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Author Topic: Secrecy and your religion  (Read 7246 times)
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« Reply #15: August 27, 2007, 11:01:44 am »

What role does secrecy play in your religion?  Why?  What happens if people find out information they're not "ready" for?  What determines readiness?

If you can answer without breaking oath, what is the shape of things that is hidden and why?  (names of gods, initiation rituals, specifics of what happens in rituals?  Other things?)

If this information is risky for people to find out in the wrong order, what is the result of screwing up?


In FlameKeeping, there is no secrecy.  There are Mysteries, but they're as clearly spelled out as they can be.  The Mystery is in figuring it out for yourself, not in the information.  Sharing information freely is sacred to the religion: even if it's dangerous information, trying to hoard it is much more likely to cause problems than solve them.  But that's my belief, hardly a universal.

Like Shadowcat I have no religion myself. I have not welded myself to any path yet I pretty much wander along picking up things as I go and doing what I feel drawn to.

As for secrecy, I do not feel the need to tell anyone what my path or beliefs are simply because, unless someone really wants to know, it is no ones business. Though I am sure there are those who are keen enough to sense that I am not the ordinary adherent to any structure.

I suppose, for the most part, I feel that discussing my beliefs to any large extent kind of dillutes the "specialness" of the path I am constructing. My parents know somewhat what I am doing and are fine with it yet even at that I choose not to discuss my philosophy with them..especially now that my father is on this kick where he feels all religion is bunk, stupid, delusional and anyone who follows it is being uneducated, shallow and primitive.

(into the Ernest Norman and Richard Dawkins type stuff where anything remotely religious is being treated with derision) be short I am secretive not because of oaths or anything but because I see no point in discussing such things with most people.

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« Reply #16: August 27, 2007, 07:49:55 pm »

What role does secrecy play in your religion?  Why?  What happens if people find out information they're not "ready" for?  What determines readiness?

That's a hard one, for a start, within my craft and ritual magic pracitises I have no religion at all, hell I would be an athiest if the gods would just bloody well leave me alone Wink

As for my spiritual practises, there is nothing I have that isn't already on plain view for those with eyes to see. My deity is particularly well documented and I have (as a backlash to the neo pagan luv n lighters) written extensively online and in the UK pagan media about the source texts relating to my deity.

Magically is another thing, I have had the pleasure ( and dis-pleasure ) of interacting with a lot of trads over the years, we have debated and discussed and I have learned a lot, I never swore an oath but it was taken that certain things were "sub rosa" and to this day I do not discuss these prinicpals even if I now have my own UPG relating to these ideas. A friend of mine suggested the other day that I start teaching and I realised I couldn't, well not with out eliciting some oath from those that would wish to learn, because that is the only way I would feel comfortable discussing some of what I have learnt and know; sort of a matter of respect more than anything else.

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« Reply #17: August 28, 2007, 08:58:48 am »

What role does secrecy play in your religion?  Why?  What happens if people find out information they're not "ready" for?  What determines readiness?

In the brand of druidry I've followed, there are courses, and details of what's in the courses you're not currently following are only vague. 

Also, where there are messageboards relating to those courses, people are asked to post up the name/number of the part they are currently working on in the subject title.  Now, although the courses are sent in instalments, many people invariably find they take longer, so they may well be able to look ahead if they choose to do so.  Some people don't, though so it's a matter of respecting those who want to take it one step at a time and come to everything new without anticipating it.  People are advised, broadly speaking, to try and concentrate on where they are at the moment.  There are some initiatory rituals: no oaths of absolute secrecy, though.

I'm in two minds about it.  Generally I don't like secretiveness: I think it can get a bit unhealthy at times.  OTOH I think particularly where there are 'grades' of any kind some people will get focused on rushing to where they think is the 'higher' level without really engaging on what they're doing right now at a deeper level.  I don't think there are hard and fast rules - people are different and some may actually feel a need to know more about where they're heading than others. 

On a more personal level I have sometimes been secretive about what I do or what happens to me and sometimes not.  On the occasions when I've regretted divulging something it's been about my personal feelings of discomfort.
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« Reply #18: August 30, 2007, 03:06:40 pm »

What role does secrecy play in your religion?  Why?  What happens if people find out information they're not "ready" for?  What determines readiness?

When I was actively a Gardnerian Wiccan, many years ago, much was 'Oath-bound'. Some of that hidden knowledge I thought was daft, nobody could give me any good reason for it to be secret, one of the reasons I left Wicca in the end.

I still feel that much innocent knowledge labours under the pretence of Oathbound Mystery, and as such, does the Craft no favours. I hasten to add that this is purely my own opinion.

In my Druidic Path, nothing is oathbound, in the Bardic Grade one is developing the creative side of themselves, in the Ovate, the caring, sensitive and healing persona, whether working with Divination or travelling the Otherworlds, although it is recommended one works with a Mentor in this stage. When one gets to the Druidic grade, you will often be mentoring (one of the Druid's roles), as well as working through your own Druidic studies, whether they be slanted towards the scientific, medical, legal or educational aspects.

Cheers, Midori

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