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Issue #104 -- December 2009

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C A U L D R O N   A N D   C A N D L E #104 -- December 2009

           A Publication of The Cauldron: A Pagan Forum
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In this Issue:

[00] Editorial Notes
[01] Cauldron News
   * Message Board Reorganization
   * TC Online Winter Solstice Celebration: All Night Dec 21st
   * New Topic Announcements on Twitter
   * Holiday Shopping At Amazon Helps The Cauldron
[02] Interesting Recent Cauldron Discussions
   * After the thwap...maintaining the faith
   * Basic Sigil Magick?
   * Major and Minor Arcana in Tarot Spreads
   * To What Extent do you Celebrate Christmas?
   * Energy 101
   * Dualism in Pantheons
   * Gender/Sex Based Mysteries?
   * Does your Tarot Deck Have a Consciousness?
   * 2012: Just Hype?
   * Different genres of music for different Gods?
   * What role should religion play in a modern life?
   * Is your Earth-Based Faith Limited to Earth?
[03] Phyllis Vega's Tarot Talk: Tarot Exercises & Games
[04] Flamekeeping: Demands of Friendship
[05] Articles
   * The Cauldron's Twelfth Anniversary
   * The Cauldron: Plans (and Questions) For Our Thirteenth Year
   * Holiday Help The Hosts Drive
   * Extra Features with Cauldron Donor Memberships
[06] Support The Cauldron with Donations
[07] Support The Cauldron with Assistance
[08] Newsletter Information
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Welcome to the December 2009 issue of Cauldron and Candle. You
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unsubscribe, see the last section of this newsletter

This month, Cauldron and Candle is mainly devoted to The Cauldron
itself as this month is our 12th Anniversary.  You will find a
number of articles about The Cauldron and future plans for The
Cauldron in this issue -- as well as our some of our regular
features like Notes for the Seeker, Flamekeeping, and Phyllis
Vega's Tarot Talk.

As usual, I'd like to invite everyone reading this to come by our
message board and help celebrate 12 years of The Cauldron: A
Pagan Forum. You can read our discussions without registering,
but if you want to post you will need to register a member id.
Those who haven't been by don't really know what they are


Randall Sapphire
Editor and Publisher, Cauldron and Candle
Co-Host, The Cauldron: A Pagan Forum

========= by The Cauldron: A Pagan Forum Staff


The message board reorganization mentioned last issue is
complete. Some boards are in new categories and, most
importantly, almost all public discussion boards are open to both
reading and POSTING by all registered members. Members no longer
have to qualify for "full membership" to be able to post in two-
thirds of the boards on the forum.


It's that time of year again, folks--time for some holiday

For those who don't know, a bunch of Cauldronites stay up all
night to celebrate the longest night of the year (the winter
solstice) in the Northern Hemisphere--and we use the Cauldron as
a touchstone for the evening, checking in during the long night,
sharing our observations/thoughts/hallucinations, and encouraging
each other to stay awake! (Those of you in the Southern
Hemisphere are welcome too, to give us a taste of your summer
solstice warmth)

Since the solstice falls on a weekday this year, many will have
to work the following day, making a true all-night fest
impossible for them (unless they plan to call in sick the next
day)...but that doesn't mean that folks can't pop in and out
anyway, for the time they are awake.

How does one participate? Just visit the thread in the Cauldron
forum on the night of Mon., Dec. 21/Tues., Dec. 22 and add your
two cents! The thread is very free form, and folks participate in
whatever way they like: updates, photos/artwork (within the
board's specified limits, of course), poems, links to music,
general musings, sleep-deprived ramblings....

We have an unofficial "non-theme" this year ("non-theme" meaning
it's one way to participate, but by no means meant to restrict
what folks post in the thread). The "non-theme" is the cyberfeast
we'll share in the course of the night. In other words: RECIPES!
After all, we'll have many hours of darkness in which to put them
to the test.

So drop by "Up All Night: A Technopagan Winter Solstice 2009"
anytime on the night between Mon., Dec. 21, and Tues., Dec. 22,
and join the online solstice fest!

Details: Altair is your host. He will create the "Up All Night: A
         Technopagan Winter Solstice 2009" thread in the Holidays
         and Festivals board early in the day (in the US) on
         December 21st so that those in Old World time zones
         where night starts much earlier than in the US can
         participate. The Chat Room will be available as well.

Help plan this event in this topic:
* http://www.ecauldron.net/forum/index.php?topic=10776.0


If you are a Twitter user, we've added a mod to our message board
that posts a tweet to Twitter when a new topic is started on the
message board. You can see them (and follow them if you wish) at:

* http://twitter.com/ecauldronupdate

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credit. Most other links to Amazon on the main site (but not in
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can just use this link:

* http://www.ecauldron.net/amazon.php

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========= Recent Discussion Topics on our Message Board

In an average month, over 200 new discussion topics are started
on The Cauldron's message board. Here are a few of the more
interesting recent discussions. It's not too late to join in.

Thanks to Feedburner, you can now receive an email every night on
days we post new site news items to the main page of The
Cauldron's web site. These emails contain a link to the new item
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===== After the thwap...maintaining the faith

Once you've been thwapped or had some other kind of experience
that coalesces and solidifies your faith, how do you keep that
faith going?

Although there seem to be a high concentration of "thwappees"
here on TC, I think we'd probably agree that, even for people who
have been thwapped, frequent or constant communication from deity
is unusual.

So, how do you keep your beliefs strong? How do you deal with the
inevitable questioning -- was it really real or did I imagine it?

* Read (or join in) this discussion:

===== Basic Sigil Magick?

