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Author Topic: 'Doppelganger' issue?  (Read 838 times)
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« Topic Start: January 22, 2011, 07:05:13 pm »

The doppelganger in question is not one that goes with the tale "if you see yourself it means an omen of death" so perhaps this isn't a doppelganger, but this is what it has been referred to in the spiritual sense.


My close friend and I, as best I can describe us to be, are polar opposite of each other. I short way to explain us is we have known each other almost 20 years and we have always been able to pick up on what the other person is thinking, feeling, physically feeling, and sometimes location.

He has for a long time had a double of himself in the area we grew up. Its a small town and after a lot of research we have eliminated any possibility of it being another person.
People he does not know will approach him (and sometimes myself, not even knowing I knew him) and will want to 'fight' him over something he had done or said or was heard about him - things that he did not do, and many times was not in town for. They use his name specifically, sometimes are able to pick up on his presence, but can not always pick his face out of a crowd.

It was never a huge issue. He had a friend shaman approach him years back and say he needed to do something about his 'doppelganger issue' before it got out of hand, but he shrugged it off.

Currently, however, the doppelganger presence has been causing issues with me. There will be times I will see his shadow, hear him talk, or sense his presence nearby. I will ask him if he was checking up on me (since he does that sometimes but usually it stays in my head) but its not him. I'm really starting to pick up on this shadow of himself roaming around since Ive moved into the town he grew up. It will linger around me a bit but its not concentrated here and does not stay very long. It also will 'whisper' things that would usually be his thoughts but are the most destructive things, f/ex it will convince one the other person is lying by using his internal voice. Apparently this is something he has been contending with for a long time and it has driven people close to him away. It kept me fearful of him for a long time, as well, and it was not until recently that I began to decipher between the two. I have started to sort out past memories and have found them confused with things that did not happen; people I was with would start talking about old times and suddenly these 'implanted' memories of something bad he said or did to me that Ive had for over a decade melted away and I remembered the truth...and there was nothing bad there. When I started trying to put everything together this illusion fell apart and now I am wondering how it was put there and I am trying to guard against it happening again by working with him daily to keep track of what is happening in our lives.

Now that we are trying to sort these things out, I am wondering if he didn't split a part of himself into shadow form when he was a kid and it has been following him around ever since, like his anger/destructive side. He did have a difficult childhood and the shadows are drawn to him (polar opposite, I'm the healer) and if he did is there a way to stop it or catch it back. I have been working on defensive spells in order to protect the house I am living in, its a very dark place, and it seems to keep it outside but I can feel it roaming around out there. I don't even know where to begin with something like this. Or where he would begin. We are both at a loss. He has tried soul retrieval to someone's suggestion but it has not effected it. If anything, it seems to have gotten stronger. Maybe its subconscious? Or is it an actual entity...which has to come from somewhere..

If anyone has any ideas I would be absolutely be grateful to hear them.

Thank you so much Smiley

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