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Author Topic: Ethics in Tarot Reading  (Read 2017 times)
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« Topic Start: October 20, 2007, 02:49:10 pm »

For those of you who read Tarot, or have readings done, what sorts of ethical guidelines do you feel are important to the art?  For example, what sorts of things do you feel a reader should never do?  What sort of responsibility does a reader have to the querent?  What are characteristics of an honest and responsible reader?


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« Reply #1: October 20, 2007, 03:07:09 pm »

  What sort of responsibility does a reader have to the querent?  What are characteristics of an honest and responsible reader?


I have seen really bad readings where the reader, faced with a card that didn't fit or a bad interpretation of a card, literally tried to convince the querent that it did. Basically trying to make them see the thing the card represented in their situation, when it just didn't fit.
To me, a good reader should be able to put pride aside and simply admit that either the card doesn't fit, or they need to expand their own knowledge of its meaning, rather than putting the fault on the querent. It makes for a very uncomfortable situation, and in the long run, the querent will block any useful information because of an arrogant reader.


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« Reply #2: October 20, 2007, 04:57:18 pm »

Not only for Tarot, but for Runes, Ogham, or any other kind of reading:

My number one biggest thing is *be honest*. Don't make up something that you think the querent will want to hear; if you don't see anything or don't see anything good, don't lie about it!! And never, EVER do the "I see something terrible in your future! There is a dark cloud hanging over you! I can lift the curse for only $$$$$!!" thing....that's completely unethical at best. Basically, no scams.

My number two biggest thing is that I will never tell someone else what I see in a person's life, past present or future. When I am doing a reading for someone I am looking into sometimes very intimate details of their life. In asking me for a reading they are entrusting me with these details and sharing them with a third party without the querent's permission would be a betrayal of confidence. For this reason I also do not do readings involving other people without their consent, unless it somehow involves me or the person I'm doing the reading for, such as a 'need to know' situation.

My third biggest thing is to try, if possible, to be gracious if I must be the bearer of bad news. For instance, I wouldn't say "OMG YOU'RE GOING TO DIE" or "Your marriage is over". Seeing something like that puts the reader in a sticky situation, because while it would not be right to lie, you can't exactly tell the flat out truth either; I would do my best, to be as accurate as possible while not freaking the person out.

One final thing, that I can think of right now, is not to give unsolicited advice; usually when a person is asking for a reading it's because they WANT advice, but if you happen to see something unrelated to the question at hand and want to offer advice, I would ask first. I would also try to leave out advice that is not specifically in the reading; while it may be helpful I don't think it's necessarily warranted. Tell what's in the cards, Runes, etc. and your interpretation of them, but not advice on how to handle the situation from your own life unless you are asked to do so. (if you want to give such advice ask. You might get a stupid answer, but I'd rather have to give a 'duh, that's what I'm here for' answer than have someone giving me advice I don't particularly find helpful or pertinent, or their whole life story, *especially* if they are charging me by the hour!!)

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