I've been looking into basic sigil magick for a long time but
have never delved into it. I understand the basic premise, that
being write your intent, cross out repetitive letters, build a
sigil out of what remains, then meditate on it. Other than that,
though, I've heard some conflicting approaches, such as eliminate
vowels all together and destroy the sigil after working with it,
before it manifests? In my mind I'm not so sure that eliminating
the vowels would have much overall use, but I'm wondering about
what to do after the sigil is created. I've heard to masturbate
and concentrate on the sigil, meditate, store it in the closet
out of the way, create 5 separate sigils at a time to lessen my
conscious concentration on a particular sigil, etc. What if I
create it, meditate, then burn it? What do you have to say about
all of this? Thanks again.

* Read (or join in) this discussion:

===== Major and Minor Arcana in Tarot Spreads

When working with tarot cards, how do you read major vs. minor
arcana cards? I have worked with tarot cards sporadically and
have always had a few problems with this.

This issue came up recently for me - using the Celtic cross
spread - when most of the cards in the spread were from the major
arcana. Would this influence your reading of the question itself
- i.e. that the issue in question is more significant that you
originally thought or that the question is particularly
significant in the subject's life? Would you just assume that the
question itself is particularly difficult or contentious for the
subject of the reading, but not that it is necessarily
excessively important in the subject's life? Do you feel that
major arcana cards necessarily have more influence than minor
cards, or do you feel that it is simply more important to look at
the cards' meanings without giving one more importance than

* Read (or join in) this discussion:

===== To What Extent do you Celebrate Christmas?

To what extent do you celebrate the holiday season?

I guess for those who celebrate the Germanic or Wiccan version of
Yule, most of the traditions don't differ from the traditional
Christmas ones, but do any of us, as pagans, do the whole Santa
Claus thing or the excessive commercialism thing with all the

For those of us who don't celebrate Yule, Christmas is mostly
only about family obligation and not so much about religion.
Regarding Hellenic polytheism, the Rural Dionysia occurs in late
December, but it doesn't have much in common with Christmas. A
celebration of wine and phallic objects might not be the best
thing to celebrate with one's family. (Interestingly, the Rural
Dionysia occurs around Christmas, and the City Dionysia occurs in
late March near Easter, and Dionysos is often associated with
Jesus, as the son of the heavenly father born of a mortal maiden
who is killed and resurrected for the salvation of mankind.)

So, do your holiday observances include the typical Christmas
traditions, and how do you incorporate them into your religion?

* Read (or join in) this discussion:

===== Energy 101

I have a few really basic questions about energy. I've been
trying a few little energy practices such as creating a "little
ball of light", just to get a feel for what this energy business
is all about, and I find that I have a few questions that are
getting in the way of my practices by confusing me.

Is there a finite amount of energy in the universe? That is, does
all energy already exist and it just gets moved around? Or can
energy be created or raised out of nowhere? When I raise energy,
where is it supposed to be coming from? Am I drawing it from
within my body, or am I creating it by my will? Or am I drawing
it from the air/earth around me? Or do I borrow it or ask it as a
gift from other entities/deities around me?

Also, I'm a little confused about the idea of negative and
positive energy. Instinctively it makes more sense to me that
energy just is itself, neither negative nor positive, and the
only difference is a lack of energy or an abundance of energy.

Another thing: I'm getting the feeling like my energy is
"sticky". I have started my little energy exercises by rubbing my
hands together, because the physical sensation helps put me in
the right mindset, and helps me cease all the usual mental
tangents and meanderings. Once I separate my hands to try and
form an energy ball between them, I get the feeling that I'm just
stretching the energy out between my hands as if the energy is
some kind of taffy stuck to my hands. It's hard to get it into a
ball when it just wants to stick to my hands. Does anyone have
any insight or advice about this?

Finally, I also have a few questions about grounding. Grounding
feels very natural to me when I'm lying down. Is this unusual, or
does anyone know any reason this posture might be unhelpful? It
feels good to me, in part because I have slight back pain and the
only time I can't feel it is when I'm lying on my back, but also
because it just feels right. Also, from what I've read, grounding
involves an interaction with the earth's energies (sending
negative/excess energies into the earth and/or drawing energy up
from the earth). This question might sound weird, but is there
anything the earth wants in return for using her energies in this
way? I sounds a bit like taking advantage of the earth's
energies, and I want to be respectful and have a reciprocate
relationship with her.

I know this is a lot of random questions, but if anyone has any
advice or answers or links to good resources, I would greatly
appreciate it! I have pretty good judgment on internet sources in
fields I'm familiar with, but this whole pagan/magick/energy
realm is still very unfamiliar to me and I don't always know who
to believe. Thanks!

* Read (or join in) this discussion:

===== Dualism in Pantheons?

I have been thinking a lot about duality in nature and
spirituality. I was wondering if anyone had any examples of dual
deities. Of course there is Apollo and Dionysos with their
opposite qualities. I am very interested to hear some dualist
gods in your pantheons! Also, how do you combine the opposing
forces of such pairings in your own life?

* Read (or join in) this discussion:

===== Gender/Sex Based Mysteries?

Do you think that there are different mysteries based on sex? If
so, could a male or female understand the mysteries of the other
sex? Or possibly the mysteries are accessible for anyone who
wishes to understand them?

What do you think?

* Read (or join in) this discussion:

===== Does your Tarot Deck Have a Consciousness?

I know this sounds like it should be on the divination board but
I'm going to turn it into a philosophical debate I hope. So to
all you tarot heads out there, here we go. I went to go ask the
question of the tarot, what do you really think of me and at
first it just gave me overall advice on my current situation.
Then I asked it again and got a little bit more along the lines
of my question but still offering advice as if it had occ and
couldn't help but give advice.

I feel that each deck has it's on style and personality as to how
it answers you. When I was asking about my ex situation all of
the time a lot of the answers I was getting from the deck was
that IT didn't want the info to hurt me. Which shows care and
concern and a certain amount of consciousness on the decks part
to make that sort of statement.

