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on February 05, 2007, 02:40:22 pm
by Rose Ariadne

Your first spell in any path of Witchcraft should be one of protection. There are two reasons for this. First, protection spells are very safe... even if you are inexperienced, no harm can come from casting a protection spell the "wrong way"...

The second reason is because most protection spells are relatively easy. I've given you one here, and also a simple money spell you can do too...

Beginner Spell #1 -- Make a Piggy Bank Seed

This extremely simple spell is so easy it is almost funny. Don't let that fool you though, it works very well to bring wealth into your life. My Grandmother had me do it as a child (it worked so well, I still have the same dollar bill in a piggy bank almost 30 years later).

This spell also works best in the evening, and in the protection of a Magick circle - at your altar.

You will need:

A piggy bank A dollar bill, play money, or a piece of paper Clove oil Green or gold thread

Dab the four corners of the money, play money, or paper with clove oil. Fold the bill three times.

Wrapping towards you, wind the thread around the dollar bill. Tie it with three knots. Place this seed dollar in the piggy bank. The anointed dollar will act as seed money and will draw more money to it (and into your life).

Beginner Spell #2 -- Dragon Protection

This spell will create energy of protection through your aura - giving your protection from bad luck, and bad energies.

This is best done after you have cast your Magick circle, in your sacred space around your altar.

You will need one white or purple candle to represent yourself and one black candle for the earth dragon.

Cast your magick circle. Stir the dragon of the element of the north (Earth). Light the earth dragon candle and chant these words:

"Earth dragon strong and true, Send to me your magick new. Egg of protection we shall see, This is my will so mote it be."

As you chant, envision energy moving from the dragon candle to the one that represents you. See the energy around your candle as green light in the shape of an egg.

When you feel this has been accomplished, light your candle from the dragon candle. See your magick happening and know you are protected. Snuff out your candle and put it in a safe place. Any time you need additional protection, light this magickally charged candle. Remember to snuff it out (don't blow it out) and put it in a safe place.

About the Author

Rose has been practicing different forms of Witchcraft for over 27 years. For more information on spells for witchcraft visit her site The Ask Rose Ariadne Witchcraft Site.
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