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July 06, 2022, 09:08:47 pm

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Author Topic: Future Development of Paganism - Seeking & being raised Pagan  (Read 5627 times)
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rose shannon

« Reply #5: July 19, 2008, 11:44:14 am »

You raise an interesting issue. Nowadays it looks like Paganism is just an assembly of a couple of minority religions/paths, some related to each other, some not. I wonder if in the next decades when there's (hopefully) more acceptance of those Pagan religions/paths if the 'Pagan community' will somewhat break up into different sections.

So maybe if someone grows up in an Asatru family he/she will consider him/herself Asatru and not member of a 'Pagan community' in the first place. Thus will there s/he look into other Pagan paths or interact with them?

Could also depend of how open or eclectic a path or family tradition is and how many other paths are related to it. (Like Wicca could be closer related to other paths of witchcraft in some aspects than Asatru to other polytheist recon religions - I hope adherents correct me if I'm wrong.)

I think everyone will continue to show up at things like Pantheacon and Pagan Pride Day, or whatever you have in your part of the world. But mostly only people who are Asatru will take their kids to the Asatru public events. This is kind of different from other religions, and more akin to the Gay Pride Movement, and other kinds of minority unity movements, b/c all pagan groups are quite small, even the bigger mainstream-y ones. We still need each other, which is not how the JCI religions feel about each other, by and large, I don't think. People who are Southern Baptist, for example, don't generally go to the religious events that other kinds of Christians have, unless they are academic or doing some kind of special interfaith thing. But people who are Asatru are just as likely to come out to a big public pagan meetup, as Wiccans or Druids.

As for people in family traditions...I only know personally one person, and she does not talk about it much, b/c it's her *family tradition. Only people in the family are initiated. I would hazard a guess that those kinds of traditions will remain pretty much as closed as they've always been. But that doesn't mean that you can't learn about and join other traditions. I would hope that a healthy family of any religion would be open to their children's needs and beliefs, and support them in any positive religious choices they make.

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