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Author Topic: I think a God(dess) is Playing With Me...  (Read 8058 times)
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Australia Australia

Religion: Polytheist, dedicated to Artemis, Dionysus, Aurora.
TCN ID: Arcadia
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Guided be the hand and mind

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« Reply #15: November 09, 2010, 09:04:42 am »

I agree with what others have said on here. An intresting thing to do would be to continue in your quest to find out more about this Deity. If she isnt letting you know who or what she is yet, its for a big reason and an important one.

My advice is to keep patient, because with patience comes great rewards.

I agree also.

My experience is that getting to know your deity is can be a slow going process. They don't give you all the answers right away because they want you to learn for yourself. Learning through study and through meditation etc with them.
If a deity were to announce who they were outright you would be more likely to react very differently than if you got to know them first and then learnt some of their more commom names. They want to get to know you too!

They are definitely playful and loving in this way and definitely have a good sense of humour, at least from my experience. They laugh with joy that you are learning and seeking and believe me they give you hints along the way.

I have only learnt this year the name of the two deities I have been working with for the last 8 years. I knew it way before than, just didn't have the nerve to come out and just say it. And of course they have always been there.

I might start a thread on this topic, if anyone is interested in knowing the story, it's a long one.

But my advice is to go with how you feel deep down, in your heart, you know she wasn't laughing maliciously.
If you would like a name to call her, perhaps ask her for one you can call her in the interim. I called Dionysus George for years, and still do, because that's how i've always known him.

I think all the advice people have given you so far is very valuable. BB  Grin

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United States United States

Religion: Green Witch
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« Reply #16: December 31, 2010, 09:16:03 pm »

I have been meditating and questing each night before bed, asking for 'Truth', for a deity or deities to reveal its/themselves to me so I know where to proceed. On the advice of a Cauldron member to another seeker, I started reaching out to more specific figures - so, two nights ago, I asked "Goddess" if She would tell me who she is.

 but Id like to hear that voice again.

What do I do? Has anyone else had this experience? Would you share your narrative with me?

I never went looking for any kind of a goddess, ever. I was a full on Christian. I was a Super Christian actually and I took my faith seriously; even went to bible college. Flash forward to a difficult time in my life 22 years ahead. I was working in a little shop on a ski slope, feeling a little down and using the time alone in the shop to meditate and pray.

A goddess came to me in a vision so real that the mundane world dissolved away and there she was in dazzling technicolor. I felt timeless and absorbed by perfect and absolute limitless love. As she approached me she asked me a simple question. " Are you ready?"

She was more than an angel, more that a spiritual vision. I wanted to laugh and cry and sing all at once. I said "Yes," with all my heart and she embraced me/ walked through me/ encompassed me? When we blended I saw the whole universe inside her.

That was 6 years ago. I have tried to give her a name. Nothing fits. For now I refer to her as the Divine Feminine, but not as a separate entity from me. ( I read this and it sounds crazy, I don't care I'm going for it.) She is more than me and a part of me too.

This is why I believe there will never be a name for her. The moment I assign a label to who she is it will limit my ability to be open to what she can do and become and mean to me. I am finite trying to describe the infinite. It is more amazing if she remains nameless.

Green Witch- I worship the ground you walk on.

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