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Author Topic: in re: need to change altar setup  (Read 1947 times)
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« Topic Start: February 28, 2011, 10:37:50 pm »

Hey gang. I use a folding table as an altar similar to how it is implemented in African diasporic religions. My table is is 15x wide x 15" long x 25" high.

I need to change my set up because I plan to burn three candles in my next ritual instead of one or two: two round candles with 2.4" diameter x 2.3" high, and one long candle 7" long x 1.5" diameter. Unfortunately, my candle holder can barely hold one round candle. It has similar dimensions to this one Should I buy more candle holders even though I do not know if I will burn more candles at once in the future?

Also, I plan to burn these candles continuously. What is the most thrifty way for me to to safely do so? Note that my entire house is carpeted. Buy a gigantic basin or stainless steel rectangular cake pan?

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« Reply #1: February 28, 2011, 11:02:40 pm »

Also, I plan to burn these candles continuously. What is the most thrifty way for me to to safely do so? Note that my entire house is carpeted. Buy a gigantic basin or stainless steel rectangular cake pan?

For general candle use, I use flat pottery trivets (that are smooth/have a stable surface) for multiple candles when they're wide enough to be stable without a holder. (As two of yours: a 1.5" diameter that tall, I would probably want something a bit more secure.)

In terms of long-term burning, one option that can work really well is an old aquarium. It doesn't necessarily have to be totally leak proof: if the leak is high on the sides, you can fill it with a couple of inches of water at the bottom. If the leak is lower down, you can fill it with sand (so that if a candle tips, it'll snuff itself out, etc.) Goodwill or other thrift stores might have one cheap.

The trick of course, is that it's not the best choice for a single use thing: you'll need to store it, etc. later. Depending on the layout, you might be able to use something like a deep punch bowl or other large bowl, as long as the burning candle cannot fall with the flame out of the container.

(So, a 2 inch deep baking dish with water in the bottom doesn't work well for a 7" candle: there are directions the candle can fall where the flame might not go out. A 5" deep bowl with a 4" tall candle is just fine.)

One option some people use - if you can block off either your kitchen sink or your bathtub from pets, small children, and any other people who might need to use the space - is to move lit candles to the sink or bathtub when you leave the house or overnight (or any other time you aren't in a regular line of sight to them.)

Frankly, I don't bother with any of those (small house with limited storage space, cat's litter box is in the bathroom, so I can't shut the door, etc.) If I'm doing an ongoing candle spell, I either design it to run over multiple days (designed so I burn an inch of candle a night, for example, which I can do with some planning while I'm home) or I burn it when I'm home, and snuff it, focusing on holding the intention until it's relit. When I'm home again, I relight it, give the intention a little extra energetic push, and let it burn as long as I can.

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terpette terpette terpette

« Reply #2: March 02, 2011, 08:56:42 pm »

I put candles in the bathtub that need to burn out. If you plan to burn candles continuously, I'd invest in one of those large jar candles. Some of them will burn for 100+ hours. Place the candle in the sink when you aren't home, well away from anything burnable.

If you just want candles that will last for a ritual, I'd use tealights or votives. You can pick up cheap holders for votives at craft stores and dollar stores. If you're worried about wax drip on taper candles, you can always put the holder in a pie plate or on a saucer.


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