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Cauldron and Candle
Issue #103 -- November 2009

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C A U L D R O N   A N D   C A N D L E #103 -- November 2009

           A Publication of The Cauldron: A Pagan Forum
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In this Issue:

[00] Editorial Notes
[01] Cauldron News
   * Message Board Reorganization
   * Now All Members Can Post In All Public Boards
   * Download Hundreds and Hundreds of Spells
   * Buy Pagan and Magick Supplies Through The Cauldron
[02] Interesting Recent Cauldron Discussions
   * Beginner Incense Questions
   * How Do You Communicate with the Divine?
   * Multiple Gods, Multiple Offerings?
   * Evil Is Sent Through Halloween Candy
   * Do your Gods dictate?
   * Lying?
   * Is magic impious?
   * Which roles do your deities play in your life?
   * Handwriting of the Gods?
   * Disposing of Offerings and Spell Materials
[03] Phyllis Vega's Tarot Talk: Keywords in Tarot
[04] Flamekeeping: Embracing one's Path
[05] Articles
   * Notes for the Seeker: Gathering the Tools
[06] Support The Cauldron with Donations
[07] Support The Cauldron with Assistance
[08] Newsletter Information
(Including How To Subscribe/Unsubscribe)

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Welcome to the November 2009 issue of Cauldron and Candle. You
are receiving this issue because you subscribed. To learn how to
unsubscribe, see the last section of this newsletter

These newsletters have become very irregular recently, because my
wife and I are down to one computer and have to share it. My
wife's motherboard died and with out huge cancer bills, we can't
afford to replace it and may not be able to for a long time.

However, we've made the effort to get this issue out to announce
that The Cauldron's message board has had a MAJOR REORGANIZATION.
For all the details, see these articles in the Cauldron News
section below:

   * Message Board Reorganization
   * Now All Members Can Post In All Public Boards

As usual, I'd like to invite everyone reading this to come by our
message board when you get a chance. You can read our discussions
without registering, but if you want to post you will need to
register a member id. Those who haven't been by don't really know
what they are missing.


Finally, just in case there is no newsletter in December, I'd
like to mention that December 13th will be The Cauldron: A Pagan
Forum's TWELFTH Anniversary. The Cauldron's old forum on
DelphiForums opened to the public on December 13, 1997. We've
been around a long time -- thanks to our many active members and
our staff. The Hosts would like to thank everyone for their
participation and help over the last 12 years.

Randall Sapphire
Editor and Publisher, Cauldron and Candle
Co-Host, The Cauldron: A Pagan Forum

========= by The Cauldron: A Pagan Forum Staff


The Cauldron's message board is undergoing a major
reorganization, which is 90% complete as of this writing.
This reorganization includes:

1) Boards will move around between categories. New Boards may
appear. Old boards may be merged with other boards. New
categories might appear.

2) Membership Classes will be GREATLY reorganized. (See article
below for more info) Regular members will gain access to almost
all non-private boards. Companion and Full memberships will be
going away (at least in their current forms). Donor memberships
will continue and should get noticeable extras.

The reason for these changes is that TC has lost its focus over
the past couple of years. TC used to aim mainly at non-beginners
with a lot of more "advanced" discussion and debate than most
Pagan-oriented boards have. We have lost that focus since moving
to SMF from Beehive. Part of this was caused by the Hosts being
preoccupied with things like cancer treatments (and the recovery
therefore) but a lot of it was caused by our decision to limit
access to the more advanced discussion areas to Full members. We
had a number of good reasons for doing this, however, we expected
far more people to apply for full membership than we have had.
Only about 10% of the membership of this board are full members.
We expected 50 to 60%, so most people never even have a chance at
posting in the advanced discussion areas.

We will still have boards aimed that those new to Pagan Religions
and those New to Magic. They will be staffed by people who like
working with newcomers and visited those of our more advanced
members who enjoy answering newcomer questions. Newcomers will be
cut some slack in these boards.  Note, however, that nothing
will stop newcomers to Paganism and Magic from posting in the
advanced boards, but those who do and are not up to the advanced
level of those boards will quickly have their ass handed to them
in debate and discussion. If you choose to post their, you will
be assumed to be able to handle being bluntly told what you
learned in some bad 101 book is utter nonsense.


When we moved our message board from Beehive to SMF over 18
months ago, we set up two separate membership classes. Regular
membership -- which one got simply by registering for the board
-- and Full Membership -- which one had to apply for after
waiting at least a week and making enough posts to show one
understood TC's rules and culture.

Regular members could only post on a few board on the forum. This
was intended to limit the damage spammers and trolls could do. We
did not expect it to limit discussions as we expect most members
would quickly apply for Full Membership and gain posting access
to the entire forum. We were mistaken. We expected 50% to 70% of
our members to be Full members. Unfortunately only 10% of TC's
membership bothered to become Full members.