So my questions are of card ethics and this does the tarot deck
have a consciousness of it's own? And if it does would you care
to share your experiences with it showing it's personality, or
consciousness towards you in any way? How many times should on
ask the same question of the deck before they should stop? And
feel free to share like I said any experiences you've had with
questions like what does the deck think of me or anything along
the lines of asking the decks opinion of you, your life, or it's
personal opinion of the universe. I don't think too many people
think to ask so if you haven't try it out and get back to me on
it because I will be and am fascinated by the subject!

* Read (or join in) this discussion:

===== 2012: Just Hype?

2012 and the end of the Mayan calendar is all over the net and
even print news sources. What do you think: Reality or Hype?

* Read (or join in) this discussion:

===== Different genres of music for different Gods?

For those of us who choose to use music as worship (and of course
for those who do not as well!) I have a question. It is a
question largely of opinion or maybe UPG so that is expected and
welcomed in your answers.

Do you think that specific Gods prefer specific and differing
genres of music? I have sort of been thinking this for a while
because most would agree that they prefer certain herbs,
incenses, and foods in their offerings. Beyond that I notice that
I feel the presence of different deities when listening to
different genres or even different groups.

What is your take on this be it philosophy, opinion, or UPG

* Read (or join in) this discussion:

===== What role should religion play in a modern life?

We often have threads here that centre around how people
experience their religion. In particular, it is not uncommon to
discuss what role religion actually plays in each of our lives. I
am interested in seeing if anyone else is up for a discussion on
what role religion should play and why?

* Read (or join in) this discussion:

===== Is your Earth-Based Faith Limited to Earth?

This is a sort of off shoot of the thread about whether you
practice ritual per the calendar or the local seasons.

In light of the recent tourist in space stories, how long will it
be before we have pagans in space?

How would your religion be practiced in the vacuum of space, or
say, on the moon or Mars etc? Do you think there will be xxxxxxx-
ians practicing off world, and how will it look different than
what is on world today?

* Read (or join in) this discussion:

========= by Phyllis Vega

=== Tarot Meditation

The tarot is an extremely useful and effective aid to meditation.
You might even say that the tarot and meditation go hand in hand,
since tarot imagery is rooted in a symbolic system that
automatically resonates with the subconscious mind. If you are
just learning the tarot, meditation is an excellent method for
discovering the deeper meaning of the cards. However, you don't
need to know the history or conventional meanings of tarot in
order to use it effectively in your meditation exercises. All you
need to do is look at the images, then make them the focal point
of your meditations.

One of the best ways to understand a tarot card is through
meditation. In this trance-like state, you can get "inside" any
card and explore its true meaning. Meditating on the cards is
also a great way to broaden your understanding of the workings of
the tarot archetypes and their relevance to your own life. There
are many ways to combine the tarot with meditation. You may
choose a card randomly, or you can select a specific card on
which to meditate. You can also choose cards which represent
specific issues that you wish to contemplate. In addition to
providing focus, using the cards in your meditations will enable
you to learn a great deal more about the cards themselves.

To begin any tarot meditation, find a quiet place, where you will
not be disturbed. Examine the card you've chosen. Study it
carefully, committing the details to memory. Hold the image of
the card your mind. When you are able to picture the scene on the
card with your eyes closed, sit or lie down in a comfortable
position. Tell yourself that you will remember everything you see
or hear during the meditation. Concentrate on your breathing,
imagine a soft light gently enveloping your body, and let go of
all your tensions.

Allow yourself to tune into the energy of your chosen card. When
you feel ready, visualize yourself entering into the scene
pictured on the card. Impressions will begin to come into your
mind. Trust the process and don't try to force anything. Just
allow the images to flow without resistance, and absorb all the
details. After awhile you will realize that the time has come for
you to leave. When you feel the meditation ending, take a few
deep breaths and open your eyes. Remember to record everything
you saw and heard while in the meditative state in your tarot

=== Changing Your Future Reality

What the forecaster comes up with when he studies the patterns of
the weather, stocks or fashion are possibilities or
probabilities. When a psychic or reader tunes into the tarot
cards she also sees the future in terms of probabilities. Because
of where you are in your life at the time of the reading some
probabilities are stronger than others. However, the one that
ultimately manifests in your life depends on you. If you don't
like a reading you can take positive steps to change the outcome.
There are a number of ways to do this.

Daily Card: Instead of drawing a card for the day, choose one.
Pick the card that comes closest to the energy that you hope to
manifest. Put the card where you can see it, on your desk, next
to your computer, on the refrigerator. Look at it often and
imagine that the positive energy of the card is becoming part of
your life.

Changing Any Spread: Suppose you ask a question, and you don't
like the answer. Instead of assuming that you're somehow stuck
with a future that you don't want, think about the answer that
you would have preferred. Then pick and choose the cards that
will give you the answer you were seeking. Spread them out and
study them. Leave the layout where you can see it. Refer to it
often. Tell yourself that this is the future that you are

=== Changing Limiting Beliefs about Relationships with Tarot

At first glance the following statements may seem like facts.
However, if you think about it for a moment you'll realize that
they are actually beliefs:

"I'll never find the right person for me."
"The good ones are all taken."
"Marriage is too difficult."
"I'm too old for love."
"All relationships start out great, but end badly."
"Women are gold-diggers."
"Men only want one thing."
"Women are fickle."
"Men are cheats."
"Some guys have all the luck."

Many of the beliefs upon which we build our lives are readily
apparent to us. But in certain areas, we may hold deep-seated
core beliefs that sabotage our best efforts to improve our
circumstances. These core beliefs often exist in areas of
relationships, money, work, health, sex, and romance, and tend to
show up in repetitive patterns. If your love life keeps turning
sour, perhaps you're projecting energies that attract negative
situations. Maybe you're holding onto a belief that you don't
deserve to be happy in a relationship, or that you aren't worthy
of another person's love.

In this exercise you will use tarot images to help identify and
change your limiting beliefs about relationships.

