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Author Topic: WWPD: What Would Pagans Do?  (Read 16062 times)
Senior Newbie
Last Login:September 10, 2007, 03:05:29 am
United States United States

Religion: Pagan
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Hey this isn't where I parked my car!

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« Reply #60: August 25, 2007, 03:39:15 am »

Learning good basic shielding techniques helps - exactly how you might go about this will vary with your preference/path/etc. I usually go not so much keeping stuff out, but turning the volume down on what comes through. [. . .]
Beyond that, three basic useful things.
1) Ward or otherwise heavily filter whatever personal space is yours.
2) It's worth using some kind of psychic hygiene technique. Again, there are tons out there.
3) Some people also find wearing a pendant or other piece of jewelry (often charged for a particular thing, like helping you filter out what you don't need to be distracted by, etc.) helps.

Thanks, I do frequently use the showering technique, but I never thought of a filtration system for my space.  I'll be looking into that!  In case you're wondering, I'm 23 and just got home from college.  Now I'm realizing why I was so moody in high school; They weren't all MY moods!!  Luckily, I have my own cottage so I'm not directly IN the house.  Thank you!!!

There's got to be a reason, though sometimes I think the gods just wanted a good laugh.

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Freiya Lakshimi
Last Login:March 04, 2008, 01:01:12 pm
Brazil Brazil

Religion: Witchcraft
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« Reply #61: September 01, 2007, 06:31:31 pm »

Honestly I have no idea... as noone has never come back after betraing me, all my friends say I would be the first to forgive... But I don't know.. I'm normally a very understanding person, but in this case, it's not just about you... it has a lot of people involved, but I don't think you should shut the doors to her... I suppose it will happen naturally, whetever must happen. Like... let your doors open for her, wait for her to take baby steps, she is crazy about this guy so much that she denied herself! She probably will need help in the future... you don't have to do everything she wants, or you don't have to show that you would do everything, be yourself, a little distant, but there ... let time do its job, its too recent.. protect your son and let her know you won't expose him to that anymore, but you know how to defend yourself, help her do that too... maybe just oonce in a while while talking to you, she will see , maybe she can get confidence on herself and her belifs, but it will take time...

That's what i would do as a person, not just as a pagan...
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United States United States

Religion: Wandering Seeker with Celtic and Hedgewitch leanings
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The lone wolf waits...

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« Reply #62: September 01, 2007, 10:14:31 pm »

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