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Doxy's Bazaar
Where the Hosts Hawk Used Stuff

Welcome to Doxy's Bazaar where the Hosts (Randall and LyricFox) sell a few excess Pagan books (and a few odds and ends on occasion) they have accumulated over the years at bargain prices. If you are interested in an item or items, let us know via this form (pops up in a new window so you can easily copy-paste items) or via an email to We will email you back with a quote including both the items you want (assuming they are still available and we try to keep the page up to date when an item sells) and the shipping charges. You can then pay via PayPal and we will ship your item(s) to you via the US Postal Service. (We will usually take money orders from message board regulars if you don't like PayPal.) If you want to know our reputation, check our Ebay feedback.

View our
eBay Auctions | Pagan Books & Divination Decks | Other Books

*NEW LISTING*indicates a new listing

Pagan Books and Divination Decks
Most of these books have been reviewed. See our Book Reviews for more information.
ItemConditionOur Price
All Around the Zodiac
   by Bil Tierney (2001)
Like New$10.00
The Angels' Message to Humanity
   by Betty Schueler, Gerald Schueler (1996)
Like New$11.00
Astrology & Relationships
   by David Pond (2001)
Like New$8.95
Astrology for Beginners
   by William W. Hewitt (1992)
Like New$6.50
Between the Worlds *NEW*
   by Stuart Myers (1995)
Like New$12.00
Cakes and Ale for the Pagan Soul *NEW*
   edited by Patricia Telesco (2005)
Like New$8.50
Cauldron of Transformation *NEW*
   by Lady Sabrina (1996)
Celestial Goddesses
   by Lisa Hunt (2001)
Like New$12.50
Charting Your Spiritual Path With Astrology
   by Stephanie Jean Clement (2001)
Like New$7.50
The Complete Book of Numbers
   by Steven Scott Pither (2002)
Like New$9.95
The Complete Guide to Divination
   by Cassandra Eason (2003)
Like New$8.50
The Complete System of Self-Healing
   by Stephen T. Chang (1986)
Like New$9.95
The Crystal Connection
   by Randall N. Baer, Vicki Vit...
Like New$8.95
Earth Mother Astrology
   by Marcia Starck (1989)
Like New$6.50
Ecstatic Ritual: Practical Sex Magic
   by Brandy Williams (1990)
Egyptian Pyramid Oracle
   by Verona McColl (2002)
Like New$10.95
The Enchanted Diary: Teen's Guide to Magick and Life *NEW*
   by Jamie Wood (2005)
Like New$8.50
Exploring Chakras *NEW*
   by Susan G. Shumsky (2003)
Like New$8.50
Exploring Native American Wisdom
   by Fran Dancing Feather, Rita Robinson (2003)
Like New$6.50
Exploring Numerology *NEW*
   by Shirley Lawrence (2003)
Like New$8.50
Heart of Tarot *NEW*
   by Amber K and Azrael Arynn K (2002)
Like New$8.50
Healing Ground
   by Myra Dutton, Trish Tuley (2003)
Like New$12.50
Inner Cleansing CuresLike New$9.95
Llewellyn's 2003 Moon Sign Book
   by Gloria Star (2002)
Like New$3.95
Llewellyn's 2004 Sun Sign Book (2003)Like New$2.95
Magick, Shamanism & Taoism
   by Richard Herne (2001)
Like New$8.95
Magic of the Qabalah *NEW*
   by Kala Trobe (2001)
Like New$8.50
Magical Aromatherapy *NEW*
   by Scott Cunningham (1989)
The Magician's Workbook *NEW*
   by Donald Tyson (2001)
Like New$10.00
Making Talismans *NEW*
   by Nick Farrell (2001)
Like New$8.50
Maiden Magick
   by C. C. Brondwin (2003)
Like New$6.50
Making Magick
   by Edain McCoy (1997)
Like New$7.50
Pagans and Christians *NEW*
   by Gus Zerega (2001)
Like New$9.00
Past-Life and Karmic Tarot *NEW*
   by Edain McCoy (2004)
Like New$7.50
Putting the Tarot to Work *NEW*
   by M ark McElroy (2004)
Like New$9.50
The Ritual Magic Workbook *NEW*
   by Dolores Ashcroft-Nowicki (1986)
Like New$8.50
Simplified Qabala Magic *NEW*
   by Ted Andrews (2003)
Like New$6.00
Simplified Scientific Astrology *NEW*
   by Max Heindel (1928)
Soul Purpose Astrology *NEW*
   by Margaret Koolman (2002)
Like New$8.50
Spellcraft for Teens
   by Gwinevere Rain (2002)
Like New$7.50
Spells and Charms *NEW*
   by Nicola de Pulford (1999)
Like New$8.50
Tarot for All Seasons
   by Christine Jette (2001)
Like New$6.50
Tarot for Beginners
   by P. Scott Hollander (1995)
Like New$7.50
Tarot for the Healing Heart *NEW*
   by Christine Jette (2001)
Like New$8.50
Tarot for a New Generation *NEW*
   by Janina Renee (2001)
Like New$8.50
The Teen Spell Book *NEW*
   by Jamie Wood (2001)
Like New$7.50
A Time for Magic *NEW*
   by Maria Simms (2002)
Like New$7.50
Totem Magic
   by Yasmine Galenorn (2004)
Like New$9.50
A Wiccan Bardo
   by Paul V. Beyerl (1990)
Like New -- Lightly Read, would not be out of place in a bookstore.
Used -- Obviously read. Not abused, but could not pass as new.
Well Used -- Readable, but not in great shape.

Other Books 
ItemConditionOur Price
The Margaret Rudkin Pepperidge Farm Cookbook
   by Margaret Rudkin (1963)
   Cookbook; Hardback; 440 pages
Mordred's Curse
   by Ian McDowell (1996)
   Fantasy Novel; Hardback with jacket; Book Club Edition(?)
The Mystery of the Whispering Mummy
   by Robert Arthur (1985)
   Young Adult Novel (Three Investigators); Hardback
Young Indiana Jones and the Tomb of Terror
   by Les Martin (1990)
   Young Adult Novel; Hardback
Like New -- Lightly Read, would not be out of place in a bookstore.
Used -- Obviously read. Not abused, but could not pass as new.
Well Used -- Readable, but not in great shape.

eBay Auctions

The box below lists any eBay auctions we have running at the moment. Clicking on the item name will bring up the item on eBay where you can bid on it. (You will need javascript to see this box.)

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