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Cauldron and Candle suspended publication after its 60th issue (June 2005),
but we still need submissions for our web site!

The Cauldron and Candle newsletter is always looking for articles, reviews, and announcements of interest to the Neo-Pagan community. Original submissions (as opposed to articles already on web sites, see the final paragraph) will normally be considered for both the newsletter and our web site.

We are interested in publishing just about anything well-written, informative, and accurate related to magick and Paganism. Here's a list of a few of the things we are interested in publishing in Cauldron and Candle. Please don't take this as an exhaustive list, however.

Non-Wiccan material is stressed not because we don't want Wiccan material but because good non-Wiccan material has been hard to find. Wiccan material is quite welcome.

To make it easy for you send us your submissions, we have web forms you can use to:

While we prefer that you use our submission forms (especially for books reviews), you can also paste your contribution into an email and send to rssapphire00@ecauldron.GETRIDOFME.com (Be sure to remove the "getridofme") -- plain text is our preferred format. Submitting material is considered to be granting us permission to use the material in this newsletter and on The Cauldron's web site.

If you have a web site with original articles that you would like plugged in our newsletter, the best way to get a plug is to offer one of the articles on your web site to our newsletter. If we run your article, we will include information on your web site with the article. We get an article of this newsletter and you get publicity for your web site. If you would like to do this, please query us first with information on your web site and a link to the article you'd like us to consider publishing in Cauldron and Candle.

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