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Author Topic: Belonging to a Deity  (Read 14838 times)
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« Reply #1: July 25, 2007, 12:49:31 am »

There have been a few (ok more than a few) times I've read on the board about people "belonging to" a Deity or a group of them. I have a few questions about this, if I may:
Note: I'm putting "belong to" in quotation marks because I'm not sure if I'm using the correct term.

Being new here, I might not understand the context of the term "belong." Is it being used in the way in which I use the term "patronized by?" If so, then I think I can answer truthfully.

1) How did you know that you "belonged" to this or these Deity?

My patronage has changed twice over time. Initially it was Isis who spoke to me, who called me towards paganism. I responded to her, and began a sometimes tumultuous, but always rewarding journey with her.

Then tragedy really struck my life. My baby son died in my arms (to be revived by his father -- he lives today) and my whole world nearly ended within a brief period of time. The circumstances are far too personal for me to talk about in relation to what happened afterwards, but I needed a boost in strength, and it was a boost that Isis couldn't give me, particularly given that she is the Goddess of family (essentially) and I was suffering some serious losses in that area, which would eventually lead to the disillusion of my first marriage.

When my ex-husband began to beat me, threaten to kill me, and broke into my house on several occasions, and then when he continued to harass me after I returned to the United States, something changed dramatically. Whenever I went into a meditation to pray to my patron, it wasn't Isis that I saw, but either Bast or Sekmet (both of whom I still see with a great deal of regularity -- I guess I'm a cat woman?).

I began to take a journey with both of them, Bast protecting me from what hurt, and Sekmet giving me the resources to fight against what was trying to bring me down. Bast is, for the record, the Goddess of the home, and Sekmet... Well, I don't quite know how to define her. Sekmet the Destroyer seems surprisingly accurate at this point in time.

To some extent I think that we can choose those Gods and Goddesses who's patronage we desire, simply by communicating with them as much as possible. But in my opinion and experience, it's much easier to allow them to call us, or in the case of some (such as Sekmet) to "claim" us. I think I'll always be hers now.

2) What does "belonging to" a Deity entail?

I again assume that "belong" is what I think of as "patronage."

I believe that it really depends on the deities themselves. Each deity is going to require something different. My patron, for example, likes subjugation. She is the type of Goddess who wants to see humans kneel at her feet and pay her homage and worship. Myths and Legends of Egypt tell of when she tried to destroy the world and bring everything down. Certainly she belongs to Chaos.

My Goddess wants service and she wants worship, pure and simple. But it isn't entirely a one-way street. In return, I get her protection, and she delivers it with a fierceness I've never experienced with any other God or Goddess outside of Ra and his equivalents in other pantheons.

3) Is it possible to "belong to" an Element?

I don't *think* so. I've never considered this, and I'm sure that you'll get a variety of answers to this question. My answer is very vague and difficult to explain, but effectively, I don't see the Elements as being Sentient. Elementals, perhaps, though as I understand them... Again, hard to explain without being potentially offensive to any Elementals sitting over my shoulder, as they often seem to do!

To put it as politely as I can, they are a different kind of being and exist on a completely separate plane from humans and Gods. In my experience, one can *befriend* an Elemental, and be guarded by one, but one cannot be patronized by one.

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