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Author Topic: Tips for general health/wellness?  (Read 9024 times)
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The little tyke.

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« Reply #30: July 09, 2007, 07:16:42 am »

Flexibility is where I fall down.

That is something I didn't add to my post - stretching.  I have enough floor space in my bedroom to do it (and I always know when to vacuum after the cat).  The primary stretch is the hurdler's stretch, holding for 2 or 3 minutes at moderate tension.  This doesn't only release the hamstrings, but many other associated muscles including lateral and medial rotators and even some muscles that reach into the back.

Also, if you are at a desk or behind the wheel for hours at a time, it is likely your pectorals will become tight, and this can lead to upper back pain.



"I've seen knights in armor panic at the first hint of battle.  And I've seen the lowliest unarmed squire pull a spear from his own body to defend a dying horse." - Kevin Costner as Robin of Loxley, Robin Hood; Prince of Thieves.

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Finland Finland

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« Reply #31: September 12, 2008, 04:09:37 am »

What little secrets do you have for keeping yourself well?  Physical or mental wellness, dealing with diet, exercise, hygiene, meditation techniques, it doesn't matter.  Share what works for you, and maybe someone else can benefit. Smiley

I eat organic and naturally raised food. Either raised totally without toxics or unnatural fertilizers or food that is raised here in Finland ´cause here we don´t that much those toxics than many other countries. I would also like to have chance to raise my own food some day. What is also important is to not overcook the food ´cause it chances foods composition to not so good and healthy way. I use a lot of time and effort to eat right and it surtainly makes me feel better both physically and mentally. My first prioritys are egolocigal and health comes second but becouse ecolocigal food is also healthy it is quite an easy task to care for myself.

As a female I also like to care for my beauty ´cause when looking good it makes me feel good. I´m not shallow so it is not the physical beaty that is so important but to look good so it good support my inner beauty.
I have atopic skin so it need alot of care even then it is sometimes hard task to keep it from drying.

What I find important is balance. I used to only care for spiritual and "higher" planes and didn´t have a healthy attitude for my body. I have became to understand that if I want to be psiritually and mentally healthy it need some effort on mundane level. Nowadays I´m so good when I give attention to myself as a whole.

I also want my body to be fit and athlete. I mean that I want it to be on a good shape so I can use it for my purposes without problems rising up becouse of it´s condition. When I was a teen I was like crazy about my hobby Karate. I practised all of my time and was also teaching others and competing. I just did love it but then I didn´t actually have any kind of life out of it. Well, nowadays I do not practise Karate anymore but I am hoping I wouldn´t have stop it totally. Though there a lot of other lovely things I can do to keep my athletics in good condition.
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"Meh, humans, blech!"

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« Reply #32: September 12, 2008, 04:39:18 am »

I learned that by accident.  The yell-ee and I actually became friends for a while.

Sometimes all they need is a hug; we don't have to understand why, it just is.  And always worth the effort.

Heh.  I've learned the opposite.  One of the ways my friends and I have of both staying (semi) sane, and of keeping our friendships healthy is to have mouth battles every once in a while.  Just randomly pick a topic we don't agree on, and start arguing, for the fun of it...

Then again, I never claimed that I was anything resembling normal.

Being hyperactive, I have learned NOT to go for desk jobs.  As one of my current managers puts it, "She would bounce right out of her chair, and out the window..."  I tend to keep active in one way or another.

I play with my children (daily if I can).  And I cuddle them as much as possible, especially when I feel like the world just took a healthy dump right on my head.

As for staying physically healthy, I get plenty of exercise between work and kids.  I try to eat full meals, and I drink at least two to three liters of water at work, not to mention whatever I get at home.  (I have a bottle that is a liter and a half that I use for work, I usually refill it at lunch, and it's usually down to nothing again by the time I leave.)

I also second the hair washing thing.  Unless I have been sweating a lot (with summer that is inevitable in the place I work...), I tend to only wash it about once every three days, during summer, at least once every two days.  I also let it air dry, never have and never will use a blow dryer, and I don't "style" it with anything (hairspray, gels, etc.).

I don't take in a lot of sweets, but I also don't completely deny myself.

I dance, sing, etc. to either release energy or to build it up.  Depending on the effect I want, the music changes.

One other thing I do to relieve stress, is playing with numbers... don't know why that works for me, but it does.  I play around with my family budget (rather the numbers surrounding it), figure out what different numbers mean on something, etc.

Oh, and I try not to let my stress levels build up by holding my tongue in check.  Easier said than done sometimes, but...

What you think is possible.  Anything that is possible can become real.  Therefore, reality is a state of mind.
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