1) Study the following list of sample negative/positive pairs of
belief statements. Choose one set that contains a negative belief
currently affecting your life, or make up one of your own:

* Nobody loves me/everybody loves me
* I don't deserve to be loved/I do deserve to be loved
* I am too old for love/I will never be too old for love
* I am afraid to love and be loved/I am not afraid to love and be
* I am at the mercy of circumstances/I am not at the mercy of
* I'm not attractive to the opposite sex/I am attractive to the
opposite sex
* I have no right to happiness/I have every right to happiness
* I am unlucky in love/I am lucky in love
* I never get anything I want/I always get everything I want

2) Pick out a card from your tarot deck as representative of your
thoughts, feelings, and opinions with regard to the negative side
of your chosen belief statement. Then pick out another card as
representative of your thoughts, feelings, and opinions with
regard to the positive side of that belief statement. For
example, if the negative belief statement is, "I am too old for
love," you might select The Hermit. If the positive belief
statement is, "I will never be too old for love," you might
select the page of cups.

3) Study the card you have chosen to represent the negative
belief statement. Think about how it makes you feel. Why do you
think you chose this card? How do you usually react when you get
this card when reading for yourself? If this card came up in a
reading for someone else, how would you interpret it? Return this
card to the deck.

4) Study the card that you have chosen to represent the positive
belief statement. Think about how it makes you feel. How do you
usually react when you get this card when reading for yourself?
If this card came up in a reading for someone else, how would you
interpret it? Place this card in a prominent place, where you can
see it often. Each time you look at the card remind yourself of
the positive belief statement that it represents.

=== What's Behind the Door?  Remote Viewing Tarot Game

Any number of people can play this remote viewing tarot game. One
person is designated as the "Sender" the rest of the group act as
"Viewers". The usual time for the game to last is one week. On
the first day the sender chooses a tarot card and hangs it up
behind a door in his or her home. The Sender then writes the name
of the chosen card on a piece of paper and places the paper in a
sealed envelope. At designated times during the week the Sender
concentrates on "sending" the card to the Viewers who have
entered a meditative state and are attempting to receive the
images that the sender is projecting. At the end of the appointed
period each viewer writes down the impressions he or she received
on a piece of paper and puts the paper in a sealed envelop. When
the group gets together at the end of the period they open all
the envelopes and the number of hits and misses is tallied.

=== Who Am I? Who Are You?

This game combines elements of Charades and Role Playing. It has
been designed to help you learn more about the way you view
yourself and your partner. It will also help you develop a more
intimate relationship with the tarot's complex archetypal court
figures. Begin by removing all the cards from the deck except the
court cards.

Who Am I? Pick a court card to represent yourself. Do not reveal
the name of the chosen card. Remove it from the pack, and place
it face down on the table. Take a moment to imagine yourself as
the selected card. Using words, gestures, and props, act out the
role as dramatically as you can. The other player tries to guess
which card you've chosen to represent yourself.

Who Are You? Pick a court card to represent your partner. Do not
reveal the name of the chosen card. Remove it from the pack, and
place it face down on the table. Take a moment to imagine your
partner as the selected card. Using, words, gestures, and props,
act out the role as dramatically as you can. The other player
tries to guess which card you've chosen to represent him or her.

=== About Phyllis Vega

Phyllis Vega is a professional astrologer and tarot reader. She
is the author of two popular tarot books, Romancing the Tarot and
Power Tarot (with Trish MacGregor), with a third book,
TarotCraft: How to Use the Cards for Divination, Creative
Visualization, and Meditation currently in the works. Contact
Phyllis via email at pvega@bellsouth.net or through her website
at http://phyllisvega.geocities.com/. Tarot Tarot columns and
other works by Phyllis are archived at

Phyllis Vega's Tarot Talk copyright (c) 2009 by Phyllis Vega. All
rights reserved.

========= by HeartShadow

HeartShadow is following her own religious path. She calls it
FlameKeeping. This regular column will present articles on
FlameKeeping, many taken from HeartShadow's FlameKeeping blog at:


===== Demands of Friendship

Friendship is a skill that takes work, skill, and determination.
It keeps us together, makes us human, gives us comfort and
meaning. But what is it, and how do we treat our friends

Friendship is a recognition of commonality, a recognition of some
form of sameness between two or more people. This commonality can
be, and often is, anything from living nearby to taste in music
to hair color, and it can be a recognition of what we are, or
what we desire to be, or a mixture of both. When this
appreciation is reciprocated, it is a friendship.

This appreciation of commonality is what starts a friendship, but
it is not enough to sustain it. Whatever the start of the
friendship, to maintain it requires a give and take relationship,
and understanding of balance between each other. One cannot give
or receive exclusively. To give without receipt sets up false
expectations as we suffer in silence, and to take simply is not
friendship, only using.

To treat our friends correctly is, in part, simply what we should
do to treat all people correctly. It is easy to "demand" that
those close to us accept and understand our anger, our problems.
But our friends, too, are of the Divine, and worthy of respect
and love both for themselves and their Divine nature. We cannot
separate out our friends from that Divine nature and truly
consider them friends or ourselves religious people.

Of course, our friends are not simply people off the street.
Friends are special, different, and to not understand that would
be a lie. Friends are people that can make us stronger and
better, or casually cruel, or anything in between. We care about
how our friends see us, and we should. Of course, we can use that
same power of approval over our friends, as well, and we should.
Caring for people, and caring for their approval, is part of
being human. We need to feel for each other, and we need to be
worthy of being cared for.

So how should we choose our friends, and then how do we treat
them? They are related questions. We should choose to associate
as much as we can with people that uphold attitudes we find
uplifting and moral, to associate with people we like being
associated with. We become like those we associate with, over
time, so if we allow ourselves to associate with people that are
not as we wish to be, we will become lesser than we were.

We need to be the sort of person we would want to be a friend to,
willing to share, willing to give, but not being a pushover.

