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by EverFool on April 11, 2007, 06:16:00 pm

A friend of mine has a saying: ‘never underestimate human stupidity.’ I have come to the conclusion that the general strangeness of people should not be underestimated either. Unfortunately, each time I think I have become used to what people are capable of, someone manages to raise the bar.

Since I started posting at The Cauldron in 2002 I have seen people who thought Atlantis is real, a girl who thought she was the reincarnation of Isis, a guy who thought he was half-demon (and wanted to ‘awaken his powers’) and so forth. Given that The Cauldron was founded in 1997, there is a certain amount that I was ‘sadly’ unable to witness at the time they occurred.

The purpose of this article is to help new members experience some aspects of The Cauldron’s history, and also to remind old members of things they probably would prefer not to remember. Due to the nature of this kind of article, it will inevitable resemble a list.

We’re Doomed

This is far from early in the board’s history, but does seem a very important part of the culture. If you’re reading this, you’ve probably been cursed. At first it was suspected that a regular member was making a joke, but no-one claimed responsibility. This leaves us with the terrifying possibility that there are people out there who a) believe they can curse an entire forum and all past/present/future members to ‘grey mists,’ and b) would do so because we debate. This is not infrequently referenced on the forum, and this thread has also given us the name of our chat area.

Fluffy bunnies and Atlantean Dolphin Masters:

This thread started out with an anecdote of a ‘fluff bunny’ that blamed a member’s illness on disrespect of the Atlantean Masters. The thread proper combines a discussion on fluff bunnies (and how to deal with them), the history of Atlantis (or rather, the basis for the myth), and joking responses to the original claim. This is the first known reference to the Atlantean Masters, but the phrase ‘Atlantean Dolphin Master’ appears to have come later in the boards history. However, it is now something of a running joke. It is traditional that they should only be mentioned in whispers, and only if you’re very daring.

Super Mage!

Apparently Super Mages have been scattered across the world and are trying to find each other. One such ‘Super Mage’ decided our forum was a great place to look for similar individuals. She made it to at least two different topics, possibly more. She generally disrupted said topics with bizarre talk about Super Mages, apocalypses, and well… Read the threads. Note that according to the Super Mage herself, the smart ones don’t advertise themselves to other people.

How dare we criticise Silver Ravenwolf:

This is only one thread, but we have had many people in the past who were not happy about the fact that a majority of members at The Cauldron will recommend against Silver Ravenwolf. However, this thread is notable in that the original poster repeatedly engaged in personal attacks that resulted in his getting banned in just over one hour’s time of starting the thread. So far, only spam advertisers have been banned quicker. It is worth noting that disagreeing with the majority view is fine so long as one can do so civilly. However, what makes this thread a classic is that the second line avows that the article is not worth the poster’s time. If that’s the case, why start a thread? Because of many threads like this, Silver Ravenwolf can be a sore topic. If you say ‘why do you guys hate her,’ and get jumped on by twenty posters, bear in mind that they’re not jumping on you as such. Rather people are responding to the large numbers of people who posted before you. Unfortunate as this even is, it shouldn’t be taken personally.

Capital Letters are Bad

This particular oddity nearly didn’t come to light. A poster asked permission to not use capital letters in his posts. This was granted, on the assumption that his caps key didn’t work, or some other reasonable thing. No. When asked, as a point of curiosity, why he did not want to post in capitals, it was revealed that the basis for the habit was a protest against the Roman empire, which apparently forced people to use capital letters. This thread stands as an excellent example of the many bizarre viewpoints we’ve encountered over the years – and there have been a lot. Part of the board’s culture is a sense of exasperation at the ideas people come up with and attempt to foist upon others.

I can’t understand the words that are coming out of your mouth:

The above are two threads that a poster going by the name of ‘Arawn’ got involved in. There are many more samples of his…genius…available on the old forum if you do a search on his username. In any case attempts to decipher his sayings were generally futile. At one time this style of poster was not uncommon. As a result long-standing members of The Cauldron can be identified by their occasional facial twitches.

Tolkien wrote fiction. FICTION:

This is another poster who got involved in a number of threads. In this particular thread he attempts to prove that Tolkien was writing about Atlantis. Which was real. As in Middle Earth. If you can read through the posts without your eyes glazing over, or losing the will to live, I will award you a gold star.

In a similar vein the poster attempted to find a link between Mayan and Egyptian calendars.

As may be surmised, he was not a fan of ‘coincidence’ explanations.

Elven Goddess of the Earth?

Initially a poster asked for information about the ‘sisters of silence,’ something we had difficulty with since no-one had ever heard of them. The original poster claimed that she and a friend were at risk from some coven, but was vague on details. A google on the afore-mentioned sisters found mainly sci-fi related links. When people made cautious posts requesting information, the poster took offence. She later implied that she (or possibly her friend) was an Elven Goddess on the earth side, whatever that means.

Am I a vampire?

No. You aren’t.

Demons ahoy!

It’s difficult to say if this is one of the more infamous threads, but it should be. A new poster declared that he was a half-demon, and wanted our help in awakening his powers. Although this kind of claim doesn’t tend to appear on the forum so much now, there was a time when it seemed that some outlandish claim or another was being made two or three times a month. Personally I was always amazed that someone thought people would want to unlock demon powers.

People who wanted to inform us…

This gets its own subsection, because a number of people have come to the forum hoping to correct misconceptions (in some cases misconceptions the majority of the forum did not have in the first place). Sometimes this goes well, and we do learn something from the experience. Sometimes people don’t like us asking the wrong questions, and it all goes a bit wrong…

The Narnia Flounce:

A young Christian girl offered to answer questions about the Bible. As we pride ourselves on being an interfaith forum, this wasn’t a problematic thing. In fact, for a few posts it looked like it would go well. People asked questions. None of these appeared particularly harsh, but the original poster didn’t take them too well. The poster apparently thought we were the forces of darkness, and expected to be martyred. To say that the flounce confused us is putting it lightly.

We’re too dumb to be Satanists:

In this thread a Satanist offered to answer questions about her religion. Problems arose when some members noticed anti-Semitic material on a web-site that was referenced. Many pointed questions were asked, and this apparently proved that we were ‘too retarded’ to be Satanists.

Learn about Islam…oh

This was another thread that might have gone well. Unfortunately the original poster claimed that people had attacked Islam and Muslims in other posts. Naturally the hosts and staff wanted to know where this had happened, and who had done it, so that the situation could be resolved. Some discussion did go on, and some questions were answered. However, the question of locating the source of a problem, and arguments with the hosts over moderation led to the poster being gagged. This became a permanent ban when he created new accounts to get around the gag.


Hopefully this presentation has brought back old memories for some long term members of the Cauldron, and given a quiet chuckle to some new members. Alas, there were many ‘odd’ threads that were not included here due to space constraints. Others were not included, much as it would have been nice to, because Delphi’s search function does not go back further in time than 3 months unless you are a paying customer. However, feel free to browse the old forums – you might find something I missed.

I would like to conclude by saying that it’s been interesting being a member of the Cauldron – if occasionally a little worrisome.


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