We are correcting this problem. Regular members should now have
posting access to all public boards (except admin ones,
obviously) -- including the ability to start new topics, etc. All
Basic and Companion members have been returned to Regular member
status. Full members are still Full members for the time being,
but the Full Membership will be phased out as soon as a few
private areas are taken care of.

This is a major policy change. This allows all members to
participate in all public board areas. Note that the Hosts and
Staff retain the ability to severely limit the access of members
who cannot or will not obey forum rules or who cause trouble.

So if you had very limited posting access to The Cauldron before,
when you next visit you should find that you can most in almost
every board you can see. Join us and post away today.


The Cauldron's webmaster has collected hundreds of spells, most
of which cannot be put on this site due to time, space, or other
constraints. If you cannot find any spells here (or elsewhere on
the web -- try googling) that could suit your purpose, the web
master will be happy to search through his files and send you any
spells he feels might be likely candidates via email (see our
spell search service for more information) or you can obtain a
zipped collection of the text files with most of the webmaster's
collection of spells for your own use -- over 1.5 megs of text
files containing hundreds and hundreds of spells. Here are some
of the files included:

over 275K of love spells
over 200K of healing spells
over 150K of herbal spells
over 140K of protection spells
over 100K of money spells
over 60K of "wishing" spells
over 50K of "reversing spells"
over 30K of luck spells
and files full of justice spells, glamour spells, poppet spells,
banishing spells, employment spells, lost things spells and more

=== A Few of the Spells Included

Here are just a few of the spells included in this collection:

Banish Lovers Jealousy
House Blessing
Break the Powers of a Spell
Remove Curses
To Rid a Room of Evil
Candle Sleep Spell
Happiness Spell
Promotion Spell
To Lose Your Troubles
Unwanted Habit Spell
Seashell Healing Spell
To Banish Pain
Herbal Magic
Money Jar
Win at Law Spell
Finding Spell
Undo Love Spell
To Attract True Love
Bring Back My Lover Spell
Lust Potion
Love and Lust Spell
To Reunite Parted Lovers
Charm for a Happy Marriage
To Enflame Desire
Spell for Luck
Money Come Soon Spell
Money Doubling Spell
Green Devil Money Back Spell
Silver Success Spell
To Protect an Object
Oil Magic
Harmony in the Workplace Charm
To Bind an Enemy
Wishing Powder
Spell to Bind Bullies
To Make an Enemy into a Friend
To Drive Away Evil
To Break a Streak of Bad Luck
To Banish an Unwelcome Entity
To Conjure Spirits
Self Empowerment Spell
Lovers Truth Spell
Truth Revealed Spell
Rain Spell
To Get What You Want

=== Important Notes

* While not all the spells in this collection are of the
  "cause no possible harm" variety, there are no death spells or
  other spells designed to solely cause harm. If you are looking
  for "black magic" this is not the spell collection for you.
* We make no claims about the effectiveness of spells provided.
  These spells are simply ones the webmaster has collected over
  the years.

These spell files are plain ascii text (which can be read with
programs like Notepad and Wordpad -- and similar programs
included with other operating systems). Many of these files are
pasted captures of spells from web sites that have not been
available since the late 1990s. These files are not formatted for
"pretty", but are quite readable. They are in English.

=== Bonus Extras

Also included in the file with all these spells are copies of
several texts on Chaos magic, eleven lessons on magick, a pdf
copy of the Long Lost Friend (a book of American folk spells and
charms from the 1800s) and a copy of The Ancient Book of Formulas
(formulas for many magical incenses, oils, and powders).

=== Donate $25 and this huge collection is yours

You can get a zipped file containing all these spells in text
files for a US$25.00 donation to The Cauldron: A Pagan Forum.
Your donation helps the Hosts pay the huge bills resulting from
oral cancer.

As many of you know, LyricFox is recovering from oral cancer and
Lyric and Randall are some of the 40 to 50 million people in the
US who do not have health insurance and do not qualify for
government aid as we live in Texas and have no children. The
cancer treatments and related expenses have cost over $110,000 so
far. While over half of this has been absorbed by hospital
foundations and the like, we still owe a lot of it. Your donation
to obtain this collection of spells will help pay these bills and
our ongoing expenses. Thank you very much and we hope you find
these spells useful.

