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Author Topic: Honoring multiple gods  (Read 6657 times)
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Last Login:November 30, 2011, 07:48:20 pm
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Religion: Kemetic Orthodox
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« Reply #15: March 28, 2010, 07:05:38 pm »

Bast I honor daily, in formal rite and in numerous small informal ways. On Sundays, I do a round of offerings for other Gods that I follow--Nut, Amun-Ra, the Seven Arrows of Bast, the God of the Year (currently Djehuty)--and also for my ancestors. I also salute Khonsu-Heru whenever the moon catches my eye, but I try to do so more formally on the new and full moons. And there are other Gods that I occasionally honor on Their festival days, or whenever it seems like a good time to converse.

For Bast, I have a formal naos shrine, a set-up/take-down Senut shrine, and two small shrines of different focus (plus a large statue of Her has currently taken over what used to be my non-specific spirituality altar). Oh, and there's also a little shrine for Her on my desk at work. Nut, Amun-Ra, and the God of the Year have their own shrine spaces, as do the ancestors, and then I also have a cabinet top for assorted Gods. Plus I set up temporary festival shrines when necessary.

I would say that the Kemetic pantheon is probably too large and multiply constituted to worship the whole thing in general. I seem to be tilting toward focusing on Names worshipped at per-Bast, along with some scattered others (mainly Wepwawet and Set, and possibly also Satet).


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Religion: Kemetic Orthodox, Heathen, Orisa devotee
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« Reply #16: March 28, 2010, 07:56:18 pm »

Are there some that you honor only once or twice annually (Brighid only at Imbolc, perhaps) and others you honor daily?

Do you worship one god (or a couple, or a few) gods in a specific, individual way, and the rest of that pantheon in a more general sense, as a group?

I worship Aset in Her shrine daily (both the personal and Naos/Senut shrine) and I give Her extra offerings on her festival days.  I worship Wepwawet and Nebet Het about once a day or every few days in their shrines; I also worship Sekhmet in Her shrine too. 

I honor other Kemetic deities on their festival days if I have a personal relationship with them or if there is a temple event honoring them. 

I honor Oya on Wednesdays at Her shrine, Oshun on Thursdays since Friday is taken by Frigga (and Skadhi) and I just began honoring Yemoja (Yemaya) on Saturdays. 

I also honor Brigantia and I don't know yet what her day will be. 

I am the Goddess of Who I can Become. I mix the magic of the sorceress with the blade of a warrior. I walk the liminal pathways to see the face of the Goddess, both terrible and kind. As She stares back at me, I tremble in awe and ecstasy.  --Me
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Religion: hellenic-ish polytheist
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« Reply #17: April 01, 2010, 10:28:23 pm »

If you are polytheist and honor more than one god, do you have a set "schedule" for honoring specific ones?

Ha.  After skipping this thread for almost a week, I read it the day I finished listing my personal cycle.

I don't do much religiously.  You might say I'm a Hellenic version of the Christmas/Easter Christians.  For a few years now, I've been offering water daily to the Theoi in general, but not singling any of them out. (I single out Ma'at and Ganesh, though)  Recently I've been feeling the intelectual need to expand my practice. (Intelectual to distinguish it from the Mandated by the Gods feeling)  At the moment all it will consist of is daubing water from the General Theoi's offering onto a card representation of the Theoi in question.

I put together a list of 24 Theoi that I wanted to establish offerings to.  I admit it's rather arbitrary, but I'm ok with that, and none of Them have said otherwise.  It's currently mapped onto the modern calendar, with spacer days not singled out for anyone in particular.  Given how I'm marking the days (cards, not a calendar as originally my plan) I may cut that to the lunar cycle, but I'm not sure.


The purpose of Life is to experience. In order to experience new things, one has to change and grow. Therefore, to grow is integral to fulfilling the purpose of Life.
Conversly: Monotony is an experience.  Therefore, stagnation can be integral to fulfilling the purpose of Life.

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