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July 03, 2022, 10:37:08 pm

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Author Topic: Besides New Age Music,etc.  (Read 14611 times)
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« Reply #30: June 24, 2007, 02:10:13 am »

And of course, there's always Irish folksinger Loreena McKennit. (At least, I'm pretty sure she's Pagan - she may have denied it at times.)
There is a pretty firm denial in the liner notes of The Visit (the album that has "All Soul's Night", and "Tango to Evora" which was used on the soundtrack of... hmm, can't remember which movie of that set, either "Goddess Remembered" or "The Burning Times").

The thing to keep in mind (for this whole thread, so this isn't just directed at Malkin) is that a musical artist can be inspired, perhaps very deeply, by our themes and motifs, without practicing any of our religions.


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maitressekatje honeyfeather honeyfeather

« Reply #31: June 24, 2007, 07:42:50 am »

There's a Goth/Industrial band by the name of Inkkubus Sukkubus who is quite openly Wiccan, with religious songs. (They've got a myspace.)

I listen to them a lot, actually. I was just wondering about APC because (for me) listening to Magdalena is a religious experience.

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« Reply #32: June 24, 2007, 08:24:48 pm »

If you can find the albums, there's the occultist experimental rock group Psychic TV, led by Genesis Breyer P-Orridge. (He's the guy who founded Thee Temple of Psychick Youth (sic)) Again, not Pagan, but...definitely out there in magick land. Grin

He's an occultist type, yes.

Going that direction of music, you'll find a definite Pagan or two within Genesis' Psychic TV's first incarnation - late Coil's late Jhonn Balance. His partner, former member of Psychic TV and current member of re-formed Throbbing Gristle, Peter Christopherson, is also an occultist, but hasn't lately self-defined as Pagan. He didn't deny it earlier either, it was just Jhonn was the more vocal one in Coil interviews.

Also of PTV fist incarnation fame, you'll find Current 93 headman David Tibet (who's not apparently Pagan anymore / again / for a change - sometimes you can't make head or tails of him) and through him Current 93. That band's line up has included / includes artists like Freya Aswynn, the current OTO frater superior, Tony Wakeford of Sol Invictus (who writes very Pagan - mostly Norse influenced - lyrics and has said to me in an interview I did years ago that he is a Pagan), Austin Osman Spare -influenced Steven Stapleton...

... but I've gotten way out of "mainstream" by now.  Grin

Fausta Acilia Mus
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« Reply #33: July 12, 2007, 11:43:10 pm »

I know, I don't recall him ever really putting a label on himself except that short lived stint of being a self proclaimed satanist. I'm not sure if it was in honesty or just a jest at the media and their already concrete perception of who they are sure he is,lol. i fond him fascinating, especially his book he wrote. Very disturbing but I feel he is too intelligent to dismiss soley on person feelings about him. Even if you hate him, i'd recommend to anyone reading his book. It gave me alot to think about which came as a surprise to many people I know and who,although they like his music, don't care for him personally. Anothe surprise was that most of them enjoy the intellectual parts of his book.

I never read his book (but I might if I run across it) but I remember a few semesters ago, my College Comp. teacher showed a clip of "Bowling for Columbine" and EVERYONE in that class remarked on how much Manson (and to a lesser degree Matt Stone) seemed more intelligent than the guy who ran the local weapons plant.

But Pagan artist...The only one I know for sure is Sully from Godsmack, but I've heard rumors that Tori Amos is one.  Not quite sure if they are true or not.

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