To obtain this file, visit the link below. This will take you to
a Paypal form where you can make your donation. Be sure your
email program/web mail site is set to accept mail from any
address at ecauldron.com so the results email will reach you. You
should receive an email telling you how to download a copy of the
zipped file of spells (if you do not, use the report a problem
link at the bottom of any TC Web page to report that you did not
get your download info.) Note that this email is sent manually by
the webmaster and usually takes no more than 2 business days
(after Paypal clears your donation payment) -- most of the time,
the webmaster will email you the information as soon as he next
checks email, which he usually does several times a day.

* Donate $25 and get hundreds and hundreds of spells (and extras)

===== Buy Pagan and Magick Supplies Through The Cauldron

As long time users of The Cauldron probably remember, we had an
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They closed down last year and we have had a hard time finding
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========= Recent Discussion Topics on our Message Board

In an average month, over 200 new discussion topics are started
on The Cauldron's message board. Here are a few of the more
interesting recent discussions. It's not too late to join in.

Thanks to Feedburner, you can now receive an email every night on
days we post new site news items to the main page of The
Cauldron's web site. These emails contain a link to the new item
and the first couple of lines of the news text. You can sign up
for Feedburner's free news delivery via the form at the end of
the site "News and Updates" section of The Cauldron's main web

===== Beginner Incense Questions

I was just informed by email that a friend ordered me some Nippon
Kodo Incense and a incense holder for my birthday. So she being
sweet as she knows I was looking into Roman Numina and ancestor
worship (or she giving me a hint my bachelors apartment could use
a air-freshener). So is this brand a good brand? And also is
there any hints on how to use or handle the Incense?

* Read (or join in) this discussion:

===== How Do You Communicate with the Divine?

I was reading a post a few minutes ago, and this question came to
me "how do you communicate with the gods or the divine?". This
interests me because, the only way I communicate is by meditating
and then sending my astral self to them. Another way I use is
summoning their presence to my altar and then communicated threw
meditation or by simply observing nature and figuring out how
they are feeling or what there answers are by the way nature acts
around me.

I was wondering if anyone else uses any other way to communicate
with the divine? or if any other ways exist to communicate?

* Read (or join in) this discussion:

===== Multiple Gods, Multiple Offerings?

Just a question on the logistics of how some of you handle
offerings if you are honoring multiple Gods at a time.

Do you feel that your Gods like to "share?" Or do they prefer to
have separate offerings?

Do you find that some Gods are more amenable to sharing than
others? Are there some that are okay with sharing with certain
other Gods, but not others?

If you are offering the same thing to several Gods, do they each
need their own bowl?

* Read (or join in) this discussion:

===== Evil Is Sent Through Halloween Candy

Who is crazy enough to believe this?

Kimberly Daniels Warns That Evil Is Sent Through Halloween Candy

And the actual article:

The Danger of Celebrating Halloween

* Read (or join in) this discussion:

===== Do your Gods dictate?

Of the following, which kind of relationship do you have with
your God(s)?

-One of command. Your God tells you want to do, and you do it

-A little more courteous than the first; your God asks you to do
something and you do it

-Your God asks you to do something and hopes that you do it

-Your God suggests that you do something, and then leaves you to

-Your God doesn't tell you anything and leaves you to do what you

My answer lies somewhere between the last two. I get the
impression that my Gods leave hints as to what they suggest I do,
but generally they leave me to make my own decisions.

How about you?

* Read (or join in) this discussion:

===== Lying?

What does your path say about lying -- if anything?

Is honesty valued? Why?

Do you believe lying is inherently bad? Or does it depend on the
situation and/or on the lie?

Is lying ever the right thing to do?

* Read (or join in) this discussion:

===== Is magic Impious?

First of all, let me inform you that I am a follower of
Hellenismos. That being said, I shoukd explain, in the event that
anyone does not already know the following:
Hellenic reconstructionism as based on the ancient Greek
tradition, has, at its core, certain values and virtues that all
Hellenes should try their hardest to subscribe to. One of these
fundamental central ethics is that of "eusabeia," which can be
safely translated to mean "piety."

That fact lends itself to very strong opinions amongst many
Hellenes regarding what is and is not impious behavior. As we can
only place subjective observations in such matters, we have many
philosophical debates regarding such.

The topic of magic is a rather contentious area of discussion in
many Hellenic circles. It is precisely this that causes a lot of
people who, in general, share our deities and basic tenets of
belief to choose not to identify as recon.

My questions to you all, I hope, should start discussion and
healthy debate.

1. Does the use of magic show some degree of impiety?

2. In your religion is it at all arrogant to say that you have
abilities stretching out farther than normal human capacuty and
thus approaching the divine?

3. If you claim magic is not impious because the power comes from
your deities and not from yourself, is it not impious to say you
can call down the power and aid of a god/goddess at will?

4. How does your personal use of magic display your piety or
honor for god or the gods?

5. In the event that piety is not a significantly important part
of your belief system, would you please explain? Why?

* Read (or join in) this discussion:

===== Which roles do your deities play in your life?