===== Questions:

  * What do you give to your friends? What do you receive? Does
    it change by person? Is it, to you, balanced?
  * Why is it wrong to expect people close to use to
  * Are the people you consider friends "safe", or do they
    challenge you to be a greater person than you are?

========= ARTICLES

======= by Randall

Twelve years ago (on 13 Dec 1997) -- after three frustrating days
when only Elspeth, Ann (Empireone), and myself could post -- The
Cauldron: A Pagan Forum opened its doors to the general public on
the Delphi online service. This was before it was known as
Delphiforums and back when user forums, then known as "Custom
Forums" had a presence on both the paid Delphi Online Service (in
wonderful a pure text/command line like environment) and on their
new free Web forum version. The forum was an instant success with
60 or 70 messages posted that December and hitting 1000 messages
within six months or so. That's 1000 messages total, not 1000
messages a month.

The Cauldron was started as a Yule gift from me to Elspeth -- you
had to pay Delphi for forums back then (six months in advance).
It was staffed by Elspeth, Ann, and myself with an able assist
from our friends from the dying GEnie Online Service. We started
a web site for the forum in the web space I got with my Delphi
account in January of 1998, although we did not get domain name
for a couple of years.

Our forum has done well in the years that followed, although TC
has had to move around a lot. From Delphi to a mailing list. Then
back to Delphiforums (Delphi's new name). When Delphi's poor
service and pricing got to be too much to much in early 2004, Bob
offered us server space and we moved to our own site. First with
Beehive's Delphiforums-like software (two incarnations), then
(very reluctantly) to SMF early in 2007 when it became apparent
that Beehive software just could not meet the needs of this
forum. Bob's server gave up the ghost in 2008 and we had to
move to our own Linode VPS. The first time in our existence that
have had to pay a monthly bill for the message board.
Fortunately, our members seem to be stepping up and donating
every month to make continuing this board possible.

It has been a very interesting 12 years. Sometimes it has been
interesting in the "may you live in interesting times" sense of
"interesting," but mostly it has been interesting in the good
sense of the word. Lyricfox and I met through TC and married over
four and a half years ago. We all made many new friends via TC.
It's also been a lot of work. Work which has been shared with our
staff members -- without them, this forum would not be here
today. This is especially true this last 2 years as the hosts
have been dealing with cancer and have not been nearly as active
on the board as we had been in the past. However, the reason The
Cauldron's message board is still here isn't the Hosts or the
staff, it's our members: the wonderful people reading this
message (and now funding the monthly server costs). Without you,
this forum would be a ghostly place haunted by memories of
discussions past.

It's been a great twelve years. In "Internet time" we are as
ancient as the dinosaurs, but we are still here, still doing our
thing, and still enjoying ourselves doing it. We will be changing
The Cauldron's web site and modernizing things a bit (some
features of our web site have not be upgraded in 10 years) over
the next year as covered in another article in this newsletter.
We have great plans for The Cauldron's 13th year and we hope you
will join us and help make them happen.

======= by Cauldron Staff

The Cauldron: A Pagan Forum celebrates its 12th Anniversary on
December 13, 2009 -- and that marks the start of our 13th year of
operation. We have some big plans for our 13th year and want to
share some of them with you. Of course, we can't promise that all
these plans will become reality, but we are planning for them to
become reality.

=== Web Site Redesign

Our forum has changed greatly over the years as we have moved to
different platforms but our web site has not had anything major
done to it in about 10 years. While it has received some minor
updates over the years (e.g. reorganized left menus, changed from
parchment-like background and colors to the current light blue),
it hasn't received a complete redesign in a decade. It is badly
+in need of a makeover. This will be our major project for 2010.
It will be a long term project because over a 1000 pages will
need to be converted by hand. Each old page will need to have its
content recoded in modern HTML and CSS and placed into our new
page template.

The new template will be standard across all the pages of our web
site. Current plans are for it to have a narrow header bar across
the top with a drop down menubar and a "breadcumb line" below
that.  The dropdown menu will completely replace the current huge
left column menu. Just dropping the crowded left side menu will
make TC's web site look much cleaner and less "busy". Next will
be the content area. Most pages will have a large content area to
the left and a right sidebar. A few pages will have both a left
and a right sidebar. Other pages -- like the forum -- will not
have any sidebars at all. Below the main page content will be the
footer area. There probably be a row of three boxes with rss
feeds and the like in them, followed by the footer proper with
copyright info and the like.

Current plans have the entire site more integrated with our
forum. For example, pages on magic will display links to current
threads in magic oriented boards on the forum. Pages will know
whether you are logged into the forum or not, etc. This will make
the entire site revolve around our forum instead of the forum and
the web site being two more or less separate things as they are

One thing that will NOT be considered at all: a dark page design.
Dark letters on a light-color background are FAR easier to read
than light-colored text on a dark background -- especially for
our older members. And in spite of at least one joking
suggestion, the revolving Cauldron graphic from one of our first
web site designs back in 1998 will definitely not be making a

If you'd like to follow progress on the redesign, make
suggestions, or even volunteer to help with graphics or the like,
you can do so in this thread on our forum:

 * Cauldron Web Site Redesign Discussion

=== Social Networking

We plan to continue to use and improve TCN (The Cauldron
Network), our members only Ning social network. We also plan to
create a page for The Cauldron on Facebook (and perhaps on a few
other social networks). We have already started to use Twitter to
announce new threads. Social networking will probably remain low
key, but it now has a definite place in our plans for The
Cauldron: A Pagan Forum.

We have come a long way since our abortive attempt to use
kickapps a year ago. Then the Hosts had no idea what social
networking was and selected kickapps solely on its ability to let
members post unlimited pictures. In other words, we thought of it
as little more than a free photo gallery for our members. We soon
learned that our members were thinking of it as a social network
and found it greatly wanting for that purpose. We switched to
Ning midyear and our members love it. The Hosts still don't
understand social networking all that well, but we are trying.
With a lot of help from our members, we are apparently doing much

=== SMF 2.0 -- To Upgrade or Not to Upgrade

We use Simple Machines Forum software to run our forum. The
current branch of the software is 1.1.x, but the new 2.0 version
is at release candidate 2 status now. We expect that the new 2.0
branch will go final sometime in 2010. When it does, we will have
to decide whether to stay with our heavily modified version of
the 1.1.x branch, try to upgrade our current forum to the 2.0
branch, or just close the current forum and open a new 2.0 one.

