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September 21, 2023, 12:26:15 pm

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Author Topic: Plug N Play, the Deity Way  (Read 7995 times)
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« Reply #15: August 27, 2010, 11:24:15 am »

[1] The word I'm aiming for here is the Greek kosmos: the original use has a denotation that was something like "That really big spiffy best geeky toy ever that we can look at from all sides and examine like the most brillantly faceted jewel, a model of order and connections and interconnections that meet and dance in all sorts of amazing ways." Huge and all-encompassing, but yet something where you can look at it and see the order and interconnection of the parts, all at once.

I must say, I love the comments and anaologies you and Sunflower have made in this thread. But this bit here is particularly genius: best description of kosmos EVAR.  Cheesy

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« Reply #16: August 31, 2010, 03:58:51 pm »

I have a funny way of working with the gods, personally, and it might well be thought of as "plug n' play," but it's a little more in-depth than that.

I look at them as the professors in a great university of the universe.  I primarily work with the planets, so Jupiter is the head of the business school, the Moon is the head of the school of the arts and humanities, the Sun is in charge of physical education, theatre classes, and so on. 

I like my approach because, in a college, I can approach any professor and sign up for their class.  But if I choose to work hard in the class, apply to be a teachers' assistant, go to the prof's office hours, and really really try hard, work hard, and rise to the challenges the professor gives me... then guess who that professor is going to call upon when there is an opportunity for a student to take?

I've been working with Jupiter a lot lately, as I have been developing my web design business.  Jupiter has shown me how to talk to clients, how to network, how to get clients talking about you, how to really present yourself well, and so many other things... and yes, business has been GREAT!  Opportunities have fallen into my lap thanks to the hard work I have been putting in on the business classes.

Now, lets say that I have a speech to deliver, but I haven't been paying attention to the Sun's classes so much lately - you know, we all have just so much time in our lives.  But still, the Sun will help me, but I have to do a little more than usual to impress him.  Jupiter knows I'm devoted.  But since the Sun and I don't know each other so well, I have to show him that I really am going to put his lessons to good use.  Things like approaching during the correct planetary hours, wearing and carrying solar-correspondenced things, maybe doing a ceremony to the sun every day, and so on would be good ways to show your sincerity of intent.  (And if you aren't really serious about learning the ways that the Sun can make you radiant, then how the hell can you expect to deliver an impressive speech?  This all sounds very mystical in nature, but really, it's very practical.  Doing solar activities with sincerity and honest effort will help make you a better orator.  Period.)
So, yes, I guess, in a sense I "use" the gods for my workings.  I don't see a problem with it.  It's all about understanding how relationships with the gods do and do not work. 

And, if you're satisfied with the mechanic's work (and haven't done anything that'd cause him to tell you to take your business elsewhere), you'll likely continue to bring your car to him, and when it's time for another, he'll be the one you go to for a professional opinion on any car you're considering buying, and so on.  That, too, is a relationship, and can be quite close even though it's a business relationship rather than a personal one.

This is the thing that has always made me itch about rants against plug'n'play (I've been using that term for years, too, SRG).  For the most part, they're addressing attitudes and approaches I have a low opinion of myself.  But they're often too broad and sweeping, and elide too much - they usually acknowledge only two postions, that of the practitioner who has a close and intimate relationship with hir deity/ies, and that of the plug'n'player.  The reality is that not all relationships with deities are close and intimate, and any relationship, whatever sort it turns out to be, has to start small and develop from there.

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