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Author Topic: Struggling with a path and finding others who hold the same vvalues  (Read 4951 times)
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« Reply #3: April 22, 2008, 07:52:34 am »

My concerns are my own values,namely that homosexuality is disordered-Gerald Gardner believed this too i think-however many modern covens accept homosexual and transgender sexual activity but i do not. I do not believe in pre-marital sex or contraception and usually only the sexual activity which one does to reproduce. I am unsure on self-pleasuring too. I am a believer in a man and woman and children-biologically produced-which makes up a family and do not support gay and lesbian adoption. I am very anti-abortion and also believe in modest dress. But i have no problem if others want to work Skyclad.

Quite honestly, you will likely have problems within Wicca, these days, for several reasons.

It's important to remember that Gardner was a product of his times: his understanding of non-heterosexuality was very much shaped by having grown up in the tail end of the Victorian era, with all that impact. Most groups these days will happily (as you note) work with people who are non-heterosexual, and a number will work with those who are transgender. In large part, that's a reflection of our society: as people have learned more about these issues, practices and opinions shift.

(That said, in traditional Wiccan groups, you'll still see a lot of male-female polarity work - it's just that the group focuses on the roles you take in ritual, not what you might do outside of circle, as the primary determination.)

There's also obviously the other practices around sexuality. We are, after all, talking about a path where a primary document - the Charge of the Goddess - talks both about working skyclad, and about all acts of pleasure being acts of worship. Many Wiccans do also have concerns about population growth and the effect on our planet - even those who have or want children will generally use some form of contraception at most times. Likewise, pre-marital sex or sex outside of a desired procreative relationship is not generally seen as a problem, so long as the relationship in question is pleasureable and otherwise ethical.

Of course, issues around sexuality are a part of the historical witchcraft tradition - I'm sure you know that one of the traditions is that of a wise woman who knows what herbs can avoid pregnancy or cause an early stage abortion. There are reasons for that: it's extremely powerful knowledge.

There are also all sorts of implications from this: traditional Wicca is priestess-run: it is hard to run a group, to offer time and service, to plan those Sabbats and Esbats you want to attend, to be hearth to a community, if you are a woman with many young children, or whose body is focusing its energy on regular pregnancies. (And of course, there are possible medical risks in pregnancy, as well.)

For me, as a woman of child-rearing age, the option *not* to have children has to go along with the idea of that kind of structure: I'm very well aware that if I had kids (which would be medically a bad idea for me anyway), I would have at least 5-10 years in which what I could do for my religious community in terms of group leadership would have to be put aside to focus on the needs of smaller children. (Either that, or not work for a living and have substantial local support with things like babysitting, both of which can be challenging in this day and age). Running a group takes time and energy - and focused serious ritual work means that time is not spent with one's children, as a number of methods and the energy itself may not be suitable for small children.

That said, some groups do have some ritual limitations for specific roles - for example, some groups ask that the May Queen and Green Man at their Beltane ritual be open to procreation, and in a position to support it. But that's usually, as in that case, for specific reason.

In a case like yours, I think I'd start by looking very closely at what you want - a long list of things that you are interested in, and things that you are not interested in. Which ones matter the most to you? Why? You mention both interests in Wiccan-related magic: would non-religious witchcraft with a focus on seasonal changes meet most or all of your interests? (This is not something you need to answer to me, but just for yourself, to be clear.)

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