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Author Topic: House and Land Spirits/Wights  (Read 5402 times)
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« Reply #4: May 22, 2011, 10:00:34 am »

  • For people who have experience with house spirits, how do you know you share your space with a house spirit?  Were there specific signs, a mental image, or just a feeling?  How did you know it wasn't just your imagination or a ghost?
I can't say I've had much experience directly with them. But I am pretty darn sure that I have a house-wight. And I think most people do.
The follow are questions that about both house and land spirits/wights:
  • What is an appropriate offering?  Would an offering of plain water or cow's milk be offensive?  I have very limited resources.
I actually use milk as my standard offering. Sometimes I add honey to it. But so far I haven't gotten any complaints with the milk/honey. I've also offering homemade bread, toast with jam, oatmeal (the real kind, i.e not from a pack  Wink ). I've even given a plate of scrambled eggs with spinach and toast once.

As a side note, one thing that is taboo to offer many types of household spirits happens to be clothes. The Scottish brownie comes to mind, but I am certain I've heard it mentioned in other cultures as well. I just can't remember where I've read it.  Undecided
  • When making an offering, what do you say (if anything)?
I usually say something such as "hail housewight, I leave this for you, please enjoy!" or something to that effect. I don't think the actual wording is all that important. As long as you acknowledge that it's for them specifically.
  • How frequently should offerings be made?  What do you do if you go on vacation or have a hospital stay and won't be home?
I make my offerings once a week. Every Tuesday (no reason other than that's the day I left out something and decided to try to keep it up). I haven't missed a week yet, but if I had to due to unforeseen circumstance, I'd make an extra lavish gift at my return and offer my apologizes - just as a would to a friend who I have let down by mistake.
  • I've read that some people will ask their house/land spirits to do things for them but I don't understand what they mean by that or how you'd ask without risking offending them.  What can they be asked to do?  I've also read that you should never thank them?
I can't really comment on this because I have never really asked it to do anything. But if you have a good rapport with it, I see no reason to ask for a little extra help when you have a sticky situation. And yes, I have heard that it's taboo to thank certain types of wights, particularly the Celtic variety, such as fairies. I try to refrain from thanking them too much, if at all. Simply because it seems like bad manners to thank them for things they like to do. I've heard someone on a thread once say that it can make it seem like they are obligated to do things for you, or that they're doing their job just to satisfy you, which understandably can be offensive to some of them. But honestly, I see little problem in thanking one occasionally once you have a good relationship of respect & trust - although that's just me.

One last thing I've been wondering about...
  • What happens if a house spirit takes up residence in the home of someone who doesn't believe they exist and therefore will never be inclined to acknowledge them?  While it doesn't apply here, I'm still curious as to what happens with that.  Would the house spirit just eventually leave or be a troublemaker or what?

I think the house-wight will keep going on it's business as usual so long as the person doesn't do anything to directly offend or anger it. I suspect that many "hauntings" are just house-wights feeling mischievous Something Juniperberry touched on up in the thread.

I hope that helps some!
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