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Author Topic: What would your Deity Do?  (Read 887 times)
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Religion: polytheist pagan with leanings towards Shamanism/animism
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White_Wolf1 Lady Whitewolf

« Topic Start: June 06, 2011, 08:32:16 am »

This was posted on one of the other forums I joined. Not meant to offend anyone. I thought it was amusing.

What Would Your Deity Do?

WWAD? Artemis- Turn him into a stag to be ripped to shreds by his own barking
WWAD? Athena- Stare him down, then beat the crap out of him — in a most logical
WWAD? Apollo- Test their musical skills — in a fair contest.
WWAD? Aphrodite- Don't you mean "who" would Aphrodite do?
WWAD? Astarte- Make love AND war.
WWBD? Bacchus- Get them drunk, then turn them into dolphins.
WWBD? Britannia- Rule!
WWBD? Buddha- Does it matter? If you're enlightened, it doesn't. If you're not
enlightened, it still doesn't.
WWCD? Ceres- Discuss it calmly while holding a scythe.
WWCD? Cerridwen- Stir it up one more time.
WWCD? Chaos- No one is quite sure, but it will be messy and . . . interesting.
WWCD? Cthulhu- Does it matter? No one will survive anyway.
WWCD? Cthulhu- Devour them ALL . . .
WWDD? Demeter- Lay waste to your lands if you don't have her daughter back by
10PM — and don't even THINK about laying a hand on her!
WWDD? Discordia- Throw some fruit, start a war, and sew the seeds of chaos — all while
munching on a hotdog bun and setting up shop in your pituitary.
WWED? Erishkigal- Strip them and hang them on a hook to rot.
WWFD? Flora- Say it with flowers.
WWFD? Fortuna- Play the lottery, I’ll bet.
WWGD? Gaia- Remind them to worship the ground they walk upon.
WWGD? Ganesha- Saddle up his rat.
WWHD? Hades- Tell them to go to hell.
WWHD? Hecate- Show them the right path — or is it the left?
WWHD? Hera- She'd get jealous.
WWHD? Hercules- He'd labor to come up with an answer.
WWHD? Herne- Lead them on a wild hunt!
WWJD? Janus- Look the other way.
WWJD? Jupiter- Strike them down with a bolt from the blue.
WWKD? Kali- Tear out their beating hearts, drink their blood and dance on their
twitching corpses — then wear parts of them as jewelry.
WWKYD? Kwan-Yin- Have mercy.
WWLD? Loki- Turn left at the next corner, buy 5 chickens, "borrow" some jewelry,
change into a seal and steal some apples, for starters.
WWLD? Luna- Moon them, of course.
WWMD? Mithras- Cut the bull.
WWMD? Mars- Suit up for battle.
WWMD? Mercury- Change his mind . . . again.
WWND? Narcissus- Huh? Is someone else here?
WWPD? Priapus- Rise to the occasion.
WWSD? Sekhmet- Drown her sorrows in blood.
WWSD? Set- You don't wanna know, but it won't be nice.
WWSD? Shiva- Dance the night away.
WWTD? Thor- Hammer out a solution.
WWVD? Vesta- Keep the home fires burning.
WWVD? Vulcan- Live long and prosper.
WWYD? Yahweh- Send his son to do the dirty work, while he sits on his cloud
thundering the aeons away.
WWZD? Zeus- By Jove, he'd flirt with the girls!

Jessica [aka Whitewolf]

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