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Author Topic: What Experiences have brought You to Your Chosen Path?  (Read 11682 times)
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ilaynay starcr
« Reply #30: March 23, 2008, 07:24:55 am »

That was my laziness. Sorry, I hoped that my opening line would work well enough. Guess not.

It's better than nothing.  Smiley  But the staff consider the link back to the post you're quoting (which is inserted by the code) to be as important as the quote itself.  That's why we require leaving the code in.  You can see our full quoting policy in the Rules section (accessible via the top menu).

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theres a difference between believing and knowing

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« Reply #31: March 24, 2008, 10:15:01 am »

Anyways, most of my "feelings" about events or people turn out the way I feel they will. And like I said, if they don't I can look back and see something that I missed that would have been a dead giveaway...

Just the other day i felt that things were really going to change in my life, and now im in a completely new situation in my life. That about confirms it for me! Cheesy Do you think its like a natural divination or things reflecting through space and time or something like that? If its a natural human event then it should be possible to train yourself to perceive future events, that'd be swee-eet!

Everything happens for a reason.
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« Reply #32: April 02, 2008, 01:18:30 am »

I could go on forever about the famlial weird stuff (none of us can wear watches - we flip them out in a matter of days)
actually i have that same problem, although if i'm lucky my watches will last a month.
i just bought a new battery for a new one that died in less than a week, and now the clasp is broken.
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« Reply #33: April 09, 2008, 04:17:31 pm »

i was wondering what kind of experiences have brought you to your chosen path?

It's very funny, becasue EVERY time I doubt or think I'm on the wrong path something happens to remind me why I'm here in the first place. 

When I first began researching I decided to work on some visualization techniques during meditation.  I was getting bupkiss.  That really annoying nothing when you just can't make anything appear.  All of a sudden there was a door.  I went in it, and bam, I was in a cave with gnomes asking me why are you here?  What questions do you have?  The only one I could think of was, "Am I on the right path?"  I visited all of the elements that night, and eventually got a sign from the god and goddess, and felt totally reaffirmed. 

Then recently I was having trouble with the path.  Doing something else entirely I got a TERRIBLE anxiety attack.  I'm pretty familiar with these having had them most of my life, but ignoring it didn't work and then meditation and visualization didn't work (all things that usually worked in the past)  In a near panic,  went running outside, looked at the wonderful tree in the yard, put my had on it, and boom, silence.  It was immediate.  The tree and I shared a few thoughts and the niceness of touch, and I went back in, calm and collected. 

I know the more regular and comfortable I get in my practice, the more it will be reassured.

Chaotic Equilibrium
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« Reply #34: April 10, 2008, 05:11:12 am »

i was wondering what kind of experiences have brought you to your chosen path?

Not exactly experiences. My real beliefs weren't brought on by anything more than personal contemplation while usually, walking my dog. I grew up on a farm, well for most of my years and I spent much of my free time going for general walks, which would lead me onto thoughts about life as a whole. My favourite thing to consider in reality.

I was brought up in a Christian area, the school I attended would go to church on the last day prior to holidays, every year. Well, for Christmas and Easter anyway. I found myself, from the very young age rejecting this; quite passionately actually. I'd say more because people were trying to 'force' a certain belief on me which didn't feel right rather than anything actually to do with the Christian faith itself. I guess I was just a rebellious little sod from the word go.

Anyway, that continued through out primary school. My mother eventually let me just stay at home on the last day rather than going into school, lol. Going into high school, we of course had religious education as one of our subjects. I know that at least, in America, this 'isn't allowed.' Well as far as I know all of America but perhaps not. With the whole policy of not putting 'church and state together.' Here however, it's part of our standard course.

Anyway, I became quite interested in the different religious views from that point. However our schools idea of religious education was that of the 'three major religions' and Hinduism. So not really all that varied. I generally found however that none of these beliefs followed anything like what I myself felt was right, after my thoughts on the subject, during my walks etc.

Probably around the age of 15 was when I really started to study up on religion. RE was no longer mandatory around that time. I chose not to take it as I was no longer interested in the religious beliefs it taught and spent my time in libraries and of course, online searching out all the other religious beliefs of the world. I was pretty vague for the first couple of years, I scanned over religions primarily because I wanted to find one that suited my own views of the world.

That was the main reason behind my searching actually, I was tired of 'not being classified.' I had a set of beliefs that I had come to 'arrange' in my mind and they only ever grew and seemed to fit better the more I studied but I couldn't find any religious classification that suited or even really came close to them. I left school at 17 which was when things really took off, from working and spending time online I started to really explore religious beliefs for, well the next three years. Over which time I also met my now fiancee'.

It wasn't really that long ago that I came to find myself reading more and more about Discordianism. I had actually disregarded it a while back but for some reason came back to reading more about it recently and found that many points are very similar to my own beliefs, merely worded some what differently. I also found the wonderful teachings and lectures etc from Alan watts, which are very similar indeed. Though he's again a lover of Zen Buddhism. So of course that's another part that is similar to my own beliefs, many of the social and cultural thoughts anyway suit my own understandings. I have a lot of respect for both of them.

I generally classify myself under discordianist or at the very least something very similar to their beliefs, though I tend to word things somewhat differently to the common thought out manner.

When one realises that the more we know about the universe;
The more confused we seem to be.
It's perhaps time that we consider the fact;
That the universe, is smarter than we are.
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« Reply #35: April 10, 2008, 08:18:37 am »

Going into high school, we of course had religious education as one of our subjects. I know that at least, in America, this 'isn't allowed.' Well as far as I know all of America but perhaps not. With the whole policy of not putting 'church and state together.' Here however, it's part of our standard course.

A course that talked about different religions equally or the history of religion or the Bible's influence of literature would be allowed -- but if it strays into teaching a religion like a Sunday School class would, it has strayed into the "unconstitutional" zone. Since most schools would have trouble with parents wanting their brand (and only their brand) of Christianity taught, most schools decide that offering such courses is not worth the hassle (or the risk of lawsuits).

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Religion: Pagan
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« Reply #36: April 17, 2008, 03:50:08 am »

i was wondering what kind of experiences have brought you to your chosen path?

I think I was always sort of on it; my parents left me free to choose but with Pagan-y influences all my life. I always knew that fairies weren't just imagination. But I think the deciding factor was when I was ten and went to my first Pagan Pride Day... combination of fun times, interest in the stuff itself, and 'these people throw good parties' and voila, here I am Tongue

Yes I did become a Pagan right and proper partially because the Pagans in Toronto throw good parties leave me be.

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