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Home > Reconstructionism > Greek/Hellenic > Orphic Hymn Numbering Search

Key to Numbering of the Orphic Hymns
by Drew Campbell


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Introduction: Orpheus to Musaios ("Learn now, Musaios, a rite mystic and most holy...")
1: To Hekate
2: To Prothyraia
3: To Night (Nyx)
4: To Ouranos
5: To Ether
6: To Protogonos
7: To the Stars
8: To the Sun (Helios)
9: To the Moon (Selene)
10: To Physis
11: To Pan
12: To Herakles
13: To Kronos
14: To Rhea
15: To Zeus
16: To Hera
17: To Poseidon
18: To Plouton
19: To Zeus the Thunderbolt
20: To Astrapaios Zeus
21: To the Clouds
22: To the Sea
23: To Nereus
24: To the Nereids
25: To Proteus
26: To Earth (Gaia)
27: To the Mother of the Gods
28: To Hermes
29: To Persephone
30: To Dionysos
31: To the Kouretes
32: To Athena
33: To Nike
34: To Apollon
35: To Leto
36: To Artemis
37: To the Titans
38: To the Kouretes
39: To Korybas
40: To Eleusinian Demeter
41: To Mother Antaia
42: To Mise
43: To the Horai
44: To Semele
45: To Dionysos, Bassareus and Triennial
46: To Liknites
47: To Perikionios
48: To Sabazios
49: To Hipta
50: To Lysios-Lenaios
51: To the Nymphs
52: To the God of Triennial Feasts
53: To the God of Annual Feasts
54: To Silenos, Satyros, and the Bacchai
55: To Aphrodite
56: To Adonis
57: To Chthonic Hermes
58: To Eros
59: To the Fates
60: To the Graces
61: To Nemesis
62: To Dike
63: To Justice (Dikaiosune)
64: To Nomos
65: To Ares
66: To Hephaistos
67: To Asklepios
68: To Hygeia
69: To the Erinyes
70: To the Eumenides
71: To Melinoe
72: To Tyche
73: To the Daimon
74: To Leukothea
75: To Palaimon
76: To the Muses
77: To Mnemosyne
78: To Dawn
79: To Themis
80: To Boreas
81: To Zephyros
82: To Notos
83: To Okeanos
84: To Hestia
85: To Sleep
86: To Dream
87: To Death

This article originally appeared on Andrew Campbell's Nomos Arkhaios site which is currently on hiatus.
This article is copyright © 2000-2003 by Andrew Campbell and is reprinted here with permission.

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