The easiest thing to do would be to stay with 1.1 -- at least
until they stop doing security updates for it. Upgrading the
current board and message base to 2.0 would be the best solution,
however, it may not be possible as many of the features we use
like member blogs come from very old user-written mods that
probably will not exist for 2.0 -- ever. I'm not even sure that
some of the database changes -- like for the Tinyportal feature
or the Donor Subscriptions -- made by mods will carry over to the
new 2.0 database if you upgrade it. And this probably will not be
known until 2.0 Final comes out. The easiest "upgrade to 2.0"
solution would be to make the current read only and start a new
board using 2.0 and whatever mods are available for it (as we
have done with three previous boards). However, the hosts and
staff really do not to lose years of post from the active board
yet again.

As you can see, we really have no idea of what the best solution
will be, let alone what the best solution that works with the
current database will be. However, with SMF 2.0 Final on track
for a 2010 release, it is a decision we will probably have to
face in 2010.

=== Do More with CauldronMUX

CauldronMUX is a fun way to chat in a text-based format where you
can move around to different rooms, play with items, and even
create your own stuff. Unfortunately, we do not do a lot with it.
Now that we have a working Java client so that people to not need
to download a special client program to use CauldronMUX, we
really need to do more with it.

=== Getting Member Produced Content on the Web Site

Over the years, we have tried several methods for letting members
add content directly to The Cauldron's web site: several wikis,
tinyportal, Google Sites as subsites for our SIGs, an article
section on the forum, etc. None have worked as members just do
not use them. It does not seem to matter how easy (or hard) they
are to use, they just do not get used. Unfortunately, we really
need to come up with a way that people will use as the TC
Webmaster no longer has time to manually add material members
write to the web site -- and we really need member-written
material to grow the web site.

The Hosts aren't sure what the solution is here, but finding one
is up there with the site redesign  in priority for 2010. We
really need more member-produced content -- and members who
produce it should not have to wait weeks (or even months) for the
Webmaster to find time to manually create a web page for it and
link it into the web site.

=== Book Reviews

This really ties into the "Getting Member Produced Content on the
Web Site" problem. Years ago, one of the Hosts used to review 5
to 10 books and tarot decks a month. Then he got married and no
longer had time to write reviews. There haven't been many book
reviews posted to our web site in the last five years. We know a
lot of our members buy and read new Pagan-oriented books, we just
need to get some of those members to write reviews of the books
they read and have a way they can put those reviews on our web

=== Staff Expansion

Most of our active staff members are currently focused on our
message board as TC staff has always been. However, as we expand
into things like TCN social networking and the like, we really
need to find people qualified and active volunteers to act as
staff in these new areas of The Cauldron: A Pagan Forum. We have
talked about such an expansion of staff before and never really
did anything to implement it. The one time we tried to create
some non-board staff positions, no one was capable of actually
handling the positions was interested in volunteering. This needs
to change in 2010. We either need to find qualified volunteers to
staff new features like TCN or we need to shut down the new
features before we burn out the current staff.

=== The Newsletter

Our newsletter hasn't had a major change in years, either. As
its irregular schedule the last two years shows, the Hosts no
longer have the time to actually produce it every month,
especially given how hard it is to get submissions for this
newsletter. Getting articles out of members and newsletter
subscribers is harder than pulling hen's teeth. We need to decide
on the future of this newsletter in 2010. We have almost shut it
down twice before, 2010 may be the year we actually do.

=== Summary

There you have it, an outline of some of our major plans for (and
questions about) The Cauldron: A Pagan Forum in 2010. We've been
around 12 years and we would like to be around another 12. What
happens with The Cauldron this year may have a lot to do with
deciding if that is even possible. If you have comments or
suggestions (other than on the Web Site redesign which has it own
thread metioned above), you can post them in this thread:

* 2010 - Ideas and Plans for The Cauldron's 13th Year


As most readers know, the Hosts have been battling Cancer (and
cancer bills) for the past two years. See this thread on the
message board for more information:

 * UPDATES: Cancer Surgery and Radiation for LyricFox

LyricFox just had her 18 month CT Scan in early November and got
the results back late last week: She is still cancer-free 18
months after the end of her radiation treatments. That's great

The bad news is that the bills just keep piling up (and we get
further and further behind on other bills by paying the cancer
bills. All because we are some of the 40-50 million Americans who
do not have haelth insurance -- and would not be able to get it
even if we were made of money due to pre-existing conditions.

Therefore, we are having a Holiday Cancer Fund Drive this year to
help pay our bills and give a a bit of breathing room to actually
buy each other a few presents. We are asking everyone reading
this who is able to help to donate to our Holiday Cancer Fund via

 * Donate US$25.00 or more and you will get out collection of
   hundreds of spells.

 * Donate US$50.00 or more and you will receive the spell
   collection AND a custom numerology reading with month by month
   predictions for 2010.

Donations in ANY AMOUNT are welcomed, however.

You can make a Paypal Donation in ANY AMOUNT vis this link:


If the above link will not work for you because your email client
wrapped it into two lines, you can go to the message board via
the link below and click on the Donate Any Amount link at the end
of the first message:


The Hosts thank you from the bottom of their hearts.

