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Author Topic: Avatar 3D  (Read 15437 times)
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« Reply #14: December 31, 2009, 09:54:58 pm »

Recently I’ve watched the “Avatar” movie. And I have to confess it had a great impact on me. Not because of the special effects or the actors, but because of the idea that was placed there, deep inside. I don’t have any intentions of enforcing you to see it as I saw it. But, maybe, the time is right to look at some things differently. I, myself, live in one of the former USSR countries. And while browsing through pagan or witchcraft-oriented web pages and sites, I was surprised by the similarity of the ways we all see, feel and experience the world. As many of you may be, I am proud to have a Teacher. She is a Priestess of the Great Mother and a very wise woman to listen to, believe me. She taught me how to see behind the ordinary and how to experience life in a broader way than it can be met by the eye. That is a reason why I want to share with you two of her recent posts, translated into English (please excuse me for any mistakes that could appear in text, English is not my native language). This is not an ad of her blog, that’s why there will be no hyperlink to it. I’m only hoping that you will read the text and listen to what it has to say to YOU.

About the art (December 23, 2009)
A long time ago bards and minstrels walked on roads of the land. From castle to castle, from one village to another, they carried news about neighbors or distant places, they gathered stories, the best of which were turned into songs. They sang about things that happened long ago or not long since.
Among them there were ordinary craftsmen, and there were Masters. Either of them had to uncover their instruments – in some places it were harps, in other it were lyres and psalteries. They did so in poor taverns and in nobleman’s houses. They’ve been in places, where everyone went silent, striving not to miss a single sound, as soon as fingers of the singer touched the strings. There were times when their songs were no more than a background to the loud feasts with its amusements. And there seemed, that It didn’t made any difference to them to whom to sing.
However, some time ago, but almost always and in every place where traveling singer appeared, even amongst the most roaring and drunken crowd, barely he touched the strings, at least one person straighten the back and lifted up the head. And the musician could even hear this person taking a deep breath, followed by as deep breath-out, and he saw in this person’s eyes the willingness to listen. And as long as there were those able to listen and to hear, the bards walked the roads. Even today they walk and sing somewhere. But in the greater part of the world the number of men grew bigger, and the voices of musicians started to get lost in noisiness of the crowds. And instead of the solitary singers, the troops of traveling actors, who performed on cities squares, started to appear. After that – the theaters. And again, the actors saw those in the crowd, who watched them in a special way, with straight back and their heads lifted up unconsciously, ready to listen. And for those people the actors played, bringing the message to them. But again the life was changing, making the number of street actors grow smaller, and the entrance to the theaters became not free anymore. Quantity of books, telling about the events of another places and times, multiplied. But not everyone was able to hear the message from the lifeless pages. And some time after, it became almost impossible to hear something in this flow of informational noise. Written words didn’t have a chance of replacing those old-time singers. And then the movies were born.
It is for a reason every nation had their gods of arts. The function of the art is to bring the message to everyone, who wants to hear it. And behind every talented creator there is a god’s force, and every work of art has its own message. It is not an entertainment, but our conversation with the World, with the Gods. And a dialogue of our own spirit with our human mind. Of course, not every rhythmical sound, not every movie and not every book is art. Progressively people long for amusement, not knowledge. And wishing for amusement only, only for it they search in the art. And even those who think of themselves as of art experts, do sharper their wit on details, trying to find mistakes and imperfections, faults and bad acting. But at distant times not every singer had a voice worth of opera, and their instrument were not always perfectly tuned. Those things were not of importance. You don’t need to pay attention to the technique or details to see and hear what is important, you need to be able to perceive. Try it! If you know that the creator of the artwork is talented, tune yourself in. Take a deep breath. Straighten your back, lift your head up, relax, open yourself in perception, and listen. And you will be surprised how someone’s mobile phone ringing, or people talking, sound of popcorn crunch or even a false note from the stage won’t disturb you anymore. If you will manage to do so, on the way back you won’t praise yourself with critique of the authors or performers, you will be whist. The wave of thoughts will carry you from the shore of the things you’ve just saw or heard – perceived – into the ocean of cognition. Cognition of Yourself, or perhaps the world… This would mean that you’ve heard the message – the one that is meant especially for you. That is the nature of art, and in this way it is under the aegis of Gods.

About the “Avatar” (December 29, 2009)
You need to watch it in IMAX and only in 3-D. In other words, you have to watch this movie from the inside. This movie has to be perceived. There is no reason to simply watch it. If just watching, you will see only the graphics, only the story, and you will find the things to critique and to make fun of.
But if you’ve SEEN the Pandora, visited it while viewing, then either you’ve carried away this world within you, in your memory, like a dream, like a longing for what’s REAL, or… I just don’t know what were the feelings of those people, who didn’t feel THERE like at home. The feelings of the children of human civilization, with its block buildings made of concrete and iron, are foreign to me. Maybe some of them felt defeat. But they are aliens on this planet also, on the Earth.
For eight or nine years, when I was walking through the forest, the wolf from that forest walked with me. I’ve met her the first summer after the year of buying the house. She was an adult, but still quiet young. She never approached me too close – we didn’t need that. But, when entering the woods I’ve always listened. And every time, for two, three of four times a year, I’ve felt her mind touching mine, and after that I saw her, behind the trees. And so we walked in parallel, interchanging glances, contacting only with our feelings. We both felt great because of that. Once I’ve found out, that the wolves have a sense of humor, that they know what is “funny” and can even laugh. And I was also laughing with her, when the young wolf, her puppy, approached me from the windwardly side – in a way, that I, a human, could feel its smell. In forest I am only afraid of humans. I beware of wild pigs and try to avoid a bear. But humans I’m afraid of.
There, in the forest, only one man excluding my own son is not an alien to the forest – the man from our village. All others are foreigners. And that was the thing that I felt there, in the movie, on Pandora. When Neytiri, after hearing Jakes words addressed to the Great Mother, said that the Mother doesn’t take a side with anyone, I’ve answered to her mentally: “No, girl, you’ve got it wrong. At times she does take a side with someone – with her own children, with her earth, with her World.” Going back from cinema I was in two worlds at the same time – here and there. And after that I felt that there are three of those worlds – the city, Pandora, and my Forest. And now I’m sitting behind my computer, in the city, and can hear my Forest. It is in winter sleep now, but when it will wake up in spring, I will go there, searching. Yes, I was perceiving what was shown to me, I’ve heard my Message. And now I have things to learn. Here on Earth, The Great Mother doesn’t speak through trees. Here she speaks through springs. Not without a reason at all times the water springs were considered to be sacred places of the Goddess. And not without a reason Christians are trying to baptize every spring or make it a holy well as quickly as possible (this practice is widely used by the Orthodox Church in Russia). But the Mother gives birth to so many springs, that the Christians will never manage to catch up. I feel that exactly there, in her springs and creeks lays the key to the Force of this World, to the unity with it. And I will search for such spring in my Forest.
Those, who are not the children of the cities, go see this movie in 3D, if you’ve watched it in 2D before that. Cameron filmed it this way for a reason, believe me. Visit this movie from the inside, hear it, perceive it. And after that, go to the springs to listen to the Great Mother. It is possible, that we will understand how to save our own World. For the first time, from the internet page, I speak to you not as Daene Sidhe, but in my main quality, as a High Priestess of the Great Mother. This film is initiated by Her.

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