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Author Topic: Art Ritual for Healing (also exploring the nondual and its place within ritual)  (Read 1212 times)
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« Topic Start: April 12, 2010, 01:21:47 pm »

Art Ritual for Healing (also exploring the nondual and its place within ritual, and learning)

real hypocrisy
words thoughts are fetters
insignificance of tao, the love of good people
funky cloud in assateague
your back, apart from time
natural honesty, autumn leaves? do they ever really leave? they just fade out
the get more obscure, they transform into quantum seats
unoriginal and vaguely directed drunk monotony I am Aisha the nomad
Why does Mother nature sometimes unwind speaking through milquetoast contradictory

or is it it my own naked epistrophy
warm tears in sunshine, make me happier than normal
emotions seem to
hush, now for the winds do settle, and the clouds point the way, to the east
through the brine and the city haze, close our thoughts to pristine times and only half

shown ways
I fall, peacefully, i smoke green tea, there is not even me
here is this clear confusion
we're different now here, by the old cars, and the big barns, that look the same, they

remind me of people i've seen, the pattern that is everywhere, but it unspoken and denies

I thought I should research it, and inquire into its solitary wonder
bearing no sound, the mass of objects in opposition and the lines
and the colors thus forth, prayerful in meditations, all our merry motions towards Everdy
high in the trees, the trees who look down, dancing in the sky, with the clouds, and the

dragons, yonder... fairies and will o wisps are there
everything echoes, from where and how, all the world, a morel upon a path
wait, love, the well of spring, though many mooded, storm of feelings
and the battles... that quiet life

...and the words are like a blanket
just a song thats singing to itself

i think if you arrange your house in a certain way in harmony with your mind and nature,

it could change your whole life
when we stop clinging to anything we realize we have everything
the art of life
flying, waking up, wake warm blankets
wet grass
the little twinkle of the aura of wanti transforming once again into that which is at hand
light, nothing
where gravity may be tao
even insubstantial nothing
there is no divinity, so there is no family
so there is freedom
the fairy world view is perceiving 'i am nature'
wantism is hypnotism
fractals nature is the cure
we did not go anywhere but something has changed
its true, true words are beautiful
many words on a page, is it writing or is it many words on a page, hey its the pomo
lets play oyster tag, vagabond ecstasy
i, i, the fields of switzerland for raining pebbles in a softened stream
where come the yonder folk to dream
and in one day the world was stirred
and in one night the moon was beamed, sweet flowers, off into the night
and spaces, searching, slowly changes
falling, falling from this peak,
falling as I write, again, why? words, you pull me on and one
like my feet, and like my drifting soul
roaming whole, for vaguely was a chorus,
without end, but to ramble on an on, and never reach a shore, perhaps there, where fairy bear
i met with something pure on nowhere, dead out this time
hey, the beat generation lives... and well, black night is morning time
its a matter of the the times and the way the watches wind
but when its not in line what can be combined, i'm not a cat
nor do cords on windows lead to chocactin
chocolate but flowing embers
volcanoes, is this world still forming
the soul melts down, and forms, melts and forms
again these poets elements, ventures, what?
 i means nothing was lost here left the words beyond the non dualisms
for what could there be in so much talking without doing?
all the dogs ran free from their leashes and roundabout, forming societies under the open sky
howling free oh the vivified animal worlds
with their dialect of truth and honesty, difference a technique for ecstasy
the tingle in my neck spreading through my shoulders
high pines in these timbers!
the greens of the beans and all those gawking susans
us and a bucket, breathing
theres nothing but now.. run away!
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