MU*s should probably visit
CauldronMUX as a guest a few times before requesting a character
to be sure they are really interested in having one.


===== MUX Help

Once you log on to our MUX, you will be able to get help by type
the command


and the command:


However, you can get a quick, one screen list of the most useful
commands by typing this command:


You can also visit the Learning Library, by typing "LL" in
Central Park (Central Park is the first area you reach after you
leave the Grey Mists by typing "out." At the Learning Library,
you can type "learn" to start a tutorial on some of the basic
features and commands on CauldronMUX. Additional, more advanced,
tutorials will be added to the Learning Library as they are

Finally, are some very basic commands to get you started. To say
something to others in a room, type a double quote, then what you
want to say. For example to say "Hi there! I'm new and confused."
you would type:

    "Hi there! I'm new and confused.

To make your character do some action, for example, smile. You


If your name was Joe, everyone in the room would see "Joe

To move, you type the name of an exit. Most exits have a short
form listed between less than and greater than signs. You can
type that short form (without the less than and greater than
signs) to save yourself a lot of typing.

To quit CauldronMUX, you type:


========= Cauldron Info

The Cauldron: A Pagan Forum was founded in December 1997 to
provide a friendly but serious discussion area for Pagans on the
Internet. We've grown a bit over the years. We now have an active
message area, a large web site with around 700 pages of
information (including over 300 book and divination deck
reviews), and a monthly email newsletter. To continue to provide
and expand these services, The Cauldron needs lots of volunteer
help from our members and supporters.

Here are some of the things members and supporters can do to help
The Cauldron: A Pagan Forum thrive:

===== Actively Participate In Our Message Board

While our new message board welcomes readers, we encourage
members to actively participate by posting their comments and
views in our discussions. One of the easiest ways to help The
Cauldron is to actively participate in our message board. The
staff especially appreciates members who start new topics for
discussion based on their own questions, opinions, or interests.


===== Articles! Essays! Tutorials!

We are in constant need of original, well-written and accurate
articles, essays, tutorials, and other written items for both our
web site and for our Cauldron and Candle newsletter. There's no
real limit on length for web site articles. Here are a few areas
in which we always need articles:

* information on the beliefs and theology of the various Pagan
  religions, especially non-Wiccan religions

* information on holidays and festivals of the various Pagan
  religions, especially non-Wiccan religions

* recipes for oils, incenses, and food for the various Pagan

* magick, spells, and ritual information

* herbal information

* positive articles on dealing with other faiths

* information on historical pagan cultures

* editorial/opinion pieces

Non-Wiccan material is stressed not because we don't want Wiccan
material but because good non-Wiccan material has been hard to
find. We have a web form you can use to submit an article for
consideration: http://www.ecauldron.com/bnbarticleform.php

===== Book Reviews

While The Cauldron receives some review copies from a couple of
Pagan publishers, there are many books that can only be reviewed
on our web site if a member has a copy and writes a good,
objective review. The Cauldron is interested in reviews on the
more academic books used by reconstructionist Pagan religions as
well as on the books one finds on the Pagan/New Age shelf in the
bookstore. We have a web form you can use to submit a book review
for consideration: http://www.ecauldron.com/bnbbkreviewform.php

===== Graphic Assistance

The Cauldron: A Pagan Forum is purposely a low graphics site as
we value page download speed over flashy graphics. However, we
are always willing to talk with artists who have ideas for
well-designed small graphics (small in both physical dimensions
and file size) that might enhance a specific article or page.

===== Invite Your Friends

If you have friends or acquaintances who you believe would find
The Cauldron: A Pagan Forum useful, please tell them about our
site. If you are active in our message board and have friends who
might enjoy them or have information to contribute, please invite

===== Link To The Cauldron

If you have a web site where linking to The Cauldron: A Pagan
Forum would be appropriate, simply providing a link to this web
site is a big help. Our Link to this Site page explains how you
can do this if you need help or want some simple graphic buttons
to use: http://www.ecauldron.com/linktous.php

===== Donations

As The Cauldron: A Pagan Forum uses as many free services as
possible, our need for money to operate our site is currently
lower than our need for the many items we list above. However, if
you have a few dollars to spare, we would be honored to have your
help in paying for our web site. You can donate by using either
PayPal or the Amazon Honor System links below (we get about 85%
of what you donate).

