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Author Topic: Finding the right path and a God/Goddess  (Read 11566 times)
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Religion: Brighideach Druid (OBOD) and a little bit of witchery thrown in.
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« Reply #9: August 15, 2007, 10:06:23 pm »

I was going to suggest something similar to what Rain said (except I would have done it less eloquently Wink )

Nothing at says you have to.
And if Someone wants your attention they'll find a way - sometimes frustratingly subtly, sometimes like being hit with a two by four.
(I do love that 'new reply' warning thingy!)

I just got a smack between the eyes with a two by four.  She just went "d'oh, you didn't see me before??" I almost feel like a phoney, it's so quick.  I just took the advice of going with a particular pantheon (Celt for me) and this name kept looking at me from a list, so I did a little looking up and She just fits so well with my life, I mean to the point that it's almost scary.  I suddenly feel so alive, and it's nearly 3am here.  I just wish libraries were 24 hour opening!

I won't say who she is yet, I need to check my research and of course I need to ask Her if it's ok, she might not like me  Wink

I love that warning too, except it keeps going off when I try to post this!!!

I would ask you a question ....

are you, at heart, a polytheist, or do you believe in all gods being aspects of One?  Or both?  (yes, both IS an option.  either that or I'm crazier than usual).

If gods are aspects, finding a specific one isn't so important.  If you're a hard polytheist, finding a *specific* god becomes a lot more important.

and, of course, what are you looking /for/?  Connection, a cosmic buddy, an answer to some questions .... figuring out the question can really help.

I would say I believe in many Gods, although they all represent an ultimate end (end being probably the wrong word, but all I can think of this time of the morning, see, you're not the only crazy one!) but yes, there are certainly different Gods and Goddesses, in my opinion.

As for what I'm looking for, hmm, I guess initially it would be connection, a focus, somewhere to start, if that doesn't sound too disrespectful.  It would be a God/dess to start me off on the path, a bit like a new teacher in a new school...

When I found my first life, the only name I could think of was Adonia, but it never sounded right. Then I had the baby name book out one day and found the name Aionia. It means everlasting life.

Figuring it was a coincedence I brushed it off a little, but picked the name up. The second life I remembered was a young woman during the Trojan War, an amazon. I was always thinking Penta, or Pentha, something with relation to the number five. Then I had a day dream which was the closest I've ever had to a flash back, I had the feeling of being speared and two men standing over me. The next week I found out about Penthesilea, which really threw me for a loop.

That sounds great.  My name just flashed up in front of my eyes seven years ago.  I didn't even know what Nemesis meant at the time, but I knew it was for me.  When I looked it up it was very significant for the time too, so I kept it!

Don't worry, sweetheart. I'm the queen of confusing posts that just keep going...

At least I'm not the only one! Wink

I'm thinking I need to go relax, sleep and get my reading head on for tomorrow...

Thank you all again Smiley

Mae'r cariad at fy ngwlad yn berwi yn fy ngwaed.

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