I think every relationship 'serves' some purpose for us, there
are people you can talk very deeply with, people you like to
practice specific sports or hobbies with, people you like to
party with, people you would 'steal horses' with, people you like
to watch movies with, people you can work well with, people you
do raise kids with, people you learn with, people you borrow
things from, people you enjoy to have sex with, people you argue
with, people who give good advice, people you like to help out...

How is this with your deities? What are the reasons you 'work'
with a specific deity? Which roles do they play in your life?

I know this is a complex question. I suggest to just pick a few
deities which are the most important to you and explain what you
do with each of them.

* Read (or join in) this discussion:

===== Handwriting of the Gods?

There are a lot of paths out there for which very little is
written down. Most of their lore is either passed on orally or
lost in the mists of time, and UPG and archeology are the main
ways people build their beliefs.

Other paths, though, have reams and reams of original sources and
learned commentary. The original writings can be from many
different time periods, and the interpretations change according
to who is doing it and what has been discovered through other
means (again, archeology is a major changer-of-perspective) Often
there are contradictory things said about how a god behaves or
relates to people, or its fundamental nature even.

How do you decide what to include in your practice? Do you pick a
certain time period, or a particular interpreter? If part of a
god's history is distasteful or feels wrong to you, how do you
justify ignoring or re-interpreting that part, or do you just
accept that everybody, including gods, will occasionally earn
your disapproval? If you feel that some of the gods' baggage is
just the weight of the original culture or the interpretation of
politically minded leaders, where do you find the bits that

In other words, how do you identify what is 'truly' an aspect of
your god, and what is put upon it by humans? Do you feel that
some ancient writers were more faithful than others, have more of
a clear view, or that you can trace a myth back to pre-political
interpretations, or does the god speak to you and tell you 'He's
got the truth.' 'He's just a hack.' 'That view is degenerate, but
that one is me'. 'That is just the way I dictated it, but that
one takes liberties'.

How do you decide which sources are reliable and which are not
when they contradict each other? Is there a repeating clue, an
identifier, that you look for, like authentic handwriting vs
clever forgery?

* Read (or join in) this discussion:

===== Disposing of Offerings and Spell Materials

We were talking about offerings and sacrifices over in the Hazel
and Oak SIG, which spun me off into talking about how best to
dispose of offerings without soiling the environment. I have
alley cats I feed, and my own cat goes in the front yard... not
to mention the birds, the cats I don't feed, and whoever's dogs
get loose running around the neighborhood. I don't want to put
anything out in the yard that will harm the critters or kill my
grass or plants.

How do you dispose of your offerings or used spell materials
(like wax candle stubs)? Do you just chuck them in the trash?
Pour them down the sink? Take them outdoors into the yard or
other wilderness?

Have you thought about the affects that your leavings might have
on local wildlife or the environment?

* Read (or join in) this discussion:

========= Keywords in Tarot
========= by Phyllis Vega

Keywords can be a valuable tool when reading the tarot,
especially for the beginner. The keywords can be combined with
the in-depth meanings in such a way as to create memory pegs that
make it easier to interpret the cards when you're in the midst of
a reading. Sometimes just the recollection of one or two keywords
is enough to trigger total recall of a card's meaning. Once the
keywords have been mastered, the ability to combine and
synthesize the meanings of each of the 78 tarot cards comes with

===== Part 1  Tarot Reader's Keyword Cheat Sheet

=== The Major Arcana

0. The Fool: innocence, inexperience, new beginnings, fresh
start, freedom loving, open minded, a trip or journey, risk,
following your dreams, taking a chance.

l. The Magician: manifestation, transformation, metamorphosis,
will and determination, magic, psychic awareness, self-
confidence, creative intelligence, mental agility, crafty, a

2. The High Priestess: intuition, inspiration, secrecy,
detachment, mystery, psychic ability, passive, receptive, the
unconscious, memories, dreams, spiritual development, esoteric
knowledge, hidden power, women's mysteries.

3. The Empress: abundance, fertility, nurturing, motherhood,
pregnancy, sensuality, sexuality, practicality, good luck,
success, feelings, property, land, synthesis, comfort, luxury.

4. The Emperor: authority, government, logic, reasoning, solid
foundations, leadership, organization, order, fatherhood, bosses,
courts, society in general, police, war, conquest, victory.

5. The Hierophant: tradition, organized religion, family,
conventional mores, conventional belief systems, rituals,
marriage, organizations, groups, rigidity, orthodox guidance, the

6. The Lovers: choice, unions, partnership, a love match,
unpredictable changes, travel, new experiences, duality,
decisions, new relationships, someone interfering between lovers.