======= Extra Features with Cauldron Donor Memberships
======= by Cauldron Staff

    SPECIAL NOTE: The Cauldron has recently revised its
    membership benefits for donor members. New benefits
    include the ability to have a ecauldron email
    address, moderate a personal Special Interest Group
    on our board, and the right to have an ad in
    rotation in the donor ad area of our message board.
    Yes, commercial interests can sign up as a donor
    member to get an ad into rotation on our message
    board. All ads are subject to approval by the hosts.
    The following gives more detailed information on our
    as our new low-cost and longer term CAULDRON

As you know, The Cauldron: A Pagan Forum is no longer on a free
server and needs monthly donations to pay for our Virtual Private
Server. While we will be happy to accept donations in any amount
directly through Paypal, we've noticed that many donations are in
the amounts of 5, 10, or 15 US dollars. We have therefore created
the Cauldron Supporter and the Bronze, Silver, and Gold Donor
membership classes with some minor special benefits for people
who make these common donations via the "Donation Subscription"
feature in the Profile area (go to your Profile and click on the
"Donation Subscriptions" link in the Manage Profile menu).

=== Donor Members

For those willing to make a monthly donation (or a larger annual
donation) we have three levels of "Donor" memberships: Bronze
Donor, Silver Donor, and Gold Donor. You have the option to
donate once for a month of donor level membership, donate for a
full year of donor level membership, or setup an automatic
monthly Paypal subscription that will renew your donor status
each month in the Donation Subscription area of your profile.

Bronze Donors (US$5.00/month donation) currently get the
following special benefits:

    * a Bronze Donor Badge that will appear on your posts
    * access to our private "Donor Board".
    * do NOT see see Forum area ads
    * can see whether their Personal Messages have been read
    * can use use their own avatars (stored off-board)
    * can have larger signatures
    * can have multiple commercial links in their signatures
    * can have an ecauldron email address (and several other
      ecauldron google apps) -- created upon request

Silver Donors (US$10.00/month donation) currently get the
following special benefits:

    * a Silver Donor Badge that will appear on your posts
    * access to our private "Donor Board"
    * do NOT see see Forum area ads
    * can see whether their Personal Messages have been read
    * can use use their own avatars (stored off-board)
    * can have larger signatures
    * can have multiplecommercial links in their signatures
    * an have an ecauldron email address (and several other
      ecauldron google apps) -- created upon request
    * (available soon) can have a personal Special Interest Board
      that they moderate (See Personal SIG Rules -- not yet
      available) on any topic suitable for the board.
    * can have a text ad that appears in rotation on the message
      board -- ad subject to host approval.

Gold Donors (US$15.00/month donation) currently get the following
special benefits:

    * a Gold Donor Badge that will appear on your posts
    * access to our private "Donor Board".
    * do NOT see see Forum area ads
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    * can use use their own avatars (stored off-board)
    * can upload their avatar to our server
    * can have larger signatures
    * can have multiple commercial links in their signatures
    * can have an ecauldron email address (and several other
      ecauldron google apps -- including a Google Site web site
      with a ecauldron subdomain) -- created upon request
    * (available soon) can have a personal public Special
      Interest Board (and a personal private Special Interest
      Board) that they moderate (See Personal SIG Rules -- not
      yet available.).
    * can have a text ad that appears in rotation on the message
      board -- ad subject to host approval.

All Donor member benefits last for one month (from the date you
donate) -- one year if you elect an annual donation. They can be
extended by donating again through the Paid Subscription area of
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=== Cauldron Supporter Member

For those unable to give a monthly donation, but who would like
to help, we've created the Cauldron Supporter membership. It
lasts lasts for three months ($10 one-time donation), six months
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depending on the amount of your donation. Cauldron Supporter
members have all the features of Regular Members plus the
following features:

    * do NOT see see Forum area ads
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    * can use use their own avatars (stored off-board)
    * can have multiple commercial links in their signatures
      without meeting the 75 message minimum.

========= Cauldron Info

As mentioned in the October 2008 newsletter, we now need over
US$60 in donations every month to keep the server online. No
donations, no server. No server, no message board. Well, not
really "no message board" as there is always the free backup
board, but the limitations of the free backup board drive staff
and many members nuts. Your donations are needed to keep The
Cauldron: A Pagan Forum's message board up. We now have two ways
you can donate.

OPTION 1: Make An "Anonymous" Donation in Any Amount

If you are not a member of the message board  -- or are a member
but do not want a donor button to appear on your posts or wish to
donate a non-standard amount, you can make an "anonymous"
donation (which will not cause any "donor" notation on your
posts) in any amount via the Paypal link below. You do NOT need a
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OPTION 2: Message Board Member? Donate Through Your Profile:
          Get Bronze/Silver/Gold Donor Levels and Benefits

If you are logged into the message board, you can make a donation
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http://www.ecauldron.net/forum/index.php?topic=7335.0). These
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If you are a member of our message board, this link will take you
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========= Cauldron Info

The Cauldron: A Pagan Forum was founded in December 1997 to
provide a friendly but serious discussion area for Pagans on the
Internet. We've grown a bit over the years. We now have an active
message area, a large web site with around 700 pages of
information (including over 300 book and divination deck
reviews), and a monthly email newsletter. To continue to provide
and expand these services, The Cauldron needs lots of volunteer
help from our members and supporters.

Here are some of the things members and supporters can do to help
The Cauldron: A Pagan Forum thrive:

===== Actively Participate In Our Message Board

While our new message board welcomes readers, we encourage
members to actively participate by posting their comments and
views in our discussions. One of the easiest ways to help The
Cauldron is to actively participate in our message board. The
staff especially appreciates members who start new topics for
discussion based on their own questions, opinions, or interests.


===== Articles! Essays! Tutorials!

