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Author Topic: You're WRONG!  (Read 11009 times)
Caeia Iulia Regillia
Last Login:July 08, 2010, 07:31:44 am
United States United States

Religion: Religio Romana (revivalist)
Posts: 37

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« Reply #30: January 27, 2010, 01:33:42 pm »

What do those words mean to you in a religious sense?  Do you ever entertain the thoughts of what you might be wrong about, and what that means to your faith?  What's the worst that might happen if you're wrong?


Personally, my religion STARTS at the point of "we're all wrong about something.  What IS is a lot bigger than what we can grapple with.  So we're going to fall short - and that's okay".

So I'm quite sure I'm wrong about stuff.  In fact, with that as a main tenet of my religion, I HAVE to be - if I'm right about everything else, I'm wrong on that! Cheesy

I think we're all wrnong about something.  So I'd say welcome to the club.  It means I'm a striving human.  Which is a good thing. 

Just a zen story for ya, but I think it makes the point better than I can:
A zen master and a British diplomat are drinking tea.  The British guy asks the Zen master about Zen.  The Master asks the British man about religion, so the man aswers with all the things he knows.  Then the master fills the British guy's full teacup with more tea, spills it everywhere.  The British guy gets annoyed and says "why are you doing that, my cup is already full!" to which the master replies "you have to empty your cup before I can fill it"

OK crappy paraphrase. But the point is that it's a mark of a true seeker to have an empty cup that needs to be filled rather than a full cup.  If I think I have all the answers, I cannot learn.  If I'm already sure about everything, then I'm finished.  There's nothing I can do to improve. 

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Adept Member
Last Login:July 03, 2011, 11:33:09 pm
United States United States

Religion: Celtic/Heathen, ADF, UU
TCN ID: Collinsky
Posts: 1026

I was made from the ninefold elements...

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Collinsky CollinskyCo

« Reply #31: January 27, 2010, 09:32:27 pm »

Once upon a time, I thought I knew what was right religiously.  Those were good times.  Now all I know is that I know nothing, which makes me alright by Socrates but does very little to make my life easier.  When doubt forced me to reassess my spirituality, I told myself that any god worth believing in would understand why I needed to turn my back on everything I had been taught and figure things out for myself.  Not that that will stop a god NOT worth believing in from sentencing me to eternal suffering, should such a deity exist.  Here's hoping I'm not wrong, I guess.

This so exactly mirrors my stepping away from my "religion of origin" -- I decided that that god would absolutely understand that I had to wipe the slate of my beliefs completely clean, and rebuild from scratch, and that anything that was "true" in it would come back to me, and that anything that wasn't... well, I was well rid of it. It was very much like stepping off a cliff into darkness, and that final act of trust in a god who released me from His service was the scariest, most freeing thing in my life. FWIW, I never did believe in the "eternal suffering" bit, so I think you're in the clear. I could be wrong.  Grin Which brings me from this slightly OT piece to a reply to the original question -- oh absolutely, I could be wrong. In fact, as some have said, acceptance that being incorrect in my understanding of deity, the sacred, etc etc is a vital and cherished part of my path now. (Very different than before, when seeking total, pure, correct rightness was paramount. Being wrong was blasphemy, and those who did it through ignorance or defiance were doomed to misery, if nothing else.)

My feeling is that no one can say definitively, "This is what is going on outside our five senses." People can have experiences of something beyond the material world, but it would be difficult to actually prove to anyone else that those experiences happened because of external forces, and not because of some random neural firing in the brain of the one who saw/heard/felt something that wasn't experienced by others.

I feel that there are many things that are simply beyond human understanding, and that accepting the very humanness of our understanding - with its fallibility AND its beauty - is important. I don't worry about being wrong -- I naturally strive to understand fully, to discover Truths, and to truly connect with the gods as I experience them in ways that are meaningful to me -- but I don't find it stressful or upsetting to think that I may be wrong, have been wrong, and will be wrong in new ways in the future. I've said before that I hope to never have total certainty again, because IME it is stagnating, and divisive. 


When I'm sad, I stop being sad and be AWESOME instead.
"Let's not confuse your inability to comprehend what I do with my ability to do it."
Senior Newbie
Last Login:February 10, 2010, 08:20:05 am
United States United States

Religion: Brighideach Greenwitch
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« Reply #32: January 31, 2010, 12:38:20 am »

Of course I'm wrong.  How could I, a mere human even begin to fathom the depths of the greatness of the Divine?  All I can comprehend is but a microscopic fragment of the Divine's eminence, where I am touched by her loving grace. I am but a mote in the depths of the ocean of her being.  I am but a speck that is humbled by her greatness.  And so, I have faith that the Divine will watch out for me, as she does for all of her creatures.  I have faith because I am wrong and I know I could never be right.  And so the only correct thing about my understanding of the Divine is that I have faith.


Life is magic, magic is life, and the Divine is love.
Goddess bless.

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