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Author Topic: From the World-Wide Wheel of Life...  (Read 1539 times)
Last Login:November 17, 2008, 10:55:06 pm
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Religion: Irreligious agnostic theist
Posts: 17

It's only as dark as you make it.

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« Topic Start: August 04, 2008, 04:47:55 pm »

...comes a sheep. A sheep, alike the others in nigh every way. But this sheep be neither white, nor black as the common misfits are.
This sheep, it be red. Crimson, to be precise. The color of roses and blood, of love and death, of lust and evil.


Hello, every peoples. My name is Taylor. My handle, obvious as it is, is CrimsonSheep. I a female, sixteen years of age. I'm obviously new to this site, but I'm not new to forums in general.

My main interests/hobbies are reading, writing, and listening to much (usually music, usually rock/metal). I can occasionally be found drawing or painting something as well. I consider myself a fairly creative person, although my imagintion is not what it once was. (Funny to hear that from someone as young as me, haha. But it's true.) I also enjoy spending time with my boyfriend, my grandmother, and my older sister (when she's in a good mood, heh).

Religiously, I consider myself irreligious, ha. In full, I call myself an irreligious agnostic theist. Some have suggested that the word deist might find itself better into that "title", but for now I keep it as-is.

Spiritually, I've been from low to high and back again and again. I'm reminded of a great wheel. (And I personally blame one Mister Stephen King that I refer to such as ka. If you understand that, you have even more of my respect than everyone else automatically has.)

I believe loosely in spirits, what some would call ghosts, as I've been convinced they are..."out there", but have never been in contact with such personally. I believe in magic, though I personally detest the alternate spellings of it, heh. I like, if not identify with, what I understand of some Taoist principles (such as the entirety of existance being connected as one energy).

I enjoy learning about anything religious, spiritual, etc., and have as long as I can remember. My grandmother is quite spiritual and practices (or at the very least believes) in some form of paganism, although her exact beliefs and practices remain a mystery to me. She has many books on pagan subjects, however, and as I've always loved reading, even longer than I've loved learning, it only fits that I have read her books as a means to learn more about such topics.

Yes, I have read Silver RavenWolf's stuff (Silver Broomstick and Sacred Flame). I think there's good and bad in them, personally. I see it similar to the book-to-movie adaptations that have become popular in today's society; it may not be accurate to the "true" or "real" thing, but you can still take something away from it.
In short, Silver taught me how to meditate, and I guess I have to give her credit for that.

I've found that I've mostly always had a sort of attraction to things most people see as "dark"; I like crows and ravens, I enjoy the idea of demons, I usually root for the "bad guy" in movies and books. I guess that can be seen as a wave-phase that's happening with today's teenagers, but so is the wave-phase of feeling like we're all usique and special, and  I've had that too, heh. I guess I've become a bit more of a realist about that since the onset of puberty.

My purpose for joining this community is to augument what I already know, learn new things I currently do not, and in time hopefully teach someone else a thing or two.

In grand hopes I will enjoy my time here,

Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death,
I fear no evil for Thou art with me
Locked and loaded
Gonna find my truth
Now I'm busting through
All hell breaks loose

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