We are in constant need of original, well-written and accurate
articles, essays, tutorials, and other written items for both our
web site and for our Cauldron and Candle newsletter. There's no
real limit on length for web site articles. Here are a few areas
in which we always need articles:

* information on the beliefs and theology of the various Pagan
  religions, especially non-Wiccan religions

* information on holidays and festivals of the various Pagan
  religions, especially non-Wiccan religions

* recipes for oils, incenses, and food for the various Pagan

* magick, spells, and ritual information

* herbal information

* positive articles on dealing with other faiths

* information on historical pagan cultures

* editorial/opinion pieces

Non-Wiccan material is stressed not because we don't want Wiccan
material but because good non-Wiccan material has been hard to
find. We have a web form you can use to submit an article for
consideration: http://www.ecauldron.net/bnbarticleform.php

===== Book Reviews

While The Cauldron receives some review copies from a couple of
Pagan publishers, there are many books that can only be reviewed
on our web site if a member has a copy and writes a good,
objective review. The Cauldron is interested in reviews on the
more academic books used by reconstructionist Pagan religions as
well as on the books one finds on the Pagan/New Age shelf in the
bookstore. We have a web form you can use to submit a book review
for consideration: http://www.ecauldron.net/bnbbkreviewform.php

===== Graphic Assistance

The Cauldron: A Pagan Forum is purposely a low graphics site as
we value page download speed over flashy graphics. However, we
are always willing to talk with artists who have ideas for
well-designed small graphics (small in both physical dimensions
and file size) that might enhance a specific article or page.

===== Invite Your Friends

If you have friends or acquaintances who you believe would find
The Cauldron: A Pagan Forum useful, please tell them about our
site. If you are active in our message board and have friends who
might enjoy them or have information to contribute, please invite

===== Link To The Cauldron

If you have a web site where linking to The Cauldron: A Pagan
Forum would be appropriate, simply providing a link to this web
site is a big help. Our Link to this Site page explains how you
can do this if you need help or want some simple graphic buttons
to use: http://www.ecauldron.net/linktous.php

===== Amazon Purchases

The Cauldron: A Pagan Forum also receives a small percentage
(usually 5%) from most items purchased from Amazon.com when you
go to Amazon.com from one of the links to Amazon on our web site.
If you purchase a lot of books, CDs, and other items from
Amazon.com as many members do, going to Amazon.com through one of
our links when you are going to make a purchase there is a
painless way to help fund this web site.


If you are a regular user of the US version of Amazon, you can
help The Cauldron by replacing the URL of your ebay bookmark in
your browser with the above link so that TC gets credit every
time you visit Amazon.com.

To do this in Internet Explorer or Firefox, find Amazon in your
bookmark list. RIGHT click on it and select Properties from the
popup menu which will appear. A dialog box describing your
bookmark will appear. You'll see the standard Amazon url --
probably http://www.amazon.com/ -- in an edit box (labeled
"Location" in FireFox and "URL" in IE). Erase that url completely
and replace with one listed above, then click on OK.

If you use Amazon UK, you can use this address


If you use Amazon Canada, you can use this addess:


===== Pagan Supplies Purchases

You can now order from Meta Pot via our affiliate
links and get the items you need while helping to fund TC (at no
extra cost to you). You can go to this page -- Buy Pagan Supplies
-- to start shopping. If you like Meta Pot, please bookmark our
Buy Pagan Supplies page and use it to shop from so we get credit
for your purchases.

* Buy Pagan Supplies

They have a wide variety of Pagan Supplies as this list of Meta
Pot item categories shows:

    * 3 x 6.5 Inches Pillar Candles
    * 7 Knob Candles
    * Altar Cloths
    * Amulets & Talismans
    * Anklets
    * Anna Riva Oils
    * Athames
    * Bags and Boxes
    * Bath Oils and Salts
    * Beeswax Candles
    * Blank Books, Book of Shadows
    * Bottles and Containers
    * Bowls and Chalices
    * Bracelets
    * Bumper Stickers A-G
    * Bumper Stickers H-M
    * Bumper Stickers N-Z
    * Candle Holders
    * Candle Snuffers
    * Cat Candles
    * Charmed Ritual Candles
    * Cloaks & Cologne
    * Crystal Balls and Runes
    * Dripless Candles
    * Earrings
    * Essential Oils
    * Foxcraft Oils
    * Gemstones
    * Head & Hair
    * Herbal Teas
    * Herbs and Powders
    * Human Figure Candles
    * Incense Burners
    * Incense Cast Iron Cauldrons & Charcoal
    * Incense Cone
    * Incense Granular
    * Incense Holders
    * Incense Powder
    * Incense Sticks by Others
    * Incense Sticks by Us
    * Indian Oils
    * Jar Candles
    * Mixes & Aids
    * Mortar And Pestle
    * Necklaces
    * Oil Diffusers, Oil Rings
    * Oil Essences
    * Original Oils
    * Other Candles
    * Other Wiccan Jewelry
    * Patches
    * Pendants
    * Pentagrams
    * Pins
    * Posters
    * Rings
    * Ritual Kits
    * Ritual Tools
    * Scented Votive Candles
    * Smoking Herbs
    * Smudge Sticks
    * Statues
    * Taper Candles
    * Tea Bags & Strainers
    * Unscented Votive Candles
    * Wands, Brooms, Mirrors
    * Writing Tools
    * Ziplock Herbal Storage Bags

Remember, click on the "Buy Pagan Supplies" in the left hand menu
of any The Cauldron: A Pagan Forum web page to visit Meta Pot and
The Cauldron will get credit for any purchases you make.

===== Have Questions or Suggestions?

If you have specific questions, proposals or other ideas we
haven't mentioned here, please email them to
rssapphire00@ecauldron.GETRIDOFEME.com. (Unfortunately, Randall
has to answer general "Tell me more?" type questions with a
request for a more specific question. He's not trying to be rude,
he just can't think of anything general and useful to say that
isn't said here.)

========= (Including how to subscribe and unsubscribe)

Cauldron and Candle is a free publication of The Cauldron: A
Pagan Forum. The Cauldron intends to publish this newsletter once
a month and often actually succeeds in doing so. We tried to
publish it twice a month for a while, but real life interfered
too often.

This issue of Cauldron and Candle as a whole is copyright (c)
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