7. The Chariot: ambition, motivation, focus, power, victory,
success, self-discipline, travel, determination, youthful energy,
bravado, willpower, fruition.

8. Strength: fortitude, inner strength, courage, passion,
perseverance, wisdom, knowledge, self-dominion, self-confidence,
enthusiasm, endurance, patience, stubbornness.

9. The Hermit: guidance, contemplation, solitude, study,
teaching, metaphysics, travel, self-containment, truth seeking,
meditation, occult knowledge and secrets, spiritual teaching,
higher self.

10. The Wheel of Fortune: good and bad luck, destiny, karma, what
goes around comes around, spinning your wheels, cycles, risk
taking, changes.

11. Justice: equity, balance, harmony, the law, deliberations,
contracts, choice, impartiality, detachment, compromise,
lawsuits, legal problems, law enforcement, looking at both sides,
getting what you deserve.

12. The Hanged Man: stagnation, suspended action, unconventional
behavior, frustration, delays, a new point of view, going your
own way, sacrifice, loneliness, victim consciousness.

13. Death: regeneration, transformation, rebirth, permanent
change, renewal, revitalization, metamorphosis, the phoenix
rising from the ashes, complete turn around.

14. Temperance: moderation, compromise, alchemy, adaptation,
tempering, self-control, modification, patience, mix and match,
weave together, blend fire and water, harmony, balance, a delay.

15. The Devil: temptation, limits, burdens, restrictions,
boundaries, misdirection, self-indulgence, sensuality, lust,
bondage to the past, fear of change, obsession, passive choosing,
lack of self-confidence.

16. The Tower: sudden and unexpected life changes, trauma,
breaking apart of structures, a wake up call, violent upheaval,
violent endings, catalyst for change, clearing away of the old to
make room for the new.

17. The Star: renewal, hope, healing, inspiration, inner peace,
calm, insight, meditation, guidance, purpose, light, reaching for
the stars, purity, beauty.

18. The Moon:  illusion, the unconscious, dreams, visions, worry,
fear, confusion, madness, paranoia, swamped by emotion, psychic
ability, the mysterious, goddess consciousness, women's
mysteries, reflection, dark night of the soul.

19. The Sun: joy, energy, good luck, success, material wealth,
things up front, god consciousness, exuberance, enthusiasm,
attainment, empowerment, illumination, master of your own
destiny, travel.

20. Judgement: enlightenment, a spiritual awakening, second
chance, starting over, regeneration, critiquing and judging
others, higher consciousness, wisdom, a more meaningful

21. The World: fulfillment, success, growth, change, milestone,
coming full circle, travel, having it all, ending one cycle and
beginning another, journey's end.

=== The Court Cards

King of Wands: entrepreneur, visionary, self-starter,
enthusiastic, self-employed, independent, motivated, an
inspiration to others, promoter, salesman, agent, manager,
impatient, impulsive, con man.

King of Cups: compassionate, loving, kind, romantic, nurturing,
family man, metaphysician, preacher, cook, counselor,
psychologist, operating a home business, working at what you
enjoy, tendency to over indulge in food and drink.

King of Pentacles: stable, astute in business, loyal, secure,
dependable, successful, materialistic, family oriented,
accomplished, square peg in a square hole, financier, CEO,
manager, industrialist, banker, measurable risk.

King of Swords: logical, warrior/scholar/diplomat, professional
man, lawyer, judge, doctor, writer, law and order, the justice of
the establishment, authority, wise, impartial, detective,
undercover agent, spy.

Queen of Wands: exuberant, spirited, creative, businesslike,
energetic, enterprising, dramatic, ardent, passionate, honest,
open, creative, outgoing, opinionated, fiery.

Queen of Cups: nurturing, loving, romantic, motherhood, psychic,
clairvoyant, compassionate, emotional, dramatic, spirituality,
sexuality, secretive, tendency towards overweight, loves animals
and children.

Queen of Pentacles: practical, nurturing, responsible, secure,
down-to-earth, business oriented, go-getter, materialistic, over-
protective, efficient, earth mother, writer, actress, inventor,
accountant, psychologist.

Queen of Swords: courageous, intelligent, creative, feminine, a
woman alone, independent, a widow or divorcee, outspoken, sharp
tongued, self-motivated, secretive, demanding, dominating,
vindictive, deceitful.

Knight of Wands: informative, travel related to business or
spiritual matters, heightened intuition, synchronistic events, a
spiritual quest, eager, ardent, energetic, a messenger bringing
good news.

Knight of Cups: romantic, travel, flirtations, social activities,
new romance, improvements and increase, following a path with
heart, flights of fancy, charm, excessive emotion, Don Juan.

