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Author Topic: Do you guys really think love spells work?  (Read 83333 times)
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« Reply #12: June 03, 2011, 10:31:20 pm »

So now it's story time. Have love spells ever worked for you or someone you know?


The first time I did one, I wasn't doing it with any research. I was in my 20s and only had a minor fascination with Tarot and philosophy. I never thought about witchcraft. I'd been doing things I felt were normal and things my family had done like talking to the world as a confidant. It's hard to explain. I didn't realize how much of what I considered normal was not super common until later and even more recently.

Anyway, the first time went like this: I met a guy and I did not like him at all. We drank at the same pub and ran in the same circles, and at one summer after hours we were the last two standing. I was trying to be a floozy as I had not tried that yet in my life and I figured it'd be easy to bed this guy for a night. Not so. He refused my advances. Ego bruised and decidedly immature, the next day I took a beer he'd made stupid cooing noises about and poured it to the ground shouting my anger at him. It went something like this: "This is for my earth to drink and not the sorry bastard that would have it. Should he ever be so lucky as to have the likes of me again, he'd better bring a ring and a truck load of apologies." And on like that with several more profanities. I didn't think of him again. But he thought of me. A couple of weeks later he was persistent, apologetic and very romantic. We dated for a a long while and married. We were together with papers for 8 years before I realized I could not continue to pretend that his apologies were enough to sustain our relationship. I did think during the relationship a few times that I may have twisted up some bit of fate in a way I should not have. It took years from us both. However, I was not sure that I had actually done a spell as I had not ever consciously done one. And later after looking into herbs and rituals etc. I doubted it again, but realized that I kept looking for ways to disprove something I actually believed deep down.

I was cautious after that of raising my voice in the universe and mixing it up with a dash of action passion. I stayed away from love conjuring completely. Then, more recently, I began to do more in depth personal research into paganism. I had and have no particular draw to any organized religious path save that some Wiccan rituals reflect my own upbringing nicely enough to give me a kind of peace. I was so enamored of this peace and the spell/witchcraft aspects that also reflected my upbringing somewhat that I let my guard down again. How could mixing up something from Cunninghams and my own little kicks in the pants do much of anything, right? I told myself it was all just fun and would be an exercise to open my heart a bit to possibilities. What harm could it do? Plus, I added to my mix the idea that everyone could use a little lovin' and I thought of those who could.

So when the time was right, I whipped around my kitchen crushing, melting, mixing and mushing envisioning all sorts of good lovins for myself and my friends. Exhausted after the last candle pour, I sat down to surf the net. And a text came from a friend before I could read the reddit front page through. I had not heard from her in months and here she was texting me a picture of a man holding a rose and waving hello. She said she'd showed him my online personas and he wanted to take me out. I had to say yes! We dated for about two months before I realized it was only going to be about sex for me. I broke it off so as not to waste his time like I had my ex-husband's. And the other people to whom I gifted the candles and perfumes I created also had action. The marrieds had romps. The singles had booty calls. But none of it lasted. The worst part was that one of the marrieds got pregnant and that did not last either. A miscarriage. It was this last that put me off toying with love spells again. I know it is a common thing and it did not have a severe deleterious effect on the would be parents, but even if the spell was just to get people thinking romantically or sexually, I did not like the idea of that consequence. Even if I could not prove any causal relationship, I felt one.

So yes. I do think love spells can work. And there you have the two stories of my attempts. I wouldn't do a spell for actual mature love. It's not so much that I have some ethical problem (which I do) but more a logical one that stops me. Why would I want a mate who is drawn to me because of a spell cast upon him? There are far more problems with that idea than I can list. 

A side note of discovery in the second attempt: When making candles for any purpose, using a pine cone as a wick works well, and for me at least, acts like a bit of a booster shot if a spell is in the works. It burns hotter and metal containers work better than glass for them. They can also be peeled apart to mix through a candle giving multiple wicking points at it burns down. However, I have no knowledge of any lore about it, nor do I have any idea if doing so would offend a deity. I don't think the pine cones mind. They seem a bit gleeful actually.

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