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Author Topic: Experimentation and Magic  (Read 13146 times)
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« Reply #30: April 15, 2007, 11:46:58 am »


That's the dog! I drew a blank trying to remember the character's name in English (and, funny enough, can't remember the Finnish one now...).

Fausta Acilia Mus

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« Reply #31: June 23, 2008, 05:08:07 am »

While experimentation isn't exclusive to chaos magic, I do find that Chaos magic tends to encourage experimentation in its practitioners.  However, this question *is* open to all magical practitioners.

What has been the most interesting magical experiment you carried out (ie, where you tested a new idea, or tested a variant of a working model, etc)?  It doesn't have to be your greatest succcess (although success is usually nice), just the most interesting experience/ lesson that you would like to share.  What did you do?  What happened?  Would you do it again?   Do you regret having tried it?

Trying to see through someone else's eyes.  Literally.  The person was about two hundred miles away, and I tried to see what they were seeing, or possibly thinking.  I had been playing around with the idea for a while because of something that had happened recently (at the time).

I'm not sure how successful it was, or if it was successful at all.  But the thing that brought about the experiment was interesting to say the least... I had woken up to my husband yelling at about 2:30 in the morning.  He was in West Virginia and I was in New York.  Him yelling was the end of a dream in which he was being attacked.  It bothered me more than similar dreams i had had so I finally ended up calling him at about 4:00 in the morning, only to find out he had been in a fight... at about 2:30.

The thing is, when I called it wasn't him that answered but a friend of ours.  I told her to tell him not to get into any fights.  She didn't answer for a while and then asked why I would say something like that.  I explained the dream to her, including the part that woke me.  Again silence on the other end for a bit, then she handed the phone to her fiancee, to have him tell me what had happened.  Apparently, he and my husband had been out somewhere, and had gotten into a fight trying to protect or help a third person.  And the yell I heard came at about the same time as my husband had been yelling something at their "opponents".  He didn't go into alot of detail, he actually seemed a bit creeped out about the dream and the fact that I had taken it to heart enough to do something about it.  These friends of ours had known for a while that I was not "normal", but took the whole "Pagan thing" as just being a part of me, and not really gone all that indepth into what it was that I believed, etc.

Anyway, that brought me to trying to "force" this sort of experience, which I have tried a few times with varying results, usually ones which would take more of an understanding of what the person was thinking at the time to really know whether they worked or not.  One in particular had me looking through my mother's eyes at my "baby" brother on a hospital bed, although why, I still haven't figured out.  I chalk that up to my idea that that is where my brother is going to end up one of these days anyway, if he doesn't shape up his act.  *side note:  there is good reason for my family to have called me "little mama" since before I hit my teens.*

Anyway, I have tried other things, usually sparked by something happening that I couldn't really quite explain away as coincidence.  I tend to take the view that if I experience it, and can replicate that experience then it is knowledge, if I don't experience it then it is belief, and if I cannot replicate the experience then it falls somewhere in between (theory, maybe?). Undecided

What you think is possible.  Anything that is possible can become real.  Therefore, reality is a state of mind.
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