Knight of Pentacles: dependable, serious, responsible, hard-
working, practical, working behind the scenes, workaholic,
smoldering temper, travel related to finances, business,
investing, saving.

Knight of Swords: assertive action, aggression, travel,
communication, social activities, courage, bravado, overcoming
obstacles, headstrong, sharp mind, mental challenge.

Page of Wands: communicative, spreading good news, new projects,
new beginnings, adventurous, spiritual, fun-loving, charismatic,
easily bored, unfinished projects, messages about work and
employment, advertising, promotion.

Page of Cups: expansive, pregnancy, birth, new beginnings, social
messages, sensitive, emotional, romantic, psychic, creative,
intuitive, immature.

Page of Pentacles: enthusiastic, student, scholarship,
apprentice, perpetual beginner, solitary journey, vision quest,
work as play, negotiations, financial communications, computer

Page of Swords: cerebral, intellectual, not taking things
seriously, intelligent, outspoken communication, assertive,
crusader, detached, watcher, ironic observer, active and curious

=== The Pip Cards

=== Wands

Ace of Wands: new enterprises, creative beginnings, birth of an
idea, new challenges, boundless energy, fiery enthusiasm,
optimism, exhilaration, a journey, birth of a child, a sexual
escapade, mail or phone messages.

Two of Wands: impending success, moving in the right direction,
creative partnerships, collaboration of ideas, successful
negotiations, ships just over the horizon, friendship based on
common interests.

Three of Wands: imminent success, past efforts starting to pay
off, ships coming in, commerce, overseas transactions, imports
and exports, alliances with others, pooling talent and ideas.

Four of Wands: foundations, stability, solidly laid plans,
architecture, property, building and planning, a new home, a
happy family, committed relationships, business partnerships,
friendship, births, marriage, engagement, rites of passage.

Five of Wands: competition, rivalry, aggressive action, standing
your ground, struggle, beating the bushes for new business,
flushing out opportunities, fighting for what you want.

Six of Wands: victory, success, triumph, overcoming obstacles,
achievement, winning, honors, realization of goals, vindication
for hard work and struggle, attaining a cherished dream.

Seven of Wands: holding your own, success against all opposition,
winning out over unfavorable odds, position of advantage,
fighting back successfully, taking a stand, self employment,

Eight of Wands: swiftness, energy, messages, good news, moving
closer to your goal, plans nearing completion, travel, mail,
faxes, email, phone calls, advertising, promotion, new ideas, new
projects, taking a risk.

Nine of Wands: final test, one last challenge, a pause in the
struggle, wait and see, caution and patience, drawing on reserve
strength, poised on the threshold of victory.

Ten of Wands: overburdened, excessive responsibility, carrying a
heavy load, biting off more than you can chew, doing everything
yourself, stress, pressure, all work and no play.

=== Cups

Ace of Cups: new relationships, new love, joy, fulfillment,
pregnancy, birth, fertility, new opportunities, renewed passion,
a new appreciation for life, a happy situation, the Holy Grail.

Two of Cups: partnership, true love, one-on-one relationships,
marriage, engagement, emotional compatibility, mutual trust,
openness, dating, good feelings, give and take.

Three of Cups: celebrations, rejoicing, reunions, the holidays,
births, baptisms, engagements, good fortune, success, happiness,
friendships, convivially, happy hours, fun, eating and drinking,
overindulgence, oversensitivity.

Four of Cups: apathy, unappealing choices, lack of enthusiasm for
the future, opportunities that merit a second look, jaded
outlook, boredom, dissatisfaction, a ho-hum attitude.

Five of Cups: regret, disappointment, loss, holding onto past
wrongs, sorrow, emotional pain, end of a relationship or job,
reversal of fortune, demotion, passed over for promotion, burned

Six of Cups: nostalgia, old memories, new opportunities,
children, childhood, appearance of an old friend or lover, birth,
pregnancy, happy times, a new use for old skills and abilities.

Seven of Cups: indecision, imagination, fantasy, an abundance of
options, inability to distinguish between good and bad choices,
feeling muddled and confused, vacillating.

Eight of Cups: walking away, moving on, the gradual withdrawal of
affection, loss of interest, conscious decision to leave a
relationship or job, backing off, pulling back, searching for
higher meaning.

Nine of Cups: wish fulfillment, happiness, joy, contentment,
abundance, material success, physical well being, fulfillment of
a dream, good luck, earthly pleasures.

Ten of Cups: happy family, joy and contentment in personal
relationships, lasting success, complete happiness, emotional
harmony, prosperity, security, commitment, marriage, children, a
house or home.

=== Pentacles

Ace of Pentacles: financial opportunity, a fresh start, a new
job, renewed health, expansion, material gain, a raise or
promotion, auspicious time to launch a new business venture.