Donate via PayPal
Donate via the Amazon Honor System:

===== Amazon Purchases

The Cauldron: A Pagan Forum also receives a small percentage
(usually 5%) from most items purchased from Amazon.com when you
go to Amazon.com from one of the links to Amazon on our web site.
If you purchase a lot of books, CDs, and other items from
Amazon.com as many members do, going to Amazon.com through one of
our links when you are going to make a purchase there is a
painless way to help fund this web site.


If you are a regular user of the US version of Amazon, you can
help The Cauldron by replacing the URL of your ebay bookmark in
your browser with the above link so that TC gets credit every
time you visit Amazon.com.

To do this in Internet Explorer or Firefox, find Amazon in your
bookmark list. RIGHT click on it and select Properties from the
popup menu which will appear. A dialog box describing your
bookmark will appear. You'll see the standard Amazon url --
probably http://www.amazon.com/ -- in an edit box (labeled
"Location" in FireFox and "URL" in IE). Erase that url completely
and replace with one listed above, then click on OK.

If you use Amazon UK, you can use this address


If you use Amazon Canada, you can use this addess:


===== Ebay Purchases

Are you an Ebay user? Ebay has a new program that pays
affiliates a small percent of the winning bid if the winning
bidder enters ebay from an affiliate link (some like how our
Amazon.com affiliate program works). So if you visit the US
version ebay via the following link, the Cauldron will get credit
for your bids:


If you are a regular user of the US version of ebay, you can help
The Cauldron by replacing the URL of your ebay bookmark in your
browser with the above link so that TC gets credit every time you
visit ebay.

To do this in Internet Explorer or Firefox, find ebay in your
bookmark list. RIGHT click on it and select Properties from the
popup menu which will appear. A dialog box describing your
bookmark will appear. You'll see the standard ebay url --
probably http://www.ebay.com/ -- in an edit box (labeled
"Location" in FireFox and "URL" in IE). Erase that url completely
and replace with one listed above, then click on OK.

===== Have Questions or Suggestions?

If you have specific questions, proposals or other ideas we
haven't mentioned here, please email them to
rssapphire00@ecauldron.GETRIDOFEME.com. (Unfortunately, Randall
has to answer general "Tell me more?" type questions with a
request for a more specific question. He's not trying to be rude,
he just can't think of anything general and useful to say that
isn't said here.)

========= (Including how to subscribe and unsubscribe)

Cauldron and Candle is a free publication of The Cauldron: A
Pagan Forum. The Cauldron intends to publish this newsletter once
a month and often actually succeeds in doing so. We tried to
publish it twice a month for a while, but real life interfered
too often.

This issue of Cauldron and Candle as a whole is copyright (c)
2008 by The Cauldron: A Pagan Forum. Copyrights on individual
items in this newsletter are retained by their author, please
contact the editors if you need to contact an author for
permission to reprint an article and the editors will do their
best to put you in touch with him or her. The opinions expressed
herein are those of the individual authors and do not necessarily
reflect the views of newsletter, The Cauldron: A Pagan Forum, or
its staff. Publication of an article in this newsletter is not an
endorsement of the authors position or any products and companies
mentioned therein. No one involved in producing this newsletter
has any money to speak of so suing us if you don't like something
we do is a waste of time and money.


You are receiving a copy of this newsletter because you signed up
to receive it. You can subscribe or unsubscribe to this
newsletter via your web browser at:


Or you can unsubscribe via email by sending a blank message to


Be sure to send this message from the email account actually
subscribed to the newsletter. If you have trouble unsubscribing
by email, please use the web browser method mentioned above.

If you need to change your subscription to a new email address,
unsubscribe your old email address and subscribe your new email
address. Note that you have to make these changes yourself. Yahoo
Groups does not allow the list owner to make them for you.


The Cauldron and Candle web site contains information on this
newsletter and an archive of back issues.



If you have Pagan friends who you believe would be interested in
Cauldron and Candle please invite them to subscribe. You can
either drop them a note yourself or -- better yet -- send them
one of The Cauldron's email postcards with the information.

You are also welcome to forward a copies of this newsletter to
interested friends and associates provided you forward the entire


Don't forget that your suggestions for this newsletter are always
welcome, either posted on the message board or via email to
LyricFox (lyricfox01@ecauldron.GETRIDOFME.com) or Randall
Sapphire (rssapphire01@.ecauldron.GETRIDOFME.com). Typos are, as
usual, courtesy of the Goddess Eris.

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