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Getting in Touch with the Divine
One Pagan's Path to Walking with the Gods
Copyright 2002 by Kernonnous


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In the early days of my own personal Pagan history, I felt as though the world had opened a new door for me. I felt as though I could fly. After a few years had gone by the old feelings of drudgery where starting to come back. It was the same thing day in and day out. What was missing was a special tie between the Divine and me. I tried many so-called formulas, meditations, and spiritual walks in the woods to help me gain that connection. Nevertheless, nothing seemed to work. All this time had passed and there was no strong connection. This is what I am presenting to you as a person seeking a kindred relationship. Do not look at this as only a Pagan path, but more of one person's personal path for learning how to walk hand in hand with the Gods.

A good amount of time can go into this task, but with the right tools, you can accomplish anything you put your mind to. Perhaps you already have that special God or Goddess that you would like to know on a more personal level. Perhaps you have not found them yet. What ever the case may be, you can use this technique to connect with any Divine being you choose. That is part of the fun! So let us get started shall we?

Once you have made your choice the next logical step is to let them know you are interested in meeting with them. This can be done through ritual work if you like, or you can create you own ways. In a moment, we will a look at a sample ritual, I wrote especially for this type of work. First, let us lay down some ground rules. There is nothing more annoying then when someone call's you over to say "Hi" and then disrespects you. Well the Divine are the same way. Except depending on whom is it you have called they may not be as kind as you might expect. So in other words treat them, as you would want to be treated. Do not start demanding this and that, remember you are here to simply meet, and get to know them not force them to do your bidding.

Cast your circle as you normally do, but this time keep in mind what you are about to do. What is that you ask? Well your about to communicate with a Divine being perhaps for the first time on a more personal level which can be a wondrous experience. Once your circle is complete and you are satisfied, with it sit in the middle and calm yourself. Relax, close your eye's and think of whom it is you want to meet. Say aloud or to yourself these or similar words:

Lord (Lady) ________ be here with me
Come forth from within and all around
Let us join hand in hand.

Now visualize a secret cave forming before you. This place known only to you and the Divine being you are working with. Walk towards the cave until you reach the entrance. Look at the art that surrounds the outer walls, these symbols are sacred to the Divine being you desire to meet with. At this point, you may feel that you should not or cannot enter. This is perfectly normal and you should not attempt to go any further at this time. However if you look around the entrance you may find a piece of paper and pen. Use this to let them know how you feel about them and your desire to know them on a more personal level. It can be as long or as short as you like. When you are, done simply place the paper and pen back where you found them and end the session for today.

If however you where able to enter the cave you have taken your first step to a better understanding of their nature. I cannot tell you what is on the other side because that is for you and you only to know. Sometimes there is an adventure for you to go on. A test if you will. Do not worry however; there will more likely be several of these before you finally meet them face to face. In addition, over time through these adventures you will learn more and more about them until finally there you will be, standing before them.

Author's Notes

The technique I present here is based on a Hawaiian Shaman path that I read about quite a few years back. I apologize however the book has since been lost and the title fails to reach consciousness. The basic idea is that you "might" be presented with certain items, or paths. For example if while on an adventure you are faced with a vicious looking animal blocking you path, you have two choices. Turn and run, or pull out your bag of tricks. You know the usual, sleeping powder, and I think I saw a bigger animal in there the other day.

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