Two of Pentacles: Your relationships are going through a period
of change and adjustment, and you're mainly concerned with
maintaining your equilibrium and striking a workable balance
between the various aspects of your life.

Three of Pentacles: master craftsperson, an expert, public
recognition, reward for expertise, master builder, payment of
royalties or residuals, satisfying work, achievement.

Four of Pentacles: security, a solid financial foundation,
stability, financially conservative, protective of possessions,
seeking happiness from money, self-sufficient, professional
advancement, a miserly disposition.

Five of Pentacles: insecurity, hardships, poverty, unemployment,
debts, self-employment that tends to feast or famine, misfortune,
out in the cold emotionally, feeling abandoned and ignored.

Six of Pentacles: financial aid, assistance, loan, social
security check, welfare, a grant, a scholarship, a gift, an
inheritance, bonus, raise, prize, benefactor, patron, what goes
around  comes around.

Seven of Pentacles: financial harvest, evaluating
accomplishments, weighing options for the future, royalties, a
surge in sales, reevaluation of goals, a pause in progress.

Eight of Pentacles: apprentice, education, learning a new trade,
polishing skills, attention to detail, fine tuning of ability,
taking pride in what you do, a new hobby.

Nine of Pentacles: comfort, independence, financial security,
alone but not lonely, contentment, well-being, self-reliance, a
beautiful environment, love of animals and nature, a home body,
material success.

Ten of Pentacles: wealth, prosperity, riches, purchase of land or
stock, business travel, transactions involving millions, a
windfall, improved health, happiness and contentment, security.

=== Swords

Ace of Swords: new ideas, new beliefs, new projects, invention,
resolving old problems, solutions to a mystery, cutting through
illusions, a sudden romance or sexual encounter.

Two of Swords: stalemate, deadlock, procrastination, a
paradoxical situation, a temporary truce or compromise, a fork in
the road, a decision yet to be made, the need to decide soon.

Three of Swords: heartbreak, loss, physical and emotional pain,
letting go, deep suffering, a broken relationship, divorce,
separation, open heart surgery, abortion, miscarriage.

Four of Swords: respite, incarceration, jail term, hospital stay,
a period of rest and recuperation, time out for quiet
contemplation, a spiritual retreat, inactivity, waiting.

Five of Swords: empty victory, winning through the use of
deception and unfair tactics, sabotage, treachery, escape from
danger, breaking of bonds, lifting of restrictions, a battle with
no clear victor.

Six of Swords: travel, moving away from problems, change of
residence, a turning point, improvement in a situation, a trip
over water, an overseas visitor, assistance.

Seven of Swords: bold action, an impulsive act, furtiveness,
stealth, outsmarting the opposition, playing your cards close to
the vest, taking advantage of a person or situation, mistrust, a
victory that brings only partial success.

Eight of Swords: restriction, illusion of limitation, a mental
prison, mental distress, fear, insecurity, blocked exits, lack of
options, feeling boxed in, looking for a way out, a sense of

Nine of Swords: worry, anxiety, sleepless nights, stress induced
nightmares, fear, mental anguish, depression, concern for family,
concern for the problems of the world, dark night of the soul.

Ten of Swords: betrayal, unhappy endings, treachery, misfortune,
being stabbed in the back, loss, final and dramatic resolution of
a situation, the end of a thing on which you had been counting.

===== Part 2  Keyword Practice Exercise

1) Study the keywords and phrases for each of the majors

2) Examine the following poem.

3) Using different keywords and phrases from the ones in the
sample, write your own poem about the twenty-two cards of the
Major Arcana.

Innocent Fool says, "I begin".

Crafty Magician says, "I manifest".

Secretive High Priestess, says "I intuit".

Fertile Empress says, "I nurture".

Authoritative Emperor says, "I govern".

Traditional Hierophant says, "I believe".

Harmonious Lovers say, "We choose".

Ambitious Chariot says, "I succeed".

Courageous Strength says, "I persevere".

Contemplative Hermit says, "I guide".

Cyclical Wheel of Fortune says, "I change".

Balanced Justice says, "I decide".

Suspended Hanged Man says, "I don't conform".

Transforming Death says, "I am reborn".

Alchemical Temperance says, "I compromise".

Limiting Devil says, "I tempt".

Traumatic Tower says, "I clear away."

Healing Star says, "I inspire".

Reflective Moon says, "I create illusion".

Glorious Sun Says, "I energize".

Enlightened Judgement says, "I awaken".

Affirming World says. "I've arrived".

