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Author Topic: Merry meet and well met!!  (Read 3641 times)
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Religion: Spiritual / solitary eclectic celtic wicca / green witchcraft
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« Topic Start: July 04, 2011, 07:21:30 pm »

Im Wrynn, After being completely disillusioned by christianity I have discovered my path of spirituality studying wicca of which I tend to lean toward the celtic tradition in an eclectic form.  I am drawn toward green witchcraft as I feel very much a part of nature and the elements. I enjoy being solitary, I feel really connected to god and goddess and nature. I feel so at home, I have read a lot of peoples post who say "I feel like i'm home", it truly is not a cliche'. This feels so right to me, that it is really almost unexplainable with words, its emotional and deep.  I intend on becoming a member of a not for profit 501 organization such as CoG (Covenant of the Goddess) allowing Wicca to be recognized by the government as a religion.  I was raised in christianity, but... Yep I knew deep inside me, there was something really wrong. So many hidden truths, so much deception, so much prejudice and hate, convert or die. Pick and choose your gospels, referring the canon bible and the gnostic gospels... constantine, Council of Nicea etc...

My heritage and ancestry are from Scotland and England, hence my wiccan name of "Aethelraed".  Aethelraed was apparently a pagan King of England and was one of the first Kings of England and Scottland subsequently. I chose this name because it is the origin of my given surname which has been documented and which I have only just discovered this year. It appears that my lineage goes back to an ancient royal line. My surname literally means "The King".  I have always felt a sense of royalty in blood and I really feel its important to practice a faith that is in tune and alignment with my bloodline, a kind of harmonic resonance through the ages of ancestry; this along with the fact that I feel attracted and drawn towards those lands, like I belong there, like I was there once before and feel the need or longing to reach back. Its kind of strange and surreal.

Like I said, I am leaning towards an eclectic celtic wiccan path, and drawn to practice Green witchcraft. I believe in one God, but I truly believe God has a male aspect and a female aspect. The God and the Goddess. God is where the balance started. Men and women are equal, I reject the christian churches notion of women must submit to men, that is simply wrong. In my heart of hearts God did not want that, how could he.

I am empathic, and did not discover this about myself until this year at the age of 40. I have had many experiences as I child and an Adult that I simply could not understand. I would simply know when someone was good or bad, telling the truth or lying, sick or healthy, happy or sad. I could feel it and sometimes I could feel how and what they felt. I could tell when the phone was about to ring, when somone was calling for something important. I have had lucid dreams since I was a kid,and sometimes they would tell me things in my dreams. I never told my parents or anyone else, I've always felt detached from the norm of people moving about in their day to day routines oblivious to something greater. Anyway I have recently discovered that these are empathic abilities through studying wicca.

Two years ago I went back to college, i am a social science major, i want to be teacher hopefully a professor, something I feel like I 've always been meant to do. This past year has been a very strange kind of awakening for me.  I have had many personal revalations about my spirit, about what I believe in my heart, what is right and wrong with christianity and spirituality, about my heritage, my own name.   Anyway, thats me. Thanks for taking the time to read about me.  Thanks for allowing me to introduce myself.

)o( Blessed Be,
Wrynn Athaelraed

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Religion: Hellenic Pagan
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« Reply #1: July 04, 2011, 08:33:09 pm »

Im Wrynn, After being completely disillusioned by christianity I have discovered my path of spirituality studying wicca of which I tend to lean toward the celtic tradition in an eclectic form. 

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« Reply #2: July 04, 2011, 08:49:53 pm »

Welcome to the (soon to be old!) Cauldron!

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