=== About Phyllis Vega

Phyllis Vega is a professional astrologer and tarot reader. She
is the author of two popular tarot books, Romancing the Tarot and
Power Tarot (with Trish MacGregor), with a third book,
TarotCraft: How to Use the Cards for Divination, Creative
Visualization, and Meditation currently in the works. Contact
Phyllis via email at pvega@bellsouth.net or through her website
at http://phyllisvega.geocities.com/. Tarot Tarot columns and
other works by Phyllis are archived at

Phyllis Vega's Tarot Talk copyright (c) 2009 by Phyllis Vega. All
rights reserved.

========= by HeartShadow

HeartShadow is following her own religious path. She calls it
FlameKeeping. This regular column will present articles on
FlameKeeping, many taken from HeartShadow's FlameKeeping blog at:


===== Embracing One's Path

We all see the Divine as different things. Truth, beauty, God,
mathematics, science, or anything else we find that makes our
heart sing and gives us a feeling of being where we belong. There
is that spot when everything comes together and we find our
place, where it seems like we have found the path ordained for
us. While I do not believe these things are fated, that sense is
holy and should be followed whenever possible.

For each of us, depending on the direction we take in life, there
are places and choices that can lead us to that feeling of
completion, of finding our place in the universe, of meeting the
Divine. And that place, be it as a parent, as a teacher, a
scientist or anything else, is the place you belong and need to
find a way to be. It's not always possible, of course. We need
money, we are bound by regulations and idiocies that block us
from our desired path, all kinds of things can stand in the way.
But there are ways and ways to find these places in our lives: if
the standard way is blocked to us, we should find another way to
the same goal. We can trap ourselves in expectation, believing we
are only a teacher in the classroom, only a scientist in a lab.
We forget that a label is just a definition, not a trap, and that
we can follow a calling without any official sanction whatsoever.

Our callings can and often do change over our lives as well. We
need to be willing to bend with grace, to shift to a new
perspective when our world demands it. The only constant in our
world is change.

===== Questions:

  * What is your calling? Do you have one? More than one?
  * What have you given up for a calling? What have you gained?
  * Is there a calling you wish you had but don't? Something
    you've always wished you could do? Is there a reason to not

========= ARTICLES

======= by Karen Carothers

The idea of writing a Pagan seeker's guide has been percolating
in me for a while. Too often, I see seekers who rush impetuously
from idea to idea and path to path, never finding satisfaction
and always unsure why. It's my hope that by putting this guide
together, I can help those folks who look out at the vast vista
of religious seeking and wonder "Where on EARTH do I begin"?

Well, seeker, the first thing you need to do is to gather
supplies for your journey. My work here will require some sort of
recording tool. I like to journal with LJ, or using plain spiral
notebooks from the office supply store. But you can use another
online blog, or a fancy blank book, or the little cheap notebooks
they sell at dollar stores and craft stores... whatever you like
that inspires you to fill it up with your words.

You might also want to get yourself a special pen to keep with
the journal. Maybe colored glitter pens, or a very nice fountain
pen. Or crayons. Or if you're blogging online, you might want to
gather special jpgs or LJ user icons you can use for your
journaling. This is your creative space, so use whatever makes
you happy.

Once you've done that, plan to set aside a small amount of time
for journaling on a regular basis. Doesn't have to be daily or
weekly. But taking regular time and scheduling that time will
help you keep your spiritual focus amongst all your other mundane
tasks. And also remind you not to neglect the mundane in favor of
spiritual seeking. Journaling and reading are important, but so
is making sure there's food in the house and clean laundry in the

You might even want to make a special ritual out of your
journaling time... light a candle, some incense, play some soft
music. Or you might want to take your journal outdoors with you.
Or you may have to be content with journaling quietly at the
kitchen table after the kids and your spouse have gone to bed.
Whatever works for you. This is not meant to be a complicated
chore. It's meant to help you sort your mind so that your journey
can be a bit easier.

Now then... with that all accomplished... the first thing to
address is where you've been. Grab your journal and spend some
time musing over your spiritual past. Important things to
consider are:

1. Why am I embarking on this journey now, rather than in the
past or in the future?

2. Which of my spiritual teachings do I like?

3. Which of my spiritual teachings do I dislike?

4. Ultimately, how do I want to end up?

By sorting out where you've been, what you've learned, and why
you've become dissatisfied with it, you can begin to piece
together what you're looking for. By knowing what you didn't
like, you can avoid trodding down that same path in the future.
More importantly, you can explore WHY you didn't like it.

By exploring how you want to end up, you also begin to pick up
the directions of your seeker's journey. Are you looking to be
more confident? To have power? To become a scholar? To become a
community priest? You don't have to have all the answers now, but
chances are that you have some sort of goal in mind, even if it's

Next time, we'll examine what you might be looking for in